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The Vacant Future

Novel By: MiszKeyz
Young adult

After three years of being home schooled in the wilderness of South Africa, Cago returns to her home town to finish her last year of High school. What will happen when she has to confront her past all over again? What will people say when they know her secret? Will she find true love after three years? Read and you will find out. View table of contents...


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Well here I am, three years after my 'accident' I'm back in this dreadful town we used to call home and will call it that for the next year. That's the plan anyways, but with previous experience I never count on anything that is planned. My name is Cago, well actually Chicago Pineo, but I don't know what my parents were thinking while searching for a name that's why I tell everyone to call me Cago. To the dislike of my parents but who cares. Don't get me wrong I love my parents they are the best, they are always there for me whenever I need them. They were a little disappointed when the accident happened but in the end they supported me.

My parents Nancee and Boyd Pineo are doctors, both of them can you imagine a house hold like that; well it's not what you think. My parents are always there they are working now privately so they can have time to spare for when I and Sierra are home. Three years ago they got an offer to do the Doctors without borders project in South Africa, and three years ago my life took 360 turn to something unexpected. At first my parents didn't want to accept the offer but when this happened they decided to do it and took me with them. Living in South Africa was a whole new experience for me and especially when you have hormones to deal with and at the same time fighting mosquitoes and the wilderness. Since we moved to South Africa my mom made sure I was home schooled for the rest of my high school years until we had to go back. Now that I am eighteen and only need to do the senior year my parents project has finished and we moved back tomy home town and to the place I have the most horrible memories of, my old High school, Biloxi High school in Biloxi, Mississippi. Three years ago I was scared deeply on this school's parking lot, with no one in sight to help me and now I have to face this spot and the asshole that scared me for a whole school year. I hope that he's not there and that his parents decided to set him on a ship and sent him far away where I don't have to see his face again.


I was unpacking the last box of my and Sierra's stuff when she came toddling in the room and started grabbing at my leg. It's so amazing how fast the years are passing by it seems like she was born yesterday and today she already walking and speaking, well some of the words she knows, "Papu" being the first, which is her way of calling my dad that she learned before we left South Africa. In South Africa my dad was highly loved by all the children, because he was their pediatrician and like a father to all of them. Because of that they started calling him "Papu" meaning 'The all caring Father', and Ser picked up on that and it was her first word. You might think that might have hurt my feelings but it didn't... I love my father and having him around and being that father figure for my child must be the best thing I could have asked for, and besides right after she said that she came to me and said 'muma', papu and pointing at my father. I couldn't stop smiling because the only thing I heard was the 'muma', that's how the children called their mom so I knew it meant mom. To say that was the best day of my live is an understatement.

"Muma, up" she said while tugging at my jeans.

"Not now Ser, muma needs to finish unpacking" I told her, knowing full well what she wanted. Sadly that wasn't enough for her because she kept tugging at my jeans, saying the same thing over and over again. "Dad!" I yelled after a while of her whining to pick her up.

"What's wrong, Pulula?" he asked from the foot of the stairs, using the nickname he gave me when I was little. My that never calls me by the name they have given me, sometimes I wonder why they even given me that name if they weren't planning on using it. The only day my dad used my given name was the day I told them I was pregnant and I saw the disappointment on his face. When I finally had the courage to tell them what really happened, their attitude changed immediately and turn into concern and support. Unfortunately by the time I told them we were already out of the US and they couldn't do anything about it.

"Can you take Ser to the kitchen and give her some juice and a snack, please. I need to finish unpacking a few more boxes and then I'll come help you." I said walking towards the stairs with Sierra on my hip.

"Of Course, Pulula… did you buy the juice? Because we just moved back here so the fridge would probably be empty, or do you expect it to fill up by itself?" he said with a cheeky smile on his face while taking Ser from me.

"Funny dad, funny…" I said sarcastically, "I bought her something at the airport; it's in her baby bag…" I said and after a second thought "and please could you stop with the Pulula, I love you but don't you think I'm a little too old for that name…" I said hopefully.

He put on a fake shocked face looking at me then he looked at Ser and said "Ceppa did you hear what your mom just asked, how dare she… she never complaint before, now she's too old for a nickname…" he said while walking away and tickling Ser making her giggle and making me laugh.

"Love you, Papu." I yelled from upstairs to get rewarded with a mumbled 'yeah, yeah'.


The rest of the day went smoothly I finished unpacking mine and Ser's stuff into my room, and then went downstairs to help my parents unpacking the rest of the stuff into the living rooms. I bed your asking how much was there to unpack if we were living into tiny huts in South Africa. Before we left for South Africa we've put all our stuff that we won't be using into a storage facility and on our way back we stopped there to get them. Of course we couldn't use all of our old stuff because the family is one member bigger so we had to order some things online via my dad's satellite laptop, before leaving South Africa. When we got here we found the delivery truck waiting for us.

Now we were all sitting on the dinner table eating, when the doorbell rang. "I'll get it…" I said while excusing myself from the table and walking to the front door and open it. "Hi, can I help you?" I asked opening the door.

"Oh hi, I hope I'm not interrupting you" she said. In front of me there was this beautiful girl with natural brown skin, long dark brown hair, with pale green eyes I guess she's about 5'4". She had her hair tied into a low ponytail and was wearing a floral summer dress with a grey cardigan on top of it. I was stunned, I've seen so many color skinned people in the past three years but no one like her so I couldn't stop staring. After a while I realized that I haven't answered her question so I cleared my throat and gave her a reply.

"Oh sorry," I said shaking my head to focus again "well we are having dinner, can I help you with someth…" I was interrupted by a crashing sound and Ser screaming bloody murderer.

I run to the dining room to see what happened, when I got in there I saw the worst picture a mom could see in her life. There was blood on the floor and Ser was crying really hard and my dad was trying to sooth her and stopping the bleeding while my mom was talking on the phone to someone. By the way she was speaking I assume it was the dispatch asking them for an ambulance. I went straight to my dad asking him what happened; I totally forgot that I was talking to someone at the door at that moment I wanted my baby to be alright. Kneeling down I couldn't see what was wrong with her because my dad was holding a towel on her forehead to stop the bleeding. "What happened dad" I almost yelled, he looked up at me with his calm-down-look that always calms me when I get my hysterics but then his eyes trailed behind me making me look back.

I totally forgot about the girl that was at the door, by now she was standing in the doorway of the dining room with a look of shock. "Oh I'm sorry I totally forgot you were there…" I said standing up to go stand next to her. As you can see we are kind of busy and w…"

"It's okay, you don't have to explain I'll just leave you guys to it, just came to say welcome to the neighborhood, well actually my mom send me. I'll just leave, I hope everything is alright with her, catch you around ok." She said interrupting me.

"Well thanks…" I started saying and then I realized I don't know her name, as on cue "Jay, my name is Jay, and there is no need to thank me… I'll see around okay" and with that she left the house leaving us with a crying Ser until the ambulance came.


We were all sitting in the waiting room, waiting for the doctor to come and tell us something. I was feeling like someone was watching me, I looked around the room and came face to face with the most handsome creature I have ever seen, he had beautiful ice blue eyes and chestnut hair and seated he looked like 6 ft tall guy crunched into a misshaped figure, but I nice misshaped figure like an art in an art gallery to be looked at by everyone but not allowed to be touch. I haven't notice that I was literary checking him out until a cocky smirk came upon his face and that's what snapped me out of my stare and look away. 'What is wrong with him' I was thinking 'he was the one staring first; now that I stared back he turns all cocky and such… ugh I hate it when they do that' I kept thinking until I saw that the doctor in the doorway searching for us. I stood up and walked to the doctor, when I pass by the mysterious guy I heard a sharp intake of breath, a hissed s-word and then a shuffle. I look around to the shuffle and when our eyes connected, he immediately look away and I saw a light blush starting to creep up his neck, it was my turn to smirk and I turned my attention back to the doctor to see what he was saying about Ser.

Thank God she only needed stitches, but because she wouldn't stop screaming and crying they couldn't do the stitches and they came to get me or someone she trusted to tell her that everything was alright, my dad as usual offered but I declined it and told him I was going because she was my responsibility. So the doctor and I went to the room they had her and I went straight to her to comfort her and let them work on her forehead. It was just a cut, but because she's only three they think she might have a concussion and said she will have to stay the night just to be sure. After the doctor told me this I went back to the waiting room to tell my parents what's going to happen and set them home to get her some clothes to wear tomorrow, her PJ and her 'Zakumi', because ever since last year's World Cup when my dad bought that for her she always slept with it holding it tight, so I knew she would close an eye without her Kumi like she calls it. When my parents left I went to the room to keep her company and tell her a story and try to make her sleepy. I was almost near my goal when a soft knock came from the door and my dad poke his head through the door.

"Is she sleeping" dad asked.

"Almost come on in, it's alright" I told him putting her head on the pillow, and walked to the door. "Can you stay with her for a while, I'm going to get some coffee and ask the nurse for a blanket."

"Okay Lula, don't worry I'll stay with her." My dad said. I told you my dad, was a saint.

"Chicago, why don't you go home and we'll stay with her… school starts tomorrow and you need your rest" my mom said stopping me at the door.

I looked at her like she grew a second head, "do you really think I can rest knowing my baby is in a hospital, muma" I asked her.

"Well you can try, and besides we are going to stay the night here… if anything happens we'll call you" she said.

"I'm not leaving mom, you guys start working tomorrow too, and you need more rest than I do, so you should go home and I would stay with Ser, if I miss tomorrows class no one will miss me anyways" I said and walk out the door.

I walked towards the coffee vending machine to get me a cup of coffee, I know they say that the coffee of the hospital is the worst coffee you can drink but right now it's the best coffee I can get other then the mud-like thing we used to drink in South Africa. When I got there I bought my coffee and turned to walk away, but I collided with something hard and drenched myself in really hot coffee. 'I hope I don't give myself a first degree burn' I was scolding myself in my head until a hand popping in front of my eyes stopped my inner battle with myself. I took the hand without looking and stood up wiping the coffee from my shirt, checking if I haven't burnt myself with the coffee.

"Are you okay, you had a nasty fall there" I sweetly husky voice said.


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