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Fallen Bullet

Novel By: Moira Garcia
Young adult

Jessica's boyfriend, has been placed in the army, and she must tolerate his absence, and he must surive his risk of losing not just her, but himself forever. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 7, 2012    Reads: 22    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

His warm and comforting arms wrapped around me, as we lay on the grass sighting the stars. The moon was full, the stars were alligned perfectly.

He pointed and smiled shouting out

"Look, its a little bunny, see the tail?"

He places his finger above my eyes, trying to show me exactly what he is staring at.

I giggle, and snuggle closer, Im freezing, its well below 30 degrees, but his warmth is enough.

A star shoot froms above, and he pulls he closer, and whispers alluringly

"Make a wish..." he closes his eyes, and exhales deeply

I cant think of anything, and look at him, and ask gently

"What did you wish for?"

He lets out a chuckle and then says

"If I told you, it wouldnt come true," He smiles, and kisses my fore-head. and finishes his sentence "Its getting late, we should go."

I nod, as he gets to his feet, and helps me up.

He takes my hand, and helps me to the car, a rusty mustang, it was a dark red, streaked with race-stripes that were colored black.

I get in the passenger side, and strap myself in, and stare out the window into the night sky, closing my eyes and wishing on a gleaming star.

I turn my head, as he comes around, and opens the door, and gets in, the keys being pushed into the ignition, and the car sputters as it springs to life.

His name is Mikail, child-hood sweethearts. Next week, on friday, we'll would have been together, for 6 years.

He has long, dark brown hair, with streaks or a lighter blonde, he also has a tattoo, its of a gun, shooting a rose, on his lower back.

I turn on the music, flipping through the stations and cant find a single thing, and he takes a CD from the glove compartment and waves it in my face, it reflecting across the moonlight and says to me

"Sweet heart, you ain't going to find nothing out here, listen to this"

He pushes into the player, and within seconds a range of instruments start playing at maxium, its screamo, of course it is. He looks out the window, and sighs, I can tell somthing is wrong. Should I ask? Or is it better left unsaid?

I suck it up, and ask him "Whats wrong, Mikail?"

He realizes I noticed, and shakes off the look, pretending as If nothing is upsetting him and he ignores me, as if I didnt even say anything, now this is just making me mad. I then ask again, less of a quistion. Again, nothing. I give up, and try to comfort him by saying

"I love you..."

He looks at me, and holds in his breath, he's holding somthing back...but what?

He struggles to say it back, as if he doesnt want to be as attached "I love you too, Jess..."

This is just great...Somthing is very wrong, why couldnt he tell me? We've told each other everything since I met him, in the 2cd grade!

I sigh, and play my chin in my hand, and stare out of the window and watch the trees fly by, I always love looking out the window, and this cheered me up alittle.

He brought me home, after a akward 30 minute drive through the woods, and into town. He didnt go into the drive-way, just stopped infront. I got out, and began to wonder if I had done somthing wrong. I whiped my eyes, and fast-walked inside, everybody was alseep, it was past 11. I walked into my room, and collasped onto my bed, it didnt have much of a pattern, just a plain white, with a couple of daisies, or roses here and there. I drifted off gently, I was detirmened to find out what was wrong. I wouldnt give up until I had. I mummured these promises to myself, until I gently drifted alseep.


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