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Lost in the Crowd

Novel By: monicastar14
Young adult

Stephanie Miller had her life planned out and had everything she needed, but when she meets Kyle the outcast from school she realizes that what you need is not always what you want. Will she fall hard for him, or end up hating him? Will she leave everything for him, or loose it all on her own? Read and find out!

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Submitted:Aug 8, 2009    Reads: 537    Comments: 12    Likes: 5   

Ch.1 Rude Introductions

I 've always been told to strive for the best. But what if the best is not what you want or need? Lately I've been asking myself that question, but I can't seem to have an answer to it. Everything I do is based off my future benefits, and sometimes I forget to live my life just to live it. I'm in my schools tennis team, debate team, chess team, the environmental club, and even in my school's rotary club. And on top of that I'm in all A.P classes. I have the perfect boyfriend who's in the football team, and that I just can't get enough of. I thought that I had my life all planned out but all it took to change that was one guy.

"So are you going to the Jr. Luau party?" asked my best friend Michelle. She was a bit shorter than me with dark curly hair.

"You mean the one that's in three weeks?" I asked absent mindedly as I swung my white racket back and fourth. Practice was finally over and after being scolded for the growing tension between the team, our coach let us go at 5:30.

"That's the only Jr. Luau we're having." She responded with a chuckle. We were heading to the girls locker for a quick change, thankful that today was Friday.

"Yeah…right. Well Jake hasn't asked me yet"

"But he is. He absolutely in love with you" she said making me blush.

"Michelle, please" I said. Jake was an amazing guy, great looks, athletic, smart, and kind. And it's true he loves me as much as I love him, we'd been together for about six months now and the relationship had been ideal.

After Michelle and I changed into our regular clothing she left home while I went over to the bleachers to wait for Jake, I always wait for him after practice, unless I have to do something else. I sat down and waited for about 5 minutes until Jake started running my way, his golden brown hair blowing in the air. I quickly stood up and met him half way, his arms open for me and greeted me with a loving embrace. I could feel his muscles through his jersey and I could smell his sweat drip--a little disgusting but cute all at the same time--and kissed him in the mouth.

"Hello babe" he chirped in my ear.

"Hi Jake" I never really liked calling him babe, honey, cupcake, or any other cheesy name like that and he knew it.

"Honey, I won't be able to give you a ride today, coach said we'll be staying for another hour"

"That's alright, I'll just walk" I told him.

"Are you sure?"

"Keller! Here now!" His coach screamed.

"Yeah, I'm sure . Now get back over there before your coach gets mad at you" I told him

"Bye" he said and left but not before stealing a kiss from me. He ran across the field and started his drills, while I gathered my stuff from the bleachers and started leaving.

As I was walking down the street I realized that today there was a new episode of Degrassi starting soon and I couldn't afford to miss it. I started speeding up and without thinking I crossed the street without turning to look both ways. Next thing I know I heard a screeching sound coming from in front of me and I stopped dead in my tracks to face the car before me. I didn't move or say anything I just stood and stare. The guy driving came out of his car looking furious and yelled.

"What the fuck are you doing!? Are you trying to get yourself killed!?" This stranger was very hot, he was tall, had black hair, and wore a black leather jacket. I realized that he went to my school, and I'd seen him on occasion but I never talked to him because he wasn't my type of crowd.

"Uhm, I… I" I stuttered finally breaking my silence and looking down to the floor. " I wasn't thinking"

"To hell you weren't"

"Sorry okay! I didn't mean to cross the street like that" I yelled back. We were both standing in the middle of the road just yelling like a bunch of maniacs.

"What if I had run you over, you know what would happen to me! I could go to jail!"

"Like I give a shit what happens to you!" Wow, I should stop this, I'm becoming a tad bit rude.

"Just forget it alright little princess"

"Fuck you" I told him as he got into his car and sped off. Instead of thinking about how much I hated that douche bag right now, I couldn't help but to think about how hot he was in that jacket. I just hope that he's not a problem for me in the future.


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