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Lost in the Crowd

Novel By: monicastar14
Young adult

Stephanie Miller had her life planned out and had everything she needed, but when she meets Kyle the outcast from school she realizes that what you need is not always what you want. Will she fall hard for him, or end up hating him? Will she leave everything for him, or loose it all on her own? Read and find out!

Please read, comment and rate:]] i really apppreciate if you do, and don't hold back on the critiscm! i don't mind! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 26, 2009    Reads: 179    Comments: 10    Likes: 6   

*It's building up to something i swear! :]] LOL*

Ch.6 Tainted Love

"Where were you this morning?" my mom asked as I made the table for dinner.

"I went to the store" I replied trying really hard not to make eye contact with her. I placed the plates on the table mats extra carefully aligning them perfectly and smiled triumphantly at my work.


"For, painkillers. We ran out" I made sure of that.

"Really?" she asked suspiciously and I nodded while straightening the forks and spoons. "I swear I bought some last week" she explained as she filled cups with water.

"Well I guess they ran out" When I woke up this Saturday morning at seven I went straight to the nearest drugstore to buy something I never thought I would buy at my age. The morning after pill. Thank god I'm seventeen or it would have been illegal for me to buy it. After I realized that last night we didn't use protection I freaked out and rushed out to buy them. I just hope that my parents never find out that I had sex or she would be so disappointed in me, and I'm not sure if I can handle that.

"Alright then" my mom said as she placed the cups on the table. Just at the moment I was going to call my dad to come down my cell phone rings. I take it out from my front jean pocket and look at the caller id. It's a text from Jake. I sigh heavily, feeling the guilt arise from me.

"Where were you last night?" What's up with everyone wanting to know my whereabouts.

"Felt sick. Went home." I replied

"Aww, are you okay baby"

"Just peachy"

"Since you left early you didn't give me time to give you something"

"What is it?" I asked quite interested.

"It's a surprise." he texted and then I planned to tell him something like 'oh, well give it to me Monday, bye' but he called me before I could text back.

"Hello, Jake" I say into my phone hesitantly.

"Honey, can you come out and eat with me tonight and then hit a party.?"

"I don't know I was just about to have dinner with my parents so--"

"Please, it'll be fun!" I already felt guilty enough and couldn't stand the burning sensation that I felt in my heart.

"Okay then" I told him

"Pick you up in thirty minutes okay, well I have to go. Bye!" he said and hung up. I closed my cell phone and placed it back into my pocket. Gosh, I just wished I wasn't in this position right now. I don't even know what last night meant for Kyle. He hasn't called or texted. I just never know with him, and that frustrates me. I tell my parents about my new arrangements and they don't mind at all, which in some ways, disappoints me. I rush into my room and pick out black skinny jeans with a loose white tank plus red pumps. I let my long, straight, brunette hair loose and just let it fall down my back. No need to get fancy, he said food and party, not dinner at a fancy restaurant and opera. I hear his car honk and I run downstairs, or at least try to in these pumps, and go inside his car.

We actually ended up going to a small and unknown café and ate the fancy type of bread and coffee. Jake tries so hard to impress me sometimes and it's just cute. We laugh and chat and it feels normal, like I have done nothing wrong. It feels so right around him and I believe that's the way someone should feel around their special someone. At some point in the conversation it gets quiet and he grabs my left hand and squeezes it. I flash him a bashful smile and he returns it with a smile of his own.

"Baby" He starts and reaches into his sweater's jacket. "I've been wanting to give this to you, but I haven't found the right moment to give it to you" He pulled out a navy box that had some company's name engraved in it. My eyes became wide and for a moment I forgot how to breath. "Open it" he said and handed it to me. I open the lid and in the velvet cushioning lays a necklace with a silver ring in it. "I thought maybe if I gave you just the ring it would be too official so instead of wearing it in your finger you can wear it around your neck"

"Jake, it's beautiful" I said truly stunned.

"That's not the best part look inside the ring" And so I did, and there engraved in cursive letters, read Jake and Stephanie Forever.

"Jake I love it" I say softly. I stand up and give him the most passionate kiss I can muster and hug him tightly, not wanting to let go. "Can you put it on me?" I ask and turn my back to him and pull my hair aside. He links the two ends together and I kiss him once again.


We walk in to the house party hand in hand giggling and being extra affectionate. For some reason, the gift he gave me made me ten times happier and made my heart melt every time I saw it. To show the necklace off I made sure everyone can see it as it hangs around my neck on top of my shirt clearly visible. Jake keeps whispering sweet things in my ear and I smile like a stupid school girl. I just can't help it!

The music plays and instead of following the techno beat, Jake has his arms around my waist, and mine around his neck, and we slow dance. In my eyes him and I are the only people in the room, and I'm sure he feels that way too.

"Jake, my man, how you been" says a deep voice which belongs to one of Jake's football buddies. They start talking to each other and instead of me standing there like a total idiot decide to move to the kitchen where I know the punch bowl is. I see the orange red liquid that I know must be spiked with some kind of alcohol, and proceed to it. I grab a red cup and pour some into my cup. I take a small sip and yep, alcohol.

"Shocker to see you here" I quickly turn around and it's Kyle. I feel a strange force crash me back to reality.

"Kyle" I state

"Stephanie" he says and raises his eyebrow. My heart, to my dismay, skips a beat and I hate it for it. "You look spectacular today, of course you looked better last night"

"Kyle" I say harshly and pull him outside leaving my cup behind.

"Careful with the jacket, it's real leather, you know" He complains jokingly.

"Kyle, don't speak of yesterday please, especially here with Jake not to far"

"Well it happened didn't it. You can't deny that"

"I know." I say uncomfortably. "It's just that it was wrong, I'm with Jake"

"But you enjoyed it. We enjoyed it"

"Yes I did, but I love Jake"

"What makes you so sure of that, the necklace he gave you" he says and reaches out to my neck and touches it slightly and trails his fingers down the valley of my breasts and down to analyze the ring. "I give him props for this, are you going to sleep with him now"

"Kyle!" I yell at him and push his hand away.

"It's true, he probably thinks he can get in your pants with this"

"Jake isn't like that"

"He's a guy, of course he's like that." I have nothing to say to that because it's true. He raises my chin up to look at him in the eye and we are quiet for a few seconds. "I feel things for you that I've never felt with anybody before, and I know you do to. Don't deny it. Don't deny me" he says with each word becoming softer and lower. His lips are closer to mine and I can feel his breath on my lips. My body aching with the desire to kiss him and touch him.

"Meet me here in 15 minutes while I get rid of Jake" I said without thinking.



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