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Lost in the Crowd

Novel By: monicastar14
Young adult

Stephanie Miller had her life planned out and had everything she needed, but when she meets Kyle the outcast from school she realizes that what you need is not always what you want. Will she fall hard for him, or end up hating him? Will she leave everything for him, or loose it all on her own? Read and find out!

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Submitted:Sep 26, 2009    Reads: 165    Comments: 9    Likes: 4   

Ch.9 She loves Everybody


I heard the ringing in the other line and waited patiently for him to answer. Which he did a few seconds later.

"Jake, hey it's me Stephanie" I told him as I pressed the phone tightly to my ear.

"Oh hey babe, what's up?" He asked while I heard muffled noises in the background.

"I wanted to um" And for a second I couldn't form the right words to express to him what I wanted to tell him, it was like there were a jumble of words mixed up in my head in an incoherent order. "Talk to you" I finally said.

"Sure what about?" he asked unfazed.

"Well," I started but was interrupted by his voice.

"Oh guess what, it's now official, I'll have the place all to myself this weekend. Then it will just be you and I, together, and finally alone" This made all the things so much harder, how could I possibly break his heart, and dump him. I couldn't do it but I had to. I walked over to the couch and threw myself on it releasing a loud sigh. "Babe, is something wrong?" He asked, and I guess my miserable-ness came across even through the phone.

"It's just that," And so I thought about what I had to do next, "I think we should, take, a um, trip down to the beach" This cannot be possible, I thought.

"Oh, yeah sure. When?"

"Never mind, I'm too busy. Well goodnight Jake" I said hoping he hangs up as soon as possible.

"Goodnight hun" and he hung up. I put my face in my hands and start groaning. I am so weak. I am too nice. I always have to be the goo person in all situations, and i hate that about myself. I never miss meetings because i'm afraid I'll miss something important. When people tell me to do things, I do them, no questions asked and at this point in my life, it's starting to scare me.

When I was about to tell him that it was over, my heart began to break, and if that was happening I knew that what I was doing was wrong. At least that's what I kept toelling myself. I couldn't bring myself to tell him because I loved him, right? But now I'm confused and lost and I don't know right from wrong. Now what am I going to do about Kyle. Was he wrong or was he right? I just don't know.

The next day I get to school and when I'm nearing the corner in the hallway, Kyle pulls me aside and pushes me up against the wall. He strokes my cheek softly and starts kissing me passionately in the lips. My arms automatically go around his neck and we embrace for a while.

"Did you break up with Jake?" he asked between kisses.

"Not exactly" I tell him pulling him closer.

"What do you mean not exactly" he questions me and pulls apart abruptly. We look into each others eyes and I get the urge to run away and hide under a rock. I look around and notice that it's lonely in the hallways and I brace myself for what will happen now.

"Listen, Kyle, we never agreed that I had to break up with Jake" Kyle steps back and rubs his chin.

"So you're just going to date both of us" He may be right, but technically I am not dating him. ExceptI don't tell him that.

"I just can't do it, okay, I just can't"

"What do you mean you can't, just go up to him and Dump him! For Christ's sake!" He yells.

"I can't" I say weakly and he laughs at me cruelly.

"Then I'll do it" He huffs. I stare at him intently and I don't know what to do because I really like Kyle, but I also like Jake.

"Please Kyle" I say softly and I wrap my arms around his waist and hold him close. "It's going to take time, I just can't bring myself to do it. At least not yet"

"Jeez Steph you are some complicated chic" He says and laughs hesitantly. He leans in and we kiss softly and then the bell rings. I pull apart and realize that Jake must have been waiting for me in the football field since he had early practice today.

"I have to go" I tell him and run off to the field. I push pass all the people but before I leave the building I bump into Jake. He looks so handsome with his hair wet, his smile gets wider as he sees me and his eyes begin to glisten. "Sorry" I mumble to him. He intertwines his fingers with mine and kisses my cheek softly.

"Don't worry about it babe" He whispers into my ear and we walk hand in hand to our first period. His hand is so warm and soft and I can't help but lean in to his shoulder and lay my head there. It just feels so right and nice. And by the way, he smells amazing! "you look beautiful today, just like everyday" he whispers in my ear and brushes his lips to my ear. I start blushing uncontrollably; he always knows what to say to me. I look up into his eyes and I tipy-toe up to kiss his lips. As our tongues lace together and then I feel a slight push in my shoulder and Jake feels it too because when we pull apart he yells something angrily to somebody. I turn to follow his gaze and it's Kyle. "Watch it asshole!" Jake yells at him.

"Well maybe next time you should get a room"

"What's your problem?"

"You jackass! And your petty girl"

"What do you have against me and my girlfriend" Jake tells Kyle and just when they are about to get at it, our teacher comes out and breaks them off. I stare apologetically at Kyle because I realize what he's seen. He probably thinks I'm some poor slut trying to be with two guys at the same time.

But I'm not. Honestly I'm not.

I just love them both.


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