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Evangeline Odette Rosenthal goes to a snobby co-educational catholic boarding school where no one is who they seem. Eve has tons of secrets hidden that one day everyone will know them, just when you think you know everything about her out of a sudden she reveals another secret. follow her, her best friends Mathew and Charlotte into a world of secrets, lies, drugs, sex, betrayal, and passion and walk into a school where nothing is what it seems....

oh by the way it's a rough draft so yeah.. enjoy please don't hold back on criticism View table of contents...


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Smother Me


Another year at St. Augustine's." whispered Evangeline to herself. St. Augustine was a religious Coed boarding school in the New England region. St. Augustine had all their rules and restrictions that on the daily basis are broken, it's prestige, stuck up snobs, religious beliefs that are constantly weakened by the growing numbers of non-believers of upon their students; it's nothing more than an excuse to call it a school. St. Augustine, a Coed religious school where only the rich and powerful are permitted. Where the youth learn about God and Jesus and how to have etiquette and grace, become international geniuses, be pleasant and polite, in other words perfect.

As Evangeline stand there in front of the schoolshe looked around and noticed that itwas secluded, and in the middle of nowhere. Miles of woods surround the school on all angles. The school consisted of a couple of buildings, and looks like an old cathedral, as it should, with the long spikes in it's roof and stained shiny glass. The Chapel of Our Lady is located towards the side of the main building where it sits peaceful and lonely.

Her chauffer, Theodore brought her from the airport in a black town car and helped take outher bags from the trunk. He is always here to drive her to school from the airport every time she comes back from breaks. She's been going to St. Augustine since primary school and lives in NYC with her mom in the summer.

"Thanks Teddy"she said as he tookher bags out and placed them next to her.

"As always Miss Evangeline" He never understood that he could call her Ev, Eve, or Eva, he was so stubborn. He usually called her by her first name or last name, Rosenthal.

"I guess I'll see you in like, a couple of months, during Christmas break"

"I'll be here" He said. He was short and stumpy with a courageous smile. He went inside the town car and drove off.

She turned her body to face the jail she was forced to attend, although she never understood why she was given such harsh punishment. A rush went flowing through her veins and bad memories rushed in, and her stomach was soon filled with those pesky butterflies she hateed. Maybe it was the first day jitters, coming back from summer vacations. She took a deep breath and got the handle ofher two luggage's (and nope those weren't the only luggage she brought, the rest were delivered a week ago) and rolled them into the big building. She went in into the crowd of familiar faces and ignored them all, and walked towards the dorm building across the main building. She held her head up high and observed everything just as if it was her first day here, nothing had changed, and she didn't expect it to. She went on the elevator and listened to songs they played about about the Lord and quickly got out as soon as it got to her floor. She stopped right in front ofher usual room that she shared with her best friend, well one of them and took a key out ofher jean pocket and inserted it into the keyhole, twisting it and openening the door.

"Ahh…" She let out a big sigh. The room was perfect, as soon as someone entered they were greeted by a gigantic sofa and large flat screen, there was a huge golden sparkly chandelier hanging from the top of the roof that brightened the crème colored walls. The kitchen was simple with a table and an island filled with all state-of-the-art appliances. There were two large bedrooms with an inter connecting master bathroom. She felt a vibration inher jeans and pulled outher Envy 2 and saw that it was Matt, her other best friend. "Hey" She said trying to hide the sadness inher voice.

"Hey, are you here yet?" Matt asked.

"Unfortunately, yes" She replied and giggled a bit. She managed to hold her phone with her ear while she carried both her luggage's.

"Me too. Meet me by the fountain in ten okay"

"Yeah sure" She said and hung up. She laid her two suitcases on the bed and retrieved a brush for her hair. I walked over to the bathroom and analyzed herself in the mirror. She was 5'7 and thin but had curves that were noticeable and that's one thing she loved. She had light ivory skin tone, with natural red lips. Long straight brown hair that at times became wavy, side swept bangs and hazel eyes. Her clothing were okay too, she had all the money to buy expensive clothes, so she always looked good. Dark wash skinny jeans with black pumps, a black t-shirt with a fitted leather jacket that she absolutely went crazy over. She brushed her hair slightly and decided it was time to go to the fountain.

The fountain was in the middle of the school and was very huge, constructed in 1903, it said. It was a huge sculpture of Bertha of Kent, a queen that helped introduce Christianity. Around her were little angels that spit water.Then she saw Mathew from a distance and realized how much she missed him so she ran up to him as he stood up.

"Oh Mathew! How I've missed you!" She said swinging her arms around him.

"Hey beautiful" he whispered inher ear. Mathew, Mathew, Mathew. He was extremely cute with chestnut hair long enough to sometimes cover his eyes but he always swung his head making his hair move out of his eye. You know that move guys do to keep their hair out of their eyes, the move girls die for. He had a strong build and was lean; a very good body. And was 5'11. "I've missed you too"

"So how was France?" Evangaline asked as they both sat on the edge of the fountain hearing the water splash.

"Juste merveilleux" he responded. They both smiled butshe smiled confusingly. "it means just wonderful."

"Oh" She said releasing a giggle. She and Mathew were friends well since, the 3rd grade when she first came here, and she truly loved him, She'll always have room for him in her heart. Always. They have experienced so much together that they had actually losttheir virginity to each other, accidentally. It was the end of the year in 8th grade and one of their classmates was having a party in his dorm. Everyone in Augustine has parties, and they never get caught. Too many Champagne glasses were handed and well she and Mathew got a little wasted and they ended up going to his dorm room (luckily his roommate had already left for summer vacation) and they did it. No need to expand on that. She woke up in his arms and well, she got out of there as fast as you could say, you'vejustsleptwithyourbestfriend. After that night she left to New York for her summer vacations feeling extremely guilty since she was supposed to stay abstinence. A few weeks into it Matt came to her apartment in Manhattan, although he lived in Boston, and apologized. Everything was settled and everything went back to normal.

"And you?" he asked.

"Oh you know the usual" She told him and played withher fingers suddenly becoming shy.

"What's wrong babe?" He always talked to her like that, liket hey were together. But they weren't.

"It's just I can't wait to leave this dump, you know. I fucking hate this place. I just wish I could run away and travel the world, or something like that."

"I know, I hate this place too" he said laughing as he looked carelessly into the woods ahead of him. "And I can't wait for Yale, but for now we just have to stick it out"

"I know" She said looking at him. They stayed quiet for a few seconds each lost in deep thought. "Hey do you know when Charlotte is coming"

"Tomorrow morning"

"Good." Evee said. Charlotte was their other best friend and Evee's roommate.They told each other everything just like she told Mathew. Charlotte knew everything that happened between Mathew and Evee, among other things.



"I hope we share classes together"

"Me too" She said leaning her head into his shoulder. "Tell me more about France"

"Well it's beautiful-"

"No. No I mean what did you do over there?"


"What kind of stuff?" She persisted and straightened up and faced him. He hesitated so she kept at it. "You know you can tell me anything right"

"I know it's just-" He paused for a moment and let out a deep sigh. "Okay fine I'll tell you and you tell me exactly what you did in New York"

"Deal, now tell me" She urged.

"Well, I stayed in one of fathers hotel and I visited the sites and I, did things, you know"

"No, I don't"

"Well like I said, I visited the sites, had loads of fun and managed to have a little summer fling."

"No way" Eve gasped and sat Indian style in the edge facingher body towards him.

"Yeah, some girl, she was French and you know how I find French accents sexy and I couldn't help myself."

"Wow, so what did you do with her?" She asked curiously with a smile in her face.


"What! I don't mean sexually, I mean what did you do with her?"

"Oh well, she stayed with me the entire vacation" Her eyes widened "And we did normal stuff she showed me sites and taught me a little French. Okay enough, how 'bout you?"

"Well, my vacations were far more innocent than yours-" She was interrupted by his laughter.

"You?, innocent don't make me laugh"

"Apparently I did make you laugh, and I am innocent, you jerk."

"Eve it's you were talking about, you're a whore, let's not forget about Mr. Johnson" Her eyes became two circles and her mouth dropped and formed an O.She felther eyes getting watery and stood up and walked away from him.

"Eve, I was just kidding" Matt said catching up to her and grabbing her by the wrist causing her to spin around to face him.

"Don't touch me" She said trying to get rid of his hold.

"Eve, I didn't mean it, I. Was. Kidding." he said with remorse in his eyes. He managed to stop her and made her face him. Tears started dripping offher eyes and she started to sob. "I'm sorry" he continued and she started sobbing and he slowly reached over to hug her and she hugged back.

"It's-"She sobbed "Just-"She kept sobbing "I regret-" more sobbing "doing that"she finished.

"I know" he said and started rubbing her back.

*Some changes were made to this story like, instead of first person it's now in third, places, names, and such. Monicastar:]*


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