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Through the Lens

Novel By: monicastar14
Young adult

Gwen Roberts is an aspiring photographer who wants to make it big in the business, but before she gets to do that there are certain things she needs to change. First, she needs to move out from her parents house, find a better job, and face the issues that haunt her. But along the way she meets people that can change her life, whether it may be all the guys in her life or people who can take her to the place she wants to be. In the end she's just a girl looking for some fun, in bed, in her career, and in her shots. But will her heart stop her from achieving these things? View table of contents...


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*A/N This might seem a bit rushed and that was because I was up so late writing it so Iapologize! lols nightie night to all:D*

Ch. 3 Posing for Adventure

It never ceases to amaze me how a cold shower can really wake up a person. That is why I take one every morning since I'm not quite an early bird I definitely need something to wake me up each morning. After coming out of the shower I head straight to my closet so I can look for something to wear today since today is the day I spend the day with my beloved Nikon. I decide on something cute and comfortable and stuff it into my messenger bag and put on my daily uniform. Those black jeans and black t shirt that Chris makes everyone wear, I don't why he makes us look like we just came from a funeral but that's his choice.

"You're late" my dad tells me as soon as I walked into the kitchen to get breakfast. It's usually like this every morning, he nags at me while he eats his eggs.

"Late? For what? I go into work at ten." I tell him simply and sit down in the chair opposite him at the table. I gather a glass and pour myself nice cold orange juice and get a piece of toast from a plate. I can never have breakfast at peace it seems like my dad always has something to complain about to me.

"Didn't I tell you to take more classes in college throughout the day? The whole day you're wasting your time doing nothing... like now perhaps" My brother comes in at the end of his sentence and I watch him head to the refrigerator to pull out the gallon of milk, I can't help but hate him sometimes. He is so Perfect!

"Sorry that I have to eat dad. Next time I'll just starve," I tell him and take a bite of toast. "besides Ramon is still here" I look at him and he turns to give me the Evil Eye.

"Ramon has a game later today, he has an excuse-"

"To be and idiot" I finish for him.

"To miss his first class" he says.

"Why are you always such a loser, Gwen? Get over yourself." Ramon tells me and sits at the table with us with his bowl of cereal. He feels like the world revolves solely on him seeing as he always gets what he wants. Blessed with good looks and an amazing ability to play soccer, everything has always came so easy for him especially because he has my parents that baby him.

"Get over myself? Listen you little shit, I'm not the one hogging the bathroom mirror all morning long."

"Why? Do you need it? Sorry sis but you can do anything about that face of yours" Ramon tells me and keeps eating his cereal.

"Oh shove it."

"Gwendolyn please don't be so rude." My dad tells me as he turns the page of the Los Angeles Times. My jaw drops to the floor and my brother starts laughing like the little idiot he is.

"David..." my mom warns from the stove. She is such a housewife, the typical housewife. Doesn't work, cooks, cleans, and believes everything my dad tells her. It's very frustrating because my dad has not been a good husband to her in the past, and it pains me to see her suffer every time he does something that shouldn't be forgiven. That is why I believe both Ramon and my dad hate me. My dad knows that I hate him and that I've told my mom to leave him, and my brother knows that too. But I have my reasons for being this way, I wouldn't just tell my mom to leave my dad for nothing.

"No mom, it's okay. I'm leaving anyways." I stand up and gather my camera bag, messenger bag and keys and step out from the apartment. We live in these apartments in Koreatown that hasn't changed since the Twenties. It looks very vintage which I really like especially to the contrast outside. In the streets of Koreatown, everything is very modern and business like, it's like living inside two different worlds. I walk down the block and head to the metro station to take for work.

"You're late" Chris tells me as he leans on the desk. Twice in a day? He too, wears his black ensemble and looks like a death angel in it. All in black with blond hair blowing because of the strong cooling system we have.

"What? No I'm not, I'm actually early:"

"I know, I just always wanted to tell you that, you're always early so I can never do it" I walk to the backroom and leave my stuff in my personal locker and go back to Chris. There are two people bowling which is normal in the mornings. "Listen," Chris begins and stands next to me close to the computer. I pull up my hair in a bun and add my chopsticks to hold it up as Chris stares at me making me slightly uncomfortable.


"No what?"


"I'm your boss Gwen, you can't no me, especially because I haven't even told you anything"

"Ugh fine, what is it?" I say with a groan. I look up any reservations for the day and notice that there is only one but at nine fifteen pm, which I will not be here to serve, so I don't really care.

"Not the proper way to talk to your boss, is it?" He tells me and raises an eyebrow. What's not proper are the dreams I have of him at night...now that's not proper.


"You're working the night shift tonight"

"What? No, no I can't"

"You can."

"No I can't" I said desperately. No, that would mean no Nikon! I grab Chris by the arm and shake him before I can think about what I'm doing.

"Gwen what are you doing?" he said and tried to break away from me.

"I have a really important test today. I can't miss!" I shriek unexpectedly freaking both Chris and I. I stop shaking him and he stops resisting and looks at me curiously.

"Fine, fine. Don't cry now" I sigh in relief and continue with my work on the computer while Chris walks awa. He probably thinks I'm a freak now. Wow great.

"Excuse me miss, these shoes smell funny."

The middle aged man bowling says to me as he pressed the shoe to my nose. It's times like these when I wished I didn't work at Lucky Strike.

All the way up to two, I was bombarded by work at the bowling alley. Since I had said no to doing the night shift Chris was really on me the whole day, making me clean the bathrooms and cleaning the shoes in the cubbies, a lot of manual stuff. But when that was done I went to the backroom and changed out of my uniform and into something much lighter in mood, and let my hair done just for the fun of it. I didn't stop to say goodbye to everyone I just left running down the stairs. I pulled out the paper with Nikon's address and went looking for it. Since he lives in downtown it was very close to where I work but it was a mess trying to look for his place. I walked down so many blocks thinking it wouldn't be to far, but the thing was that it was very confusing to find. until I found this very industrial looking apartments then did I realize that, that was Nikon's place. There was a call box at front and I pressed the button that had Damien scribbled in. I pressed it anxiously and then his voice came on.


"Yes, Nik-Damien! It's me Gwen" I said brightly.

"Oh Gwen glad you made it, come on up" his voice had that sexy roughness to it, that it made me think that he could be a fantastic phone sex operator. The buzzing noise came on so I rushed to open the door and go in. I went up the stairs and into the door that I knew was his because he had wrote down that exact number 10B. He opened the door before I knocked, greeting me a with a small smile. "Come on in," he opens the door widely and steps to the side letting me enter. His apartment seems simple enough, a black leather couch by a corner, small island in the kitchen and in the middle of the room he has a white screen hung up on the wall with tripods standing in front of it, some of them containing cameras some of them not.

"Cool place you've got here"

"Yeah, it's humble enough" I peak into his bedroom and see a mattress lying on the floor with white sheets messes up. "So when do we start?"

"Do you wanna start now then?"

"Whatever you like. You're the photographer right now"

"Well okay, " I set down my messenger bag and take my camera out adjusting the lenses.

"is that a Nikon?" He asks me as we leave his apartment.

"Oh yeah it is"

"Nikon's are my thing, y'know. I don't think there is any other manufacturer like it out there, that's why I always use it"

"Oh? You do, wow that's commitment" I say nonchalantly, well my attempt for it. As we walk down the street of LA at first glance it may look like the boring business city, where all the big shots and scary model wannabees, but if one looks hard enough they can find a lot of aspects of it that are likable. "So I'm just going to be random and take pictures of you whenever I feel like it, so don't think I'm being rude or anything." Ipull the camera to eye level and start clicking the button to shoot, I catch some pictures where his eyes are open widely, one where he's making a funny face, and one where he sticks out his middle finger. "nice. Let's go to the Santee alleys." I tell him as I grab his arm and pull him down the street. The Santee Alleys are basically a couple of alleys were people have stands, a small flea market you can say. It's not too far from where we are so I figured that instead of going to typical places, some more cultural sight seeing would be more fun. Honestly this whole exhibition thing is pure shit, though I am entering one, but this was just my excuse to spend some time with him.

When we arrive the first thing we see is a woman selling jewelry. I approach her and ask how much it is in Spanish obviously impressed Nikon, smiles at me and tries his charm on the woman. With what he believes to be a decent attempt of speaking Spanish, he woes the lady by complimenting her first and then telling her a cheaper price is more reasonable.

"Gracias" He says with an accent. "Placer ser negocio"

"Didn't know you spoke." I tell him as he gets his change back from the lady.

"Neither did I. Here for you"


"Yeah, you were the one bargaining first" He catches my wrist and clips the colorful bracelet around my wrist. When we start walking forward I notice that it is less crowded than it is on weekends, so there is much more room to walk in and the sellers pay much more attention to you. I take pictures of Nikon trying to bargain once again, I think he does it just for kicks and because he's really good at it. It turns out to be a fun shot, they are both very interactive in the picture and the fact I set it to B&W makes it look mysterious.

We roam the alleys just doing whatever we can but I take pictures mostly. After a while we head out and start on a different path, Nikon sits in some stairs leading to a warehouse after I told him to, and he pulls out a cigarette to start smoking. And I'm there right next to him shooting is every move, I caught one where the smoke is extremely visible and it he's looking off into the distance. A cheesy shot, but I like it. He talks to bums and I take pictures of that.

"I need to take some pictures of you with the white screen."

"Oh alright, let's go back then. So Gwen, tell me how did I become your muse?" Nikon asked me with a smirk, of course he would be flattered, who wouldn't!

"Well, Damien, I dunno you seem very interesting for subject matter."

"After you're done with me, it's gonna be my turn. You will be my muse for the remainder of the day." Oh god yes.

"That's fine with me" I reply as Nikon gets his keys out for the door.

When we're up at his place he starts setting up somethings with his camera and tripod, and straightening the white screen.

"You can set up your camera here." I walk over to the tripod and carefully place my camera there as he turns on the lights pointing to the screen.

"Okay, can you just stand there and look mysterious" I point to where I want him to stand, and he moves there confidently, and just by standing he looks sexy. "Don't be afraid to do anything you want to" I tell him as I place the camera by my eye and start clicking. "Good. Nice, can you move a little to the right" I start instructing him a little bit, and like the good model he is, he does it all to well. He places his fingers on the edges of his shirt and starts pulling his t shirt off. "Oh" Isay lamely and freeze for about a fraction of a second.

"Though I'd improvise."

"Whatever you like" Ikeep clicking and he poses like the real muse that he is. He doesn't even try and the shots turn out great. He has a natural ability to just stand and make a picture look like the most exciting thing. Maybe because he looks for it in people, he embodies it. "Oh good"

"Like that?" he says cockily.

"it was alright" He laughs and continues posing. Soon enough I'm done and step away from the tripod where I've set my camera. "No I'm all yours" I tell him. He walks into his room without saying anything and brings out his Nikon. He puts in the tripod to my surprise and stands in front of the screen next to me. "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to be in the shots with you" The camera starts clicking on it's own and before you know it Nikon picks me me up and carries me like a bride in her wedding night.

"Oh my god!" I squeal in surprise. Meanwhile the camera is on auto and taking pictures every nano second, surely capturing my stupid faces that I've made. He then places me on his shoulders like a little girl and poses. "I thought you'd be taking the shots"

"Well I did enjoy being your subject matter, so then I thought, 'hey we both can be subject matter', so I went for it. Come one let me give you a piggy back ride." He stands in front of me and I jump on his back excitedly. He collapses on the floor and I fall on my side. "Damn you're heavy"

I gasp in mock horror and slap his arm "No I'm not! You're the fat one here" Though he's shirtless and his wash board abs are visible I tell him that jokingly. He gets on top of me and tickles until I burst out laughing, I try to tickle him to but I only get small chuckles out of him without him moving my arms away. I try to tickle him again but he grabs my hands and pins me down on the floor, all I can hear is the flashing of camera and my heavy breathing. It's one of those moments where you're absolutely stunned because you don't know what's going to happen next, all I know is that his face is so close to mine and that he's looking right at me. His face gets closer slowly until, his lips meet mine. It was a small brush, I could only remember the slightest touch of the softness of his lips on my bottom lip before he moved away. He stands up and gives me a hand.

"Uhm..." Ibegin but am unable to finish because he gets my hips and brings me to stand in front of him. He kisses my cheek from behind and even rests his chin on top of my head at one point. Then as spur of the moment I grab his hand to take the lead. "Twirl me around, like if we were dancing" He takes my hand and spins me around and brings me to his chest. We sway together until he springs up excitedly.

"I have an idea!"

"What is it?" I ask as Iwatch him get his camera and tripod.

"Take your clothes off"

My eyes bulge out in total shock and part of me wants to rush and take my clothing off, but I am a lady so I ask, "What?"

"Not in a pervy way, look come" He carried the tripod stand in one hand and his Nikon on the other and walked to his bedroom he started setting those things up.

"Don't tell me. Porn? Not until the third date, buddy."

"Ha, but no. You wish you saw all this in action." Oh how I do! Okay enough with the crazed hormonal stuff. "I don't want to come off as a pervert but do you mind wearing this," he goes into one of his drawers and pulls out a dress shirt. "just for a couple of shots."

I stare at the shirt in his hand and gawk at him "So you want me to strip from my clothes and wear that," Ipoint at the shirt. "And parade around in it. If I wasn't sure I'd think that you were trying to make advances at me."

"Maybe, maybe not. Either way I get to see you in your underwear." He tells me as I get the shirt from his hand.


"Alright, I'll do it because you did what I asked, though I never asked you to get naked. I would have if I would have known this was going to happen"

"Maybe next time?"

"Next time..sure" I go into the bathroom and start taking my clothes off until I'm left in my panties and bra. Iput the dress shirt on and notice that it hits halfway down my thigh. Just like a boy to lure you into being half naked the first time you get together. Typical.

"Wow, looks like you just had sex" Nikon says when he seems me walk out.

"Excuse me?"

"you know, when girls finish having sex, some of them wear the guy's shirts or something."

"Or they walk around naked" I opt.

"Or they walk around naked" he agrees. "Okay can you jump up and down on the bed" he instructs and starts getting ready to shoot.

Istep into the bed and pretend that there is music playing and start jumping up and down like in the past when I was a kid. I started remembering the times when my older sister was home, my brother just a baby, and I was had absolutely no care in the world. But now my sister is earning her doctoral degree, my brother a soccer superstar, and I a family outcast. Nikon moves his body in ways so exotic, just to get a shot I can only imagine him in bed! I grab a pillow from his bed and start flinging it in the air as if I was having a pillow fight with someone.

"I like it!" He yells from behind the camera, and I begin to smile like a total idiot.

"Too bad you can't have any" i say and shake my butt in front of him.

"Oh we'll see about that"

"In your dreams" And mine of course.

At the end of the shoot I step off the bed and approach him who is looking at the shots.

"So how did they come out?" I ask and look at the screen on his camera.

"Pretty rad, if I don't say so myself." He keeps switching the pictures and I agree, they turned out really nice.

"Great. Well, Ibetter go on and change"

"Thanks for agreeing on wearing that, Gwen. You do look very sexy"

"Never thought you were a flirt, so how's the usual response from all the girls?"

"Nah, no flirt here."

"Right, I'll be back" Igo into the bathroom and change quickly into my regular clothes. Icheck the phone in my jeans and notice it reads seven thirty, not too late so my parents won't freak out. "So Damien...Thanks...?"

"Don't worry about it" He tells me as he helps me pack up my camera. "Hey it's still early enough, you want to hang out somewhere?"

"Ah, well, sure. Why not?"

"Let me put a shirt on" He walks into the bedroom but I can still hear his voice from the other room. "I know this great place where we can have fun and eat too" Before replying I laugh at the fact that I hadn't known i was hungry until he had mentioned it.

"Oh yeah?" Iprompt him to go on.

"Yeah, there is one nearby but I've never been to that one, I usually go to the one in Hollywood"

"So where is it?" I ask feeling a bit antsy.

"Don't laugh, you might think it's childish"

"No, I won't. Ipromise" Isay with a giggle.

"I can already hear you laughing!"

"No, I'm not. So where is it?"

"Lucky Strike"

I stay frozen in place, my eyes opening widely with wildness, and my mouth going dry. No way are we going to my job. I'm supposed to be studying! Chris cannot see me there! I would never hear the end of it. I rack my brain for excuses not to go, but nothing forms. He comes out and stuffs his wallet in his back pocket.

"Ready? We are going to have a lot of fun. Ipromise" he says too convincingly with the dorkiest smile.

Maybe he will, maybe he won't. But Chris definitely will.


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