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The Magic Within

Novel By: MoxieRoxie
Young adult

Tags: Magic, Fiction

This story is a about a girl that has lost all her memory. She starts a new life around her old one. But some one from her past is trying to find her, but who, and why? Folliwing Mia on her seach to unravel her past, and trully understand what lies within her. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 26, 2013    Reads: 35    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

The last thing I remember was the way I was found. An out stretched hand, rain, and a book.


My limp body is cold and the rain isn't helping. I don't even know how I got here or where I was before. My cloak is soaked, not much help form the rain. I'm running holding my book close to my chest. I assume it's mine because it's in my hands. No shoes on my feet, again not too sure how that happened. Jeans cover my legs, and a tee-shirt that has some guys faces on it, one holds a mic. Under that the print said The Cure.I guess it must be some kind of band?

I keep running not stopping for anything. Something in my mind makes me scared, and its nothing I can explain. It only makes me mad that I don't know.

Not soon after I collapse to the ground, out breath and feet sore. The book is dropped and scattered. Fear shoots though me as my hand moves towards the book. I don't know what is inside it, but my body wants to keep it close and keep it beside me at all times.

My fingers reach the corner and the pull it towards my body. It slips a couple of times but finally gets back in my reach and back in my possetion. I make my way to the wall, out of the rain best as I could.

My back square against the wall I look up and the pouring rain and the darken sky. I close my eyes and feel every drop on my cold pale skin. My head bobs down as I glace at the book that lies in my hands. There is an extra hand held out to me. I feel extremely calm as I use the last of my strength to reach up to them. But my own body fails me and I'm out cold before I know it.


I step out of the testing room in the school I attend. MC Academy, home to the world's best magic school. As usual Micky was waiting for me outside the hall.

"Did you pass that test?" she always had this goofy smile on her face. I don't know what she specialized in. she never told me that.

"Not sure, I think that I did though." I always had a hard time in tests, mind always wonder all around the place. I was placed in this school for my knowgle behind magic. Got a scholar ship and everything just passing for a librarian.

"I'm sure you passed; don't deny your gifts behind old and new magic."

"Being librarian sucks. I can't do much with real magic." I start walking over to my locker, and Micky is of course following me.

"I bet you will have all of it in your head to do it yourself and be the best witch ever!" she ties back her long mud brown hair and opens her locker. She pulled out her potions book out for her next class.

"Pht… the best ever… Gee what do you think I am? Some kind of prophecy that is meant to happen?" I look at her and open my locker so that it blocks her face. "I only entered this school because my papa said I should, with as much as I knew, I was going to be a for sure hit." I ran my finger over the book binds that were in the locker.

Not even a minute after the bell rings for the next class. Out of my trance I hurry and grab my history book from the locker and shut it. "We better get going." Before she said anything I was already half way down the hall.


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