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Clashing Bloodlines

Novel By: myheart
Young adult

A girl falls in love with her best friend but her best friend has a secret that he is a dhampir. Then her mother has one. How can she live in this messed up life? View table of contents...


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She was sitting on her floral bench next to her window sketching pictures. All of the pictures seemed to become him, especially his face. She couldn't get him out of her head. He is her best friend and had been since middle school but lately she had wanted to be more. However, was too afraid to tell him to his face. The more she thought of him the more she yearned for his touch and it drove her nuts. She sighed as she thought to herself 'hopeless dreams Jackie' as got up to go to bed.

Then, she heard a rock hit the window and looked out to see a guy standing there as the day was turning to night. He was about 6 feet tall with black hair, brown eyes, and a guitar hanging from his neck. It was her best friend Todd. She smiled and asked, "What are you doing here so late?"

"Well, I wrote a new song and needed someone to play it to. I need you to tell me the truth and know you will tell me whether it's good or just sucks," he said laughing.

"Hopefully it's good. So lets her it then," she said as she leaned against her window getting comfy and watched him start to play. When he played she became mesmerized and couldn't stop watching and listening.

****music playing on the guitar***

He stopped and then looked up to me with a questioning look on his face. I started, "Well…umm...it was okay but I think you need to work on it just a little bit more."

He sighed and then smiled up at her, "Well at least you're honest so I don't embarrass myself in front of others. I think I will work on it and then try it out on you again. But this is just for fun you know. Just trying stuff out trying to find my niche'. You're so good at everything."

She started to laugh, "LOL are you crazy? I'm not that good at anything. I think your just being too nice to me Todd."

He started to join in laughing himself, "Well to me you're great at everything. So what were you doing before I showed up?"

"I was just drawing. Doodling and stuff…was about to go to bed."

"See another thing you're amazing at is drawing. Sorry if I kept you up," he said a little upset with himself.

"It's okay. It's only twilight. I'm good. It's always nice to see my best friend no matter what time it is. However, if you try me at like in the middle of the night I can't say I will be so kind," as she joked.

"Okay. Well good and nice to always see you too Jackie. See you tomorrow at school."

"See you tomorrow Todd," she said as he turned around leaving and waving goodbye. As she got out of the window and closed it and jumped onto her bed laying there she sighed 'Isn't he magnificent'. While lying there she fell asleep to the thought of him.

She then was in the high school and was in front of Todd talking to him and she was thinking and finally wanted to tell him the truth. He was talking on and on about sports like a typical guy and then I just interrupted because I wanted to get this off of my chest. "Todd, I want to say something and it's not easy but...well."

"What is it Jackie? Just spit it out. Were best friends," Todd said.

"Well that's it we have been best friends for what seems like forever and you are so amazing and well I got to tell you the truth. I'm falling in love with you." Todd then froze as she shook him saying, "Todd are you okay? Todd. Todd. I'm sorry it's a big bombshell but..."

"Beep Beep Beep Beep," she heard and then opened her eyes and took in a deep breath.

"It was just a dream," she said lightly as she was better and then turned around to turn her alarm off and seeing a big 9:15 flashing in front of her. "Omgosh I'm going to be late!" Then hurried to get ready. Glad she had her clothes already picked out then she ran down stairs and out the door. Good thing she lived only a few houses down from the school so she ran until she got in through the front doors and signed in late then headed straight to class.

"Well thanks for joining us Ms. Black," Mr. Carpenter said as I walked through the door. I just ignored him and headed to my seat by Todd. Then he said, "Pass Ms. Black" holding out his hand. She forgot as she walked back up and handed him the slip for being late. "Thank you," he said and returned back to the class and she walked down to the desk by Todd.

"There you are! I was worried when you didn't show up," Todd said.

"Sorry, I overslept," saying while pulling out her notebook.

"Ohh was that my fault? Didn't mean to come over so late."

"No it was just my alarm didn't go off. Not your fault Todd." Then that ended that subject and started on class that they were in.


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