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Aubry's life isn't what she expected it to turn out as. Soon she will find there is more to life than what meets the eye. View table of contents...


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Dear Diary,

Everything happens for a reason they say, but you know what, I doubt it, highly.
Three months ago my parents got divorced because my mother was having an affair. This man lives in Indiana, while we live in Manhattan. You will se this kind f thing happening in the big cities all the time on T.V. , but you wouldn't ever think it would happen to you, until it does.
I can't wait to go downstairs today, because finally HE will be gone. Not forever, sadly, but he is leaving for a few days nad bringing me back a surprise. Yippee, NOT! I just hope i get to live with my father in Montana, because I don't like HIM at all.
By the way, HIS name is Paul. I have to go get reasy for school now.


Chapter One

My morning senses are telling me my mother is making breakfast. I can smell coffee. She only makes coffee when she is making breakfast or when Paul's here, but he isn't so breakfast it is. I could hear her whistling Christmas tunes as I walked down the stairs, into the kitchen.

That's right, Christmas was only four days away and I had to go to school until the 23rd of December.

"Oh, Aubry, Paul is coming back today with your surprise. Well he will be back in about two hours. He is so happy he didn't have to be away from us for too long. So you be sure to be home right after school." She was making peach waffles, my very least favorite, but they were Paul's. Well it looked like I was eating at or on my way to school.

"Okay, mom, I will. I am leaving for Guy's house now. Call me if I am needed. Bye." I said as i slammed the door in her face.

I pulled out my cell phone and dialed Guy's house. He picked up on the first ring. He always does, when I call.

"Hey Aubry, what's up? Don't you think it is kind of early to be calling to come over to my house? Usually it is about an hour from now, but if you want to come now the front door is locked."
"Thanks, Guy. Be there in a bit."

Walking always calmed me down when my mother annoyed me. The clean air empties my senses and I can think clearly. I loved Guy's front steps. They had pretty, colorful flowers on each side. His mother had the cutest house in the neighborhood. I had to life the heavy plant pot to get the key to unlock the door, though. I ran up the stairs to Guy's room, went in, and slammed the door shut. He was reading in his chair. I went and sat on his lap and wrapped my arms around his waist.

"Good Morning Aubry. What's wrong?" He asked as he returned my hug. Guy was like a brother to me. He moved here when I was four-years-old. He was in second grade, two-years older than me, and he lived right down the street. I know him because we rode the same bus, and one day the other kids had pushed me into the road as the bus was pulling up to the stop. He risked his life to save a kindergartener who he didn't even know. I started following him around, where ever he went that I could go to, also. He lived farther from the bus stop than I did, so he would walk me home and then go home himself.

"Morning Guy. I am just upset is all. Paul is coming back today, while I am at school, he should be back in about an hour now. I don't like him at all. I want my dad back in our house." I said into his chest. Even though Guy is the older brother in our relationship, I still find my mind wander to what could still happen.

"So do you want me to drive you to school or are you going to take the bus?" He asked. I looked up at him and I found him looking back down at me. I know he knows mt answer to that question. It is the same every time. So I just wrap my arms tighter around him. He bent down and kissed my forehead.

"Okay Aubry, I'll take you, but you know once I start college you'll have to take the bus again right?" I nodded, "You'll have to make new friends, too. So you don't get pushed again." I nodded again. "Then let's get going. I don't want to be the cause of you being late." I let go and stood up with him.

"Guy, why can't you just wait for me? Then we wont be apart and I wont have to make new friends and you wont get stolen from me by some ugly sex-craved tramp." I said as we got into his car.
"We have gone over this many times already Aubry. What's really got you down, hon?" He asked me.

I looked at the clock in his car. So much for not being late. Second hour started in two minutes and the drive there was about twenty minutes.

"I just don't want my family to leave me out, in the dark, all alone. My father was first, then my mother, and now you too! I can't take that. You are all I have left and I don't want you to disappear from my life too. That would just about kill me in the end." I glanced out the window and saw Guy reach into the glove box, through the reflection on the glass. He pulled out a flashlight.

"I know this is cheesy and lame but, if you ever need me just shine it if I am not around. If I am around though, come find me, even if it is two o'clock in the morning. Do you understand me?" I nodded and put the flashlight into my book bag. "Then go and make new friends. I will always be with you." He came to a stop. I noticed that we were in front of the school. I got out of Guy's car and went inside the building.


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