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Black Rose --- By Monica Taylor

Novel By: Naomi Taylor
Young adult

17-year-old Alexandra Marie Keene is starting another boring year of high school - at least she thinks. A boy starts school with a hidden past and hunger for love. Alex would give up anything to have him. Including her LIFE. Are you ready to die for love??? Alex is...

***NOTICE! THIS BOOK IS WRITTEN BY MONICA TAYLOR!*** View table of contents...


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**By Monica Taylor**

Chapter 1:


I walked into Willow Lake High School expecting another normal year. Except for the fact that i am one year away from being a senior. As I scanned over the wave of people searching for their new lockers and classes, I saw... him. I stopped dead in my tracks just to take a look at this, um, God-like figure.

This tall, slim but muscular man had short, white-blonde hair. It was all tossed around in layers upon layers. Like he just got out of bed, but still lovely as ever. If you can even describe this boy as lovely, that is. His eyes were like liquid chocolate - very delicious chocolate. My eyes began to searched down his body - but once they reached his shoulders my vision was obscure by a group of wild girls wanting his cell phone number. They were either very brave... or very desperate.

"Alex! Alex Marie!!!" One of my best friends came bursting out of the crowd of phycos.

"What is it Jenny?" I asked in the most annoyed way. I mean, how would anyone like to be around a girl, who gets excited at the most simplest things???

"Well! You will never guess who I just met!"

"Um... Let me think... An alien from Mars, who wants you to become his girlfriend?"

"I wish-!"


"No! Wrong answer, silly. I just met the most hottestguy in school! It's that kid, um, what's his name... Oh yeah, Harold."

"Good for you, Jenny. Now if you don't mind I would like to get to class. Bye for now; see you at lunch."

Jenny didn't even have time to say anthing before the pack of wolves took her back for their hunt. Creepy huh? Haha.

English was boring, but better then P.E. After my two and one half mile jog it was finally lunch time. I was always one of the first people in the small cafetria. Not this time though. The young man named Harold, was there. This is my chance to formally introduce myself to a boy. It was really unlike me to do such a thing. I only dated once in 7th grade, but, that relationship ended with him having to go home with a bloody nose. Memories... Haha!

I heard peoples' voices buzzing behind me. I had too move quickly or i would loose my chance. NowI sound like the hunter! I walked or more like ran over to where he sat. His gorgeous eyes fixed on his salad.

"Um, hello, uh, Harold," I spoke bravely across the table not quite sitting down yet.

"Harold? Who is Harold?" His voice rang like bells in my ears.

"Oh! You thought I was talking to you?" I asked quickly, "Sorry for that mix up," I breathed almost dying of embarassment."May I sit here?" The question rolled off my tounge before I could stop myself.


"Thank-" I was cut short by Emily, the cheerleading captain.

"-Thanks, Handsome. Oh- Alex. Be a doll and get me a soda. And make it quick."

Sadly, her "friends" already filled up that spaces that were empty. I could still feel his gaze on my back as I walked away. Literally.

How could he let her do that??? Jerk! He was no better than Zack, the quarterback on our football team. They would make good friends, now wouldn't they?! He probably already has a date with Emily. One word. ICK.

"Hey, hey! Over here, Babe!"

Ugh. I wasn't in the mood for Josh's jokes. I forgot last night to prepare myself for his "question". Every month he would ask if I would be his girlfriend. I always said the same answer. No.

I saw Jenny next to him waving me down. No way would I be able to escape this doom.

"Come sit with us, Alex! Please!!!" She whined.

"Where else wouldI sit? Oh - hey, Josh."

"What's up, Baby!?! You wanta, um, you know... You plus me equal tonight in car?"

"Ewww! No - what - oh - Josh! Don't ever ask me that again!"

"Okay, okay... You just seemed willing with your last text last night and all." I glared at him as I slammed down my books on the table. "Kiddinggg! Yeesh, woman!"

"Where's Megan?" I asked Jenny, for she is my only other friend.

"Taking a good, I mean great look at Mr. Handsome."

"Oh - good for her. I guess. He just seems like a jerk to me." Horror washed over Jenny's face.

"Well, I thought he was rather sweet. I mean OMG! Did you take a look at those eyes?!? To. Die. For!" Josh squeaked in a girlish voice, while batting his eyes.

For the rest of the lunch Jenny woulnd't talk to me, at all. When Megan finally came over to our table, Jenny whispered something in her ear. Great, now the only people I want to talk to held a stupid grudge.

Science went along a lot quicker and before I knew it, I was in my last Block of the day. Trig. Which is my advance math class that I don't know how I made into. "Fractions are your friends,' I remembered my old math teacher saying.

As I rounded the corner another student came rushing through the door causing me to fall backwards. Before I hit the floor though, a warm, soft arm caught me. It was the jerk. Our eyes met and a smile started sweeping across his face. I was almost to my feet when, of course, Emily showed up.

"Henry! Honey, could you hold my books? Thanks," she said then shoved them into his arms. This caused to me to fall right on my butt and hate Emily with an even stronger passion.

"OWW! Why did you do that?" Iscreamed at him from the floor.

But he was already walking into class with Emily. Very upset, I decided to sit there to calm myself. Maybe I am judging him too quickly... or not. No one should be thrown on the floor more then once in a minute! Hopefully I wouldn't be near him in class. I had some feeling I just jinxed myself.

I finally decided to get my bottom of the floor and into a seat. Right when I entered the classroom I felt his stares on me. It burned, actually burned! Maybe my mind was playing tricks on me. Haha. I am not laughing stupid brain! Knock it off! The bell bagan to toll and Mr. Gaurder called the class to order.

"Welcome to a new year at Willow Lake High students! Now if you would all move to where I point quickly, you may have no homework. Okay..." He droned on until my name was called. "Alexandra Keene. Right here."

I found myself sitting directly in front on Henry, (that's whatI heard Emily call him). Now I guess I know the meaning of back-stabbing! My back was killing me! I glanced quickly over my shoulder at Henry. If looks could kill... his would. Henry's gaze was completely focused on me. When his eyes caught mine I quickly turned around. I never looked back for the rest of the block.

The last bell of the of the day sounded and the whole school shook. Everyone made a mad dash for the doors so they could get home. Including myself. I wanted to be home more than anything at the moment.

I unlocked my blue mustang making sure not to drop my books. Yes, my lovely, old mustang. Across the lot I say Henry getting into his SUV shouting something at Emily. And she looked pretty ticked off! Yay!

I soon reached home at Willow Lake's lake... if that makes sense. I pulled into my driveway admiring my sanctuary. We had two floors to our smallish house. The top loor was all mine. I even had a walk on roof over looking the lake. I climbed out of my car and up the front steps.

"Hello? I am home!"I shouted as I slammed the door behind me.

"Hi, honey! Oh - in the kitchen," my mom called back.

I walked itnto our small kitchen and grabbed a couple cookies.

"How was your day?"

"I don't want to talk about it. I am gonna go do my homework."

I ran up the steps to the second floor. I tossed my bag and purse on to my couch which was shoved in the corner of the room. I walked over to the east wall and threw open the window.

Outside there was a small breeze that rustled the leaves in the trees. A sigh came with a rush of thoughts. All about Henry. Freak. My phone started to buzz in my back pocket. I slid the keyboard open to read a text from Jenny, who seemed to be talking to me again.

"Jenny:) : Are u home yet? If u are get your binoculars and go to your roof!"

"ME!: Why? Ok - I am ready. Now what?"

"Jenny:) : Look through them straight across the lake."

I did as she told me. When I lifted them to my eyes I saw what she was talking about. IT WAS HENRY!

"ME!: NO! It cant be! Maybe he is just visiting. UGH!"

"Jenny:) : Omg, right! Its Henry Adurn! I LUST him!!!"


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