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VvP - The Descending Darkness

Novel By: Naomi Taylor
Young adult

The fate of the world lies in the hands of Elizabeth Redhawk and Vistoria White. The problem is - they don't know it.

This is fortold in a prophecy, in which states that these two girls can never meet, else a darkness will descend and vampires will overtake all of mankind. Two boys were chosen by the prophet, one a vampire and the other a pirate, to protect each Elizabeth and Victoria. However, the longer they are apart, the stronger their power of darkness becomes.

Elizabeth and Victoria must now battle destiny, vampires versus pirates, to restore peace or begin the end - of the world.

...VvP ~ Vampires vs Pirates ~ The Descending Darkness...
*By Monica and Naomi Taylor ~ Elizabeth and Victoria* View table of contents...



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Chapter One ~ Elizabeth

I could hear the waves crashing against her. The smell ofsalt hung heavyin the air. The ship rocked back and forth as there was a strong gust of wind coming from the north. I felt the darkness close in around me as I sat on deck waiting, waiting for all life to return to the crew and the sea.

My head began to bob as I tried to stay awake. It is my duty to stay awake. I must keep watch over these mold-covered decks. The Captain and his crew's souls are in my hands. At this thought, I jumped up wide awake.

Ipulled my cutlass out of my leather hilt in the most skillful way. I side-stepped once to the right, then twice to the left. Now the lunge! As I screamed this in my head, I jumped forward at my invisible opponent. For the final touch, I did a quick side-swipe through his neck. Or, at least, I was about to do so when -

"MayI be so bold as to ask what you are doing?" I tumbled over my left foot at this, screamed, and landed flat on my face. "Are you all right, Elizabeth?"

"I am fine, thank you," I stated while standing up to notice it was Gabriel. "Oh, it's you. Of course it is."

"Is it a problem that I am who Iam?" Gabriel asked as he began to back off.

Well, yes. You are the most annoying person I know. "No, of course not!" I lied. "What are you doing up here?"

"Wondering when you were going to ring the bell, if you must know. It is past the appropriate time."

"Well, um, I was just going 'til you showed up!" I lied, yet again.

"The captain should not have given you this job! It is much too dangerous."


"Nevermind," he barked. I started to go ring the bell, but I was cut off by Gabriel who grabbed the rope first. Just as the bell tolled, I flew down the steep steps.

When I finally reached my hammock, I knew I was ready to sleep. As I laid there, staring at the termite-infested ceiling, everything went black. I fell into a deep slumber.

. . .

I sat up in my hammock and saw Gabriel walking towards me. As soon as I saw him, a warm, buttery feeling rushed over me. I crawled out of the hammock and noticed I was just wearing a long shirt. I became shy as he embraced me. Gabriel seemed loving but scared. Our lips touched like two rose petals covered in frost. He pulled away with his eyes wide. "Don't stop," I whispered.

"No. They're coming for you, Elizabeth! They won't stop," he said sternly while tugging at my arm.

"What?" I turned around just to become frozen. I was facing the most evil thing I ever saw. It was a girl wearing a deep blue dress. She had white-blonde hair and ice blue eyes. There, dripping from her mouth, was blood! Then everything was... gone.

. . .

I wokeand foundmy eyes looking at Gabriel's face. I, of course, screamed. "Hush now, Elizabeth. I won't hurt you," he said calmly.

"What are you doing?" As I looked around quickly, I saw about the whole crew there. "Why are you all here? Go! Git!" They started to shuffle away.

"You were screaming. You woke about the whole crew up. Are you hurt?"

Of course not, you fool! "No! Ijust hada nightmare. A really bad one," I spoke quickly and quietly.

"Maybe, if you told me about it, I could, um, help."

Are you nuts?! "No!" I yelled at him. "It's private! Who do you think you are? The King of England? Shoo!"

"Well, then. When you are ready, come up for the meeting," Gabriel spoke, trying to hold back his anger, clearly.

"Meeting? About what?"

"Our stop at Devil Smudge Island. We need some goods. Now hop to!" At that, he walked slowly away.

I got up to find my blanket on the floor, along with my pillow. When I picked them up, a rat ran out from underneath. Well, at least the rat did no damage to them, I thought while walking down the gloomy, damp hall. The captain was already speaking when I climbed on deck.

"...As pirates of these seven seas, we need something to stay strong! And mates, what is that something?" Captain Mills bellowed.

"Rum!" some chimed (including me).

"Whiskey!" called others. Iglanced around to see a smudge on the horizon. At that exact moment, so did the lookout.

"Land ahead! Land ahead! Mates! To the east," yelled Peter. Peter is our new lookout.

"Well done, lad! Turn her to the east," Captain said while climbing to the crow's nest.

I sure am hungry. Time to go to the mess hall. As I walked to the mess hall, I noticed it was full of spiders. On a chair in the corner of the room was at least six. Plates were everywhere, rotting food was stuck on the ceiling, and for once, I lost my hunger for food.


"What?" I could tell it was Gabriel.

"We have reached port."

. . .


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