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Dark Days; Revenge.

Novel By: naye
Young adult

Sky used to be happy... until her mom got remarried... to a rapist. Her mom is naive and always thinks the best of Sean, Sky's step-dad, and only thinks he has trouble controlling his temper. Sky sees her best-friend, Bree as a refuge away from Sean but when she goes missing, Sky get worried. When Sky sees Bree again...it's not good news. Sky, and a vampire she's grown close to plan to take revenge on Sean for everything he's ever done, with the help of a friendly yet eerie ghost. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 16, 2011    Reads: 115    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

I stood outside my house- just staring at the front door.

I didn't want to go in. I didn't want to face my mom, a fake smile plastered on her face, and watch as she played happy families with Sean, my step-dad. She was so naive, if only she knew what Sean was really like and what he did to me every single night when she was asleep.

But I did go in, I had to. My baby sister, Alicia needed me. I was more of a mom to her than our own mother was. Alicia and I had the same dad, the man my mother was previously married to, but she made out as though it was Sean's because she didn't want Sean to find out that she'd cheated on him two years ago. Sean could get really aggressive sometimes... I should know.

Although I tried to be quiet about it, the door still made and audible click when I locked it. They heard. Mom told me to meet her in the kitchen. I did... and just as I thought, Sean was with her. He was sitting at the table, looking my body over with a greedy expression. I zipped up my coat, although it was hot. Sean found it amusing he laughed quietly. My mom shot him a confused expression then returned her attention to me.

My mother was the typical sort of beautiful. She was tall and slim and had gorgeous blonde hair and an amazing smile, whereas Sean was tall but broad with dark and short messy hair. I probably would have thought he was pretty hot, if I didn't know him.

"Hello Sky" my mother said with a cheerfulness so false, I knew what she was going to tell me wasn't anything I'd like.

"Hey" I muttered, expressionless, but I gave her a quick hug to show her I cared before the arguing would start.

"Hello Sky" Sean said and held his arms out, "Where's my hug?"

I ignored him, "Mom, What did you want?"

"Well, You're going to be sixteen soon and I- We thought that you and Sean should, you know, get to know each other better- bond."

"Mom-" My voice was steely. She cut me off.

"Sean's been with us for three years and you act as though he doesn't exist. I know you might miss your father but he's not coming back..." my mother trailed off and waited for me to answer. I kept stubbornly silent.

"Sean hasn't done anything to you. He's tried his best to get along with you and you need to do the same. Your dad isn't going to come back- ever. So do us all a favour and stop acting like a little brat"

"You don't know anything about me! You think I'd be like this just because dad isn't here? God, you are so stupid! It's him- It's always him" I shouted, sending a deadly glare Sean's way. "Mom, he-he-"

I was about to tell her that he raped me but Sean cut me off, "Don't talk to your mother like that! I haven't done anything to you so don't go making up excuses for your childish behaviour! Now apologise!"

I stayed silent. He got up and strode towards me. I braced myself; remembering just how badly it hurt when he hit me. His hand curled into a fist as he shouted in my face; "I said APOLOGISE, you little-"

"Sean..." my mom whispered, sounding scared "It's okay. Just leave her. She's not worth it"

Yeah, it sounded harsh and it did hurt but I knew she only said it to stop him from hitting me.

Sean walked over to her and hugged her, muttering about the manners I need to be taught and throwing in a few swear words as he described my behaviour to her. My mom held on to him, but it looked like she was restraining him, not hugging him. She mouthed 'I love you' then said, "Sky, do something useful and calm Alicia down"

I hadn't realised she was crying- screaming until my mom pointed it out. I nodded and my mom drew a circle with her finger on her temple (making it look like she was just massaging her temple) but I knew it was her sign for me to get out of the house until she calmed Sean down. I nodded again. She knew that when I left the house, sometimes for days, I was at Bree's house but she'd always act as though she had no idea where I was when Sean was around.

I ran up the stairs and into the second room in the hall- Alicia's. She'd originally been in mom and Sean's room but Sean found her crying annoying and so ordered me to look after her at night and gave her the spare room but I only complied because I cared about Alicia.

Her crying softened into whimpering when I walked into her room. I walked over to her cot and picked her up. "Hey, Alicia. Shhh... Shhhh... It's okay, mom's going to sort the intruder out. I know you hate him too. Shh..."

After about five minutes she'd quietened down. I put her back in the cot and was about to go to the bathroom across the hall but Alicia started crying again. I picked her up and took her with me.

I put her in the sink once I was in the bathroom. She didn't object. "I suppose you're hungry, I 'll try and get you something on the way out" Alicia smiled at me, "You really are getting too greedy- smiling at the sound of food. You're going to get fat, Liss"

I looked in the mirror and I really didn't look like myself; I had the same long jet black hair- slightly messy. I had the same slim but curvy body. I had the same face; eyes heavily rimmed in black eyeliner, blackened lips and pale complexion. But something was different... my eyes. I looked sad but stronger. Usually I just looked devastated and hopeless. I looked down at Alicia smiling up at me and realised she gave me hope. I smiled back then put a coat and shoes on her. Then I got the bag with all her essentials in and then carried her downstairs.

My mom was at the bottom of the stairs. She hugged and kissed me and Alicia then gave me some extra milk, diapers and Alicia's favourite toy- a pink rabbit.

I left the house and stalked out into the street.


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