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When one door closes

Novel By: Noradi Luvsadi
Young adult

Annabel Campbell thought the day she's been waiting for the past 6 years is finally here, only to realized that that day may never come.

Robbie Lloyd has a big surprise for his long term girlfriend, he hopes she would take it well enough, His heart now belongs to another women.

Jessie Barker knew that it was her happiest day. Not only will she get the man she loves but she will make her best friend realized that nothing was forever and there is no such thing as perfect life.

Kent knight couldn't believe what his cousin could do, he saw for a split second, the pain in her eyes when she heard it. But he was more amazed when she instantly become someone else and congratulate the couple openly. View table of contents...



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Author's Note:

Hi guys, hope you like this better then the previous one... =D

"Damn, Stupid helmet" She growl to herself has she rush in her door again and search for her helmet. Finally she found her helmet in her room and rush out of her house, not bothering to lock the doors as she knew her brother was home. Running down the steps, knowing that when she reach the void deck, her boyfriend, whom she's been seeing for the past 6 years, will be very pissed with her coming down late AGAIN. Annabel just don't understand what's wrong with her, she has never been late for school or work in her entire life but she's always late when she's meeting Robbie. When she reaches the void deck, she saw Robbie eyes staring right at her; she shivered as she saw how angry his eyes are. "YOU ARE LATE AGAIN!! Damn Women!!" He shouted at her. Not daring to look at him, she look down, while trying to put on her helmet she whispered softly saying that she's sorry…

Robbie ignored her apology, puts on his helmet and get on his bike, as Annabel was about to swing her leg to the other side, he turn the throttle and almost make her fell down if she wasn't fast enough. "That was for making me wait, you stupid whore" He says when he wait for her to get her composure back.

Annabel did not understand why he has to keep calling her names, it the beginning their relationship was amazing, he always shower her with loving words and rarely was he angry with her. But in recent years, 3 years ago to be exact, he starts to change when he got a job as a managing director at an MNC company. She always question herself, where did she go wrong, was it she's too timid and submissive to her, or is it he no longer love her or maybe she just doesn't belong in the same category as him like she use to be. She told herself a million times that she should leave him, she has seen him with other girls and how much he had pamper them and talk to them like he used to talk to her, he is so near yet something in her keeps telling her this is not the Robbie she knew 6 years ago, she miss the old him, and the end, she always tell herself that one day he will realize and change into a better person.

When she realizes they are stopping, Annabel looks around her and realizes that they are at her favorite shopping mall. She gets down without being told and waited for him to park his bike. Then without any words spoken, he lead her to one of the well known design store and turn to her "I give you 1 hour, pick any dress, shoes, handbag and whatever you need for a formal dinner, pay it using my card. The dress has to be in beige, you look awful in other colors, and I am back to pick you up again..." Then without any indication he just walks off.

By the end of the 1 hour, Annabel has already paid for beige low cutoff shoulder dress with a nice sweetheart neck line, a lighter shade of beige for shoes and handbag to go together with the dress and was waiting for Robbie to arrive. They then got on the bike again and before she realized it, they are already at the lobby of a 5 star well known hotel, he leads the way to the highest floor, which is only for VIPs and went in the door. Annabel look around her in maze, don't get it wrong, she was not a virgin and she has went to countless hotel but never this neither grand nor big. "Get out of your clothes now!" He orders her. With need to ask twice she did what she was told. Robbie then literally drag her to the couch, bent her over, spit on her clit and thrust in her, she screamed in pain. He ignored her screamed and continues to keep thrusting in and out of her and finally he shoots his seed in her. She was in shock, he has never shot in her and he knew she never took any pills. Then he just walk off to the toilet and she just to numb and shock to move. He set down on the couch and he starts inspecting the items she had bought. "Nice choice, I want you to get dress, put on makeup. We're going to my engagement party" She says without looking at her face. Annabel was stunt, she knew he had promise to get engage with her this year but he never talk to her about any engagement, actually he doesn't tell her about anything anymore for the past 3 years, they rarely talk.

Annabel starts to feel butterfly in her stomach, "Finally he is keeping to his promise with me" Annabel says to herself in excitement as she gets dress and doll up for the event. She has always loved him from the first time they knew one another till today, even after all the shit he has done to her. She thank god profusely that the day has already came, she can't wait till everything is finally settle. When she was ready, he took one look at her and stands up. He gave her an envelope and specifically told her to open it after the party has ended. She took it from him and places it in her handbag. And as they were waiting for the lift, he said "Oh don't tell anyone about this, everyone thought it's just a normal dinner celebrating our anniversary".

Annabel realized that the event was held, as walk in the dining room, she was amazed by the décor and the number of people that have already reached there. Since both she and Robbie share a lot of mutual friends, she knows almost everyone in the room. Annabel saw Robbie's family and walk straight up to them, whereas Robbie went straight to the emcee and ask him to announce that he has something to announce to all of them. Annabel was joking around with Mrs. Lloyd when she heard Robbie voice announcing that he will be getting engage soon and that this dinner was his engagement dinner, as she turn and smile, she begin walking slowly towards the stage waiting for Robbie to call out her name when what she heard wasn't what she expected. "I'm going to ask my future fiancé to come up the stage, I know many of you will be dumbfounded but I hope you will respect my decision." Everyone on the room was confused by what he means; everyone knows that he has been with Annabel for a long time. "Jessie barker… Jessie darling come on up…" Annabel stop her foot almost instant when she heard another women's name on his lips, she felt like her world was crushing down and a sharp pain in her heart make her snap back to reality. "I will not give you shame even after you did this" Annabel says to herself and starts brace up, she realized that the whole room went quiet and everyone's eyes was on her. She smiles as she continues her way up the stage.


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