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You, Me and Our Fairytale

Novel By: nour
Young adult

Annie never really thought she'd have the perfect Boyfriend , she rejected all the ones shes got because they simply didn't seem right however she never stopped believein in fairytale romance and was determinded to find him and thats when she found Noah who changed her entire life....Through never ending drama Noah and Annie manage to keep their relationship strong and build it up everytime it falls apart...that was her (my :) ) own fairtale View table of contents...


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I've always been interested in fairytales, grew up reading princess stories and watching Cinderella movies. I always imagined myself with the one guy who'd sweep me off my feet to far away place where only both of us would be together. I though it was just a dream. My mom always told me to dream big but not huge and that's why I never thought it would really happen. Yet there's one thing I never really understood, and it was how much drama there was in fairytales. I mean how a step-mother could be that evil? or how a father could just simply take his poor little child out in the woods and leave her there? I never believed fairytale and TV show dramas exisited in real lifebut they were what made fairytales, fairytales.

"Annie come on it's not like you're going to stay single forever" Said Alley my best friend. "Plus he's really hot and he's asked you out like five times already….Please say yes."

"I don't care if he's hot. I don't want a hot guy. And I'm not saying yes to him just because he's quarterback. I don't like him why is that not clear to everyone?" I was starting to get annoyed about everyone trying to convince me to go out with Matt. I really didn't want to. He knew almost nothing about me. That fact that he liked me made no sense to me. He's dated six other girls and cheated on every single one of them. I don't like football, I don't understand how to play it and I have no idea why girls are so obsessed with football players.

I looked at Alley who was sitting on my bed a little but upset and said "Alley listen to me please you're my best friend and you've known me for as long as I can remember, just please understand me. I don't want Matt. He's not the guy I've been dreaming of ever since I was a 7-year-old. Remember when you asked me what I wanted? I told you I wanted a fairytale. I real life fairytale and memorable story and I'm not going to find that with Matt."

She smiled at me and leaned over to give me a hug. I was glad I had a friend whom I could always count on to be there for me.

"Let's go" she said grabbing her car keys.

"Where to?" I was so confused.

"Hey I just got my license I don't block my freedom". She said and we both laughed.

We drove for hours then finally stopped by the park we first me when we were children. I remember asking her if she wanted to play tag with us. She was a shy girl in a pink dress with two cute ponytails. I was a normal skinny girl always dresses in a t-shirt and jeans with my hair tied back in a long straight ponytail. To tell you the truth nothing's really changed. She's still that same two-year-old I saw 14 years ago and I'm still the same ordinary girl.

The sun made me squint. I didn't like wearing sun-glasses. They just bothered me. We lay down on the grass and started at the clouds point out shapes and arguing what they are.

"Look it's a heart" I said excited

"That does not look like a heart" she argued back.

"Does to me, don't ruin my happy moment" I replied giggling.

"It looks like a heart to me too." I heard from behind me. I recognized the voice and wanted to do anything but turn around and find Matt.

"Hey Matt" said Alley.

I didn't really say anything I just looked at the cloud wondering how they form into those shapes and if they do it on purpose.

I could hear them talking but I paid no attention to anything they said.

"I like you're shirt" He said.

That's when I finally turned around and said "Who me?"

"Yeah, it looks nice on you" He replied

"Thanks" I said wondering why on earth he's like my plain light blue t-shirt that had nothing on it.

"I think we should get going. I don't want my parents to worry. We left without telling them where we're going." I said breaking the silence that surrounded us after he'd complimented on my shirt.

"Do you need a ride?" His offer sounded ridiculous to me. Why would I need a ride? It's obvious I already came in one. How else would I come here?

"We're fine" I said.

Walking away I felt his hand on my shoulder .I really wanted to leave and not because of my parents. I didn't want to face Matt with my refusal to go out with him. I know that it really hurts a guy but he also knew that I was going to refuse.

"Matt, please" I said.

"Annie I just want to talk to you. It won't take long I promise." he said. I can't deny that he had the most amazing eyes when he said it. They sparkled perfectly in the sun light and they're hazel color just fit right with the color of his hair. But that still didn't move me. I mean he's cute and all but again I just don't like him and it wasn't because he was a bad person or anything he just wasn't my type.

"Ok" I said.

"Does that mean I can drive you home?'' he asked.

I looked at Alley who gave me no reaction and said "Yes you can."

We walked to the parking lot together and Alley got into her car after she told me she'd meet me at my house after she went to buy drinks. Matt opened his car door for me but that was something that didn't really grab my attention.

"Thanks" I said.

"No problem" he replied

"So you wanna turn off the radio and tell me what you wanted to say?" I asked

"Yeah" he said moving his hand to the radio button. "I know this sounds really creepy but I've liked you for quite a while and you think I know nothing about you but I've seen you doing a lot of really cool things that made me really attracted to you.You're nice to people, you pay attention in class, everyone I know has absolutely nothing against you and you're just that one girl who gets along with everyone all the time. Even me. I'm being a total creeper to you and you haven't rejected me painfully. I'm not going to tell you that I like you because that's really obvious but what I am going to tell you is that you're right. I'm just not the guy for you. I'm sorry I put you through this and I'm sorry you had to even think about it. You deserve a better guy, a guy who wouldn't cheat on you even if all his hormones are messed up." He said that last sentence giggling.

I was honestly surprised about what he said. I never really expected that from him. He seemed like he was being really open with me and that's why I was the same with him.

"Well that was surprising." I said laughing

He laughed back and said "yeah I practiced"

"Thanks" I said and I could see him looking at me. " I really appreciate that fact that you understand. You're a great person and I know a lot of girls who'd be heads over heels for you. But just because we aren't dating doesn't mean we can't be friends, right?"

"Right" he said smiling.

We finally got to my house and I invited him in. I wasn't surprised when he accepted my invitation. We went upstairs to my room. He looked around the room a little bit astonished.

"Wow" he said "You're room is really different then what I expected".

"That's what everyone says" I replied

He laughed and said "You've got all sorts of stuff here. Soccer posters, flowers, awkward looking magazines" "Wow you even have a guitar."

"Yup" I said

"Can you actually play that?" he asked

"Yeah" I said

"Well play something" he said.

I played the very first song I learned to play, just because it was the best one I knew. Its called Swan Lake. I learned it two years ago when I was 14. When I put down my guitar I saw him looking at me and just looked away. Maybe I was getting a little tiny bit shy. Ok fine I'll admit I was shy then. I don't usually play in front of people.

"Annie I'm here" said Alley from downstairs

"I'm in my room" I yelled.

"Oh you have a visitor" she said

"Yeah this is my friend Matt."

They laughed and introduced themselves like they didn't know each other.


It was 8'o clock already and my siblings had already come home from a birthday party at their friend's house.

"Aw I didn't know you had little siblings" Said Matt. "How old are you sweeties"

"I'm 8" said Alice "and my brother is 13. I don't think Andrew doesn't really like you now because you just treated him like he was younger than me."

We all laughed. My sister had an awkward sense of humor. My bother was on the other hand was very unsocial. He just didn't talk much and usually disliked all my friends, especially the guys.

When my parents got home we all had dinner. Alley was sleeping over so she didn't have to leave. It was about 9:30 when we went out to my backyard and I confessed to them something I'd been hiding.

"Hey guys" I said " Can I tell you something?"

"Sure" they both said.

"My family is moving." I said softly "Next month."


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