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Two Hearts Will Beat As One

Novel By: oLeonHearto
Young adult

Melody, one of the last of her kind, an elf, is put into a world of despair when something close to her is lost. Will she devote her life to a path of revenge? Or will she spend her time looking for answers? Maybe something else, you will just have to read and see. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 28, 2010    Reads: 73    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Chapter One
It's the perfect day; cloudless sky, cool breeze, crystal clear water at the perfect temperature, grass greener than I have ever seen it, and, to top it all off, I get to watch him. His perfectly toned body running circles around the other players. Dodging between them with the ball, his ash-coloured hair bouncing as he runs. His proud smile lighting up his face as he scores yet another goal. The very smile I fell in love with. The way his perfect teeth shine even when it's dark. The way his bright lips look like I could kiss them all day... but that will never happen. He is happily taken by the head cheerleader, Mary Castell. Sweet, innocent and pure; three words she definitely is not. One day, Chance Valence will be hers no longer.
Me? My name is Melody. Melody Sweet to be exact. I know, it sounds like a fairy's name or something, but I'm no fairy. I am an elf. A full forest-dwelling, magic-using, flying, healing, lovable elf. Of course, I don't actually live in a forest. I just feel safer in amongst the trees, hearing their calming whispers. Yep, I can talk to anything alive but one of the more finer things in life is flying. Our flying is limited to night though, so we don't get caught by humans. When we fly we leave a glowing trail, what most humans believe to be shooting stars. Most of the common human knowledge about elves is wrong. We don't have pointy ears and we don't all sing and play the flute, (though I do). One of the few things they got right, is our flowing language. Our very language is said to be able to control something just by uttering it's name.
But enough of the history lecture, lets talk about me. I am 16 years old-a senior at Gem Rose High. Yeah, I'm a senior. Being an elf sure has its advantages. Any book I read, or picture I see, I can instantly memorise, so studying is a breeze. The other way is that elves have a mystic power that makes it impossible for people not to like me. Perfect grades and being teachers pet = a very easy ticket to senior year.
Gem Rose High is the most expensive school in the state of California, so all the kids here are pretty loaded with cash. Most of the people are nice, (emphasis on the nice), but the nicest of all are my best friends, Amelia and Chance. Yep, that's right, the Chance from the start of my story. We have all been friends since elementary school and have never been separated since.
Amelia, one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen, and sweet too. She has the body of a model, but she doesn't think so. We keep telling her she is going to be either a world-class model or an A-list actress, but she just dismisses us and changes the subject. Just wait, it keeps getting better! On top of the looks and personality, she has a voice like nothing I have ever heard. She has the voice perfect for nearly any genre in music, but again she dismisses us when we tell her.
Then there's Chance- always been better looking and more mature than most his age, (something the three of us have in common), but I only started seeing him this way in my junior years at Gem Rose. He's the type of guy that doesn't let anyone touch his friends, or even look at them funny. No one messes with Chance Valence, or his friends. Being as athletic as he is, most people tend to misconstrue his intellectual ability. That is, until he skipped to the senior year with Amelia and I. Chance's dream job is a doctor/scientist. He wants to be the one to find a cure for cancer, and so far he is proving pretty worthy of doing it.
Between the two of them, they are the only people I have told about my secret. It's pretty cool to be able to practice my healing on real people, not just dummies and animals. All of a sudden I hear Amelia's laugh in my ear and I snap out of my thoughts and into reality to see Mary splashing in the lake.
"No one cheats on Chance Valence and gets away with it. Mary Castell, it's over," Chance says proudly, walking away from her and towards us.
"Nice move, it's about time," Amelia jokes as he comes towards us. Her laugh is so angelic.
"Yeah, she wasn't exactly my type anyway," he says and winks at me. Wait... He just winked at me,
why did he just wink at me?
"Well then WHY did you go out with her?!" I snap. Amelia and Chance are shocked.
"Amelia, we talked about this. She threatened me, blackmailed me," he says, looking hurt, "I thought you understood. Are you okay, Mel? This isn't very like you."
"Yeah, sorry I'm fine, I just..." I say, choking. I can't tell him.
"Yes..." he encourages.
I can't do this. "I... I..." I swallow my pride, "I love you," Amelia gasps and gives the look of "How didn't she tell me?", or maybe "How didn't I guess?"
"Mel," he takes his hand in mine, "I'm glad one of us has the guts to say it." There's that smile again.
"So, you mean..." I say a little confused. Amelia's eyes darting between us like she's watching a tennis match.
"Mel, I love you too," he says, moving his hands to my face, pulling my face closer to his. My head starts spinning, a thousand thoughts running through my mind. Then my mind goes blank, his lips pressed against mine, they fit perfectly against his. I've had kisses before, but they all meant nothing compared to this. His lips are so warm. I feel his hand move to the back of my head and pull me in tighter. Nothing matters in this moment but the two of us. Wait, where's Amelia? I open my eyes and out of the corner of my eye, I see her watching with a cute smile on her face. Relief flows through me and I push all my thoughts back toward him. I have never felt more alive, more happy. Right as I think that, he pulls away. I just stare at him.
"You have no idea how long I have been waiting for that moment," he says, with one arm around my waist.
"Oh, I think I do," I say, my arms wrapped around my neck.
"Well looks like that wait is finally over," he says happily, standing up and offering his hand to help me up. I take it and he pulls me up and signals Amelia to get up too, then places his hand on my waist again.
"Awww! You guys are soooo cute together. You guys are together now right?" Amelia says, jumping up along side us. Chance and I look at each other and laugh.
"Guess so," we say together. The three of us start laughing.
"You guys are just too cute," Amelia says through laughs, flashing her brilliant white teeth. I giggle and wrap my arms around him. He grins and sweeps me up into his arms. I scream and start squirming, kicking and hitting his chest. I eventually give up and settle into his arms, burying myself in his chest.
I start to look around. People are staring. We are going to be the 'hot goss' around here, well, us and poor, poor Mary. I put their stories to the back of my mid and stared up at my boy. 'My boy,' I like the way that sounds.
"My boy," I mutter into his chest, only loud enough for him to hear.
"What, ya gonna go shy about it now?" he says, with that smile again.
"No," I giggle, "MY BOY!" I scream as loud as I can, "Happy now?" I say giggling more.
"Much better," he says. I've never seen his eyes this bright before, or even his smile this bright.
"Where are you taking me?" I say, realising how far he's carried me. I look at Amelia.
"Hey, don't look at me," she says, still laughing. We both look at Chance.
"You'll see," he winks at me and my heart skips a beat.
"Awww, but I wanna know now. You know I hate surprises," I say, acting like a little kid.
"Well too bad," he says, trying to keep a straight face, "If I'm gonna be "your boy", you're gonna have to get used to all these surprises." He gives up on keeping a straight face. "and if you're gonna be acting like a kid, you're gonna be punished suitably" He finishes.
"Oh, and how's that?" I say, tilting my head.
"Like this," he grins. He stops walking and lays me down on the ground and pins me down by sitting on my waist and pressing my wrists to the ground with one of his hands, "Hope you're not ticklish," he grins.
"What?! No. Don't you dare. Chance Christopher Val-" I start to yell, interrupted by a scream, my scream. His free hand starts tickling the side of my ribs and sending me into a fit of tears and laughter. "STOP!" I manage through the laughter, "I give, I give." He lets me sit up and I look around, "This place is beautiful, where are we?"
"I thought you would like it, I did make it just for you after all," he says, blushing at the last few words.
"Awww babe. I love it, almost as much as I love you," I say, standing up and looking around.
Every single one of my favourite flowers is planted in small beds around topiary hedges of all my favourite things. There's a music note surrounded by lavenders, a book surrounded by honeysuckle and even an owl surrounded by a bed of daffodils. I take a deep breath through my nose, the smell is just as beautiful as it looks, all the flowers mixed together creating a relaxing aroma in itself. The small creek flowing through the garden adds to the effect with the light bubbling sound of the flowing water against the rocks. There's even a little koi pond at the end of one of the cobble stone paths.
I follow one of the paths into a small thicket. As I go further down the path I see a small wooden cottage with beautiful growth weaving through the even more beautiful craft-work. The cottage looks like it's perfect for a small couple. A love seat on the upstairs balcony overlooking the entire garden.
I hear light footsteps behind me and spin around to jump in his arms. "Babe, its beautiful, I lo- Oh Amelia, it's you. I could've sworn it was Chance," I say, a bit confused.
"Well it's not, he wandered off somewhere. Anyway, this place is amazing. He was talking to me and said this was just the front yard or something... don't know what he meant though," she says, dismissing the last bit and beginning to ramble on about how pretty everything is.
I walk off to find Chance with Amelia hot at my heels. I can't believe how beautiful this place is, even the wildlife here is beautiful. The singing birds in the trees, the fish sparkling as the sun hits the water, and it's all mine. No. Not mine. Ours. Ours forever, nothing will separate us.
I hear light footsteps on the grass; Chance. I race towards the sound. I fly around the corner. I freeze. Shocked.
"What is it? Why did you sto- Oh. Mel..." Amelia holds me from behind. The sight that lay before me; a horrible nightmare. A beautiful corpse, soaked in a bath of red. I sprint for him, tears streaming down my face. I kneel down beside him and wrap myself around him. His eyes flutter.
"Mel, I'm sorry. My pocket. Look," and with that, he took his last breath, and closed his eyes forever.
"No! Chance! You can't leave! You can't," I weep, tears pouring down my face, "We were gonna be forever... Forever" I lay down on his chest, feeling the absence of a heartbeat, the absence of his breath, the absence of life, and let the tears fall. "In my heart forever," I say, pressing my lips against his for one last time.


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