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He's Gone

Novel By: P3anut
Young adult

This is the sequel to He Wants To Die. Three years have passed since Cody died. Three years of relentless torture for Emmett. He still can't bear Cody being dead. He still gets bullied. Just like Cody used to. Everything changes when a certain ghost appears but they don't realize that what they've done has one major problem they didn't consider. View table of contents...


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Chapter One:

It's been three years since Darian killed Cody. It's been three years since the love of my life was murdered in my arms. It's been three years and people still think I killed him. People still call me sick for faking my death. I didn't do anything though. I didn't fake my death. I really did die and then somehow I came back.

Sam and Chad still try to cheer me up but it still fails. Audri has even become my friend now. It doesn't really help me though. I still miss Cody. I still miss his warmth. I still miss his lust-filled kiss.

I graduate next year. I never thought it would be just me though. I thought Cody would be with me in the caps and gowns. I always thought we would fill out college applications together. I always thought we would write the essays together. I always thought he'd ask me to prom if I didn't ask him.

"Emmett, what are you thinking about?" A serious tone filled Chad's voice. He knew the answer the second I looked back at him.

"This is getting bad. You're never going to go anywhere in life if you don't stop mourning him."
"I just always thought we would do it together."
"Well now you can't. You're alone if you don't let go of the past."

Then all three of them walked away. I've driven them out. I don't really care that I did. They never understood my pain anyways. They never will.

It startled me when I felt arms around my waist. I turned my head and saw Cody. He hadn't changed at all. His clothes hadn't changed. His appearance never changed. His smile didn't change either.

"How are you, Emmett?" His voice hadn't deepened either.

"Yeah. It's me. Only you can see me though."
"You're dead."
"Yeah. I'm a ghost. I'm haunting you."

People were looking at me funny. Then I realized I was the only person seeing Cody. I hadn't really paid attention to what Cody had said. I was too shocked that I could see Cody.

"How are you, Emmett?" He asked.

"Better now that I can talk to you again."
"How bad was it?"
"How bad was what?"
"My death."
"I was close to committing suicide just so I could die with you."
"Actually I attempted but failed. Chad stopped me."
"I don't want to hear that."
"I'm sorry."
"It's lovely hearing your voice though."
"You have no idea how wonderful I feel knowing you can talk to me."

I received a couple weird looks when I moaned from Cody nibbling on my neck. I realized I had been standing there the whole time too. I heard Cody whine a little bit when I started walking away. I couldn't stop laughing to myself. In fact, I darted to my friends.

"Sorry about that. Um. I'm being haunted by somebody now." They looked at me as if I was a complete lunatic when I said that.

"What?" Audri looked a bit worried.

"Cody is dead and a ghost. Cody is only visible to me right now and is currently biting my neck again. He's haunting me now." They looked even more concerned when I moaned again. Cody shoved his hand in my pants.

"Go into the bathroom and then walk out." Cody whispered under my ear. He sounded a bit strained and I realized I was A LOT taller than him now.

I then did as he said. Audri half-screamed, Chad became dumbfounded and Sam was just laughing. I guess Cody had made himself visible to them as well or something.

"You were serious when you said Cody is with you." Chad sounded really dazed.

"Remember right now, I am only visible to you four people. I'd rather not reveal myself to everybody in the world. I'm supposed to be dead." Cody warned.

"We could probably just color your hair a bit and change your clothes. Maybe add a freckle onto your face with makeup." Audri suggested.

"I don't feel like wearing makeup."
"Cody, I don't want to look deranged."
"Sorry Audri. I don't wear makeup. Do you have any idea how hard it is to do a ghost's makeup anyways?"
"I'll slap you Cody!"
"Come at me, bitch!"

An angry gleam flashed in Chad's eyes. You could tell that Chad was trying to not attack Cody. It would look so weird if Chad attacked air.

"Okay fine, Audri. I'll be your fucking makeup doll. I'll solidify and then you can do whatever the hell you want."


It was hours later and we all had gone shopping for Cody. He gave us the money and we paid for him. Turns out that ghosts are RICH! Mostly because they can easily rob banks and everything. Cody did not rob a bank. At least that's what he claims. Once we got to Audri's house, he solidified and everything.

Damn. He's changed. The bruises and old injuries on his abdomen went away to be replaced by some sexy abs. He's practically as defined as Chad. That's saying a lot.

"Whoa. Cody, what happened over the past three years?"
"Ghosts can work out and get healthy too!"
"Damn though. You're sexy as fuck, baby."
"Oh stop it, Emmett. You'll make me blush."

He started pressing into me and pushing me back into the wall. I was about to kiss him but I hear everybody else groan. We forgot we were with them.

"Cody, get over here. I'm not done with your freckles." Audri chirped.

Reluctantly, Cody walked back over to the stool he had been sitting on before. Audri was determined to change his appearance as much as she can so that nobody would recognize him with the exception of us. Cody explained that if he focuses enough, he can make it his actual appearance so that we wouldn't have to redo his makeup all the time. He would only be able to like keep freckles and that sort of thing though. He can't change eye color or his literal face shape. When Audri does the contouring crap, yeah he can make that permanent but he'd have to wear eye circles or colored contacts if he wanted different colored eyes.

When he made the makeup permanent, I barely knew it was him. He looks cute with freckles though. I've got to give him that. It was really just the freckles that changed about him though. Either way, nobody would really recognize him. I also didn't really recognize him because of the blue eye circle things. He's going to wear them with his glasses.

"I'm taking that sexy beast home!" I declared.

They all laughed while Cody snuggled into me. My smile vanished when I realized what a big problem would be.

"Who is he?" My question got their smiles to vanish as well.

"Um. He'll be my cousin from England and his name is somebody else figure that part out." Chad suggested.

"My middle name is William so let's just pretend that's my first name. My full name can be William Parkinson." Cody exclaimed in the cutest British accent I had ever heard.

"Alright. That works. And nice accent, Will." Cody blushed at Audri's compliment.

"So he's a newcomer in the country and who's parent is going to get him into the school system?" Sam brought up another good point.

Cody started squeezing his eyes shut. It was really weird. Maybe he's calling for some of his ghost friends. I don't know but I soon realized my guess was right when two complete strangers appeared in Audri's bedroom. They both looked about mid-thirties. They weren't too much taller than Cody. The man had light brown hair and light blue eyes while the woman had bright blonde hair with baby blue eyes as well. They both were as pale as Cody and had freckles just like him.

"They can pretend to be my parents." Cody said.

"That's what you need us for. Alright. What are we doing?" The man asked Cody.

"I'll need help getting into the school system. How do I get into a school system? With parents. Do you think you can do it? Chad is your nephew and I'm your son. We're from England and I will be attending the Youth Academy where my living friends along with my boyfriend go. Our last name is Parkinson." Cody explained to the new ghosts.

"Alright. This can't be too hard." The woman commented.

Let's hope it isn't too hard.


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