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Standing Out

Novel By: P3anut
Young adult

For once, Dakota's dad is leaving him in a home. After a life of exploring, secrets, moving, and self defense, Dakota has a lot of adjusting to do. He doesn't think he's cut out to be the new guy at a new high school. That is until he meets Elliot, who might just teach him that normal lives don't exist. View table of contents...


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Chapter One:


Ugh. I hate being the oddball new guy. Stares are coming towards me from every corner. It's weird. I'm not supposed to be the center of attention.

Suddenly a hand was on my shoulder. Instinctively, I yanked the hand's wrist and flipped my attacker over me. The big was stunned. He had dried pine needle brown hair and bright jade green eyes. After realizing what I did, I helped the boy to his feet.

"Sorry. I'm startled easily." I mumbled once he was back on his feet.

"I didn't mean to startle you. I thought you might want a friend." His voice was so soft.

"Thanks. It's fine. I will need somebody to show me around."
"Just hand me your schedule and follow me. I'm Elliot by the way. Your name is?"
"Dakota. Uh here."

He studied the schedule intently. Probably trying to see if he has any classes with me. In seconds, a disbelieving smile appeared on his light pink lips.

"We have every class together. Even electives. I wouldn't think you'd be into show choir though." He was definitely happy about that.

"Yay." Elliot's little smile vanished at how disinterested my voice sounded.

Then some guy grabbed Elliot and shoved him backwards. Elliot fell I to his back and looked kind of stuck like a turtle. I did my best to not laugh about my thoughts. The newcomer laughed though as Elliot struggled to get to his feet. Annoyed of seeing a turtle-like Elliot, I grabbed Elliot's wrist and pulled him to his feet.

The guy looked mad after I helped Elliot up again. That guy obviously thought I was some sort of wimp. I proved him wrong by catching his swinging fist before his fist was within a four-inch radius of making impact. He probably shouldn't have done that. I'm a little pissed now. I twisted the guy's arm and shoved him, sending him onto his face.

With my opponent running away in fear, I smiled triumphantly. Elliot was terrified. His jade green eyes were wide. It took me a second to realize that Elliot was scared of me. I almost wondered why. I guess it's weird to defend myself.

"Did I do something?"
"No. Not really. It's just...nobody stands up to Marcus like that."
"Really, Dakota. Nobody does."
"I will. I'll stand up to him."
"Really? Why?"
"He can't possibly cause enough damage to make me wish I was dead."
"You shouldn't underestimate people."

Elliot tried to end the conversation at that when he attempted to walk away. I grabbed his right bicep and whirled him around to face me. I could tell he was scared of Marcus. I could tell Marcus has caused Elliot too much pain. When Elliot used his free hand to wipe the left side of his face, I realized he was seconds away from crying.

"Let's go to the bathroom. Lead me to it." I whispered to him.

I released his arm and he grabbed my wrist, dragging me to the bathroom. We received a few weird glances. As soon as we were alone in the silent bathroom, I held Elliot close as he balled his eyes out. He cried into my chest. I didn't know what to do. I've never dealt with this kind of thing.

"What's wrong?" I think it's okay to ask.

"Just memories. Sad, sad memories."
"Has Marcus hurt you?"
"Yeah. A lot."
"What did he do?"
"He played me. Messed with my head before he smashed my heart. Stabbed me in the back. Abuses me. Beats me up all the time."
"Wait a second. He played you?"
"Last year, I had just came here. Marcus was the first student to talk to me. I liked him and he knew I did. He faked liking me. I fell for it and he kissed his real crush right in front of me when we were dating."
"Oh. I'm so sorry. There are some real assholes out there."
"I know that. Too well."
"Has that sort of thing happened before Marcus?"
"Yeah. Not the same thing. Similar. I liked this guy. Oh he did not like me back. Tried to kill me but shockingly, Marcus was the one who saved my life. I didn't know it was him until I met him last year."
"Wow. You face so much."
"I guess."
"Be careful with your heart."
"I try."

I held the crying Elliot tighter. I kind of liked how much shorter he was than me. He couldn't really rest his head on my shoulder. He was that much shorter. It was kind of adorable.

"I like hugging you." He whispered meekly.

"Really? I like hugging you too. It's cute how you're so short."
"You're not going to make fun of me, are you?"
"No, of course not."
"Good because I really like hugging you. You smell amazing."

He sniffled every little occasion but other than that, his crying had ceased. He seemed comforted by the light, carefree swaying. I could tell he wasn't too far from sleeping. He came back to Earth when someone entered the bathroom and saw us. We turned to find Marcus. His dark hair was combed similar to my dad's. It's kind of weird. His harsh brown eyes stared daggers at me. His liquid nitrogen cold gaze burned holes in my skin and clothes. At least I felt that way.

"W-what d-do you want, M-Marcus?" Elliot stammered, his body slowly beginning to tremble against me.

"Step aside, cunt. I need to get payback."
"Y-you're n-not hurting Dakota. N-not in m-my presence."
"Oh really? Are you going to take his beating?"
"Yes. You leave him alone but can beat me black and blue."
"Alright Elliot. I have a new found respect for you."
"Is that good, Marcus?"
"I think so."

Then Marcus grabbed Elliot by the backpack and slammed the small boy into the cement hard bathroom wall. Elliot almost fell onto his back again. Thankfully he caught himself. He managed to slip his black and baby blue striped backpack off before Marcus was throwing heavy hits.

I was struggling to figure out a convenient way to help Elliot. There was only one thing that could really help the poor kid. Before I could do anything though, Marcus slammed Elliot's head into the wall and threw Elliot's head into Marcus's own knee.

Then I grabbed Marcus's left shoulder with my left hand, whisking him around and landing a powerful right hook the same moment, taking him out instantly. I had let Marcus drop to the floor but caught the falling Elliot. I don't think Elliot cared if my hand was under his butt and almost between his thighs. I gently lowered Elliot to the ground.

"Elliot? Can you hear me?" My voice almost sounded like I was panicking.

"Yeah. I'm just dizzy. Are you okay?"
"I'm perfectly fine. Is there more than one of me?"
"No. Not anymore."
"That's good. Come on. Let's get you to the nurse."
"Do I have a nosebleed?"
"Oh yeah. It looks bad. Hang on to me."

Elliot lazily wrapped his thin arms and stubby-ish legs around me. I kept that hand underneath him and my left hand on his upper back so he didn't fall or anything like that. I practically ran to the nurse's station. I ignored all the surrounding students who were asking all sorts of stupid questions that can be saved for a better time.

"He needs help." I gasped as I half-fell through the door of the office.

It was then that Elliot's body started going limp. He was slipping now more than ever. I struggled to carry him over to the little bed. It was when I got him onto the bed that I realized the back of his head was bleeding.

I'm going to kill Marcus. I don't care if it's against school rules. I should be the one unconscious on the thin paper. I was supposed to be. I didn't do anything and now Elliot needs a hospital.

"He'll be okay." A woman said softly, her hand on my shoulder as I leaned over the bed, holding myself up with my hands on both sides of Elliot.

I'm going to trust her. I don't have any better ideas. It was all I could think of. I hope she's right because Elliot didn't deserve this.


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