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The Boy's Thoughts

Novel By: passiontowrite16
Young adult

There had to be a reason why I chose Saven Car, well he looks at my face and not my sexy clevage. He doesn't care for the labels like me and he's a huge fan of Asking Alexandra. He's lade back. And one more thing he never has any expression that remotes to an emotion on his face and that sparked my interest. That afternoon in homeroom I wanted to know everything about him that I could find and I didn't want it from anybody , but him. I wanted to know what made him tick, what made him happy, what he enjoyed. how far am I willing to take it to see to it that this damn boy smiles? Will there be ballons, crazy stalkers, talktive little sisters, and a lion tamer? Why are you busy reading about my problems?find the answers out on your own and just go read already. Educate the right to be awesome. View table of contents...


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There is such a thing called a big picture when someone else is taking the picture and your the one in the spotlight. Where all your flaws are framed on the walls of every artwork building, creating the essence of the dreams you meant to hide, but in the end leaving the scars behind.

That's not what Avery wanted to create, she wanted to show what the true essence of willpower and courage could bring into such small settings of the universe, she travelled around the world along with her mother as a semi- professional photographer taking lessons from the best.

Avery dreams controlled her future and she knew it too, when she entered Mary Evans Sweet Heavens, a school for the rich and prestigious. The scholarship she earned from the good things her mentors said about her to the Dean and Principal.

Unfortunately , her presence wasn't accepted when she first attended and not everyone was found of her recording everything they did and didn't do. They fought to keep her at the bottom where she belonged , but Avery always stood firm and ready.

Her father, Kenneth, an painter who had too many buildings open. Died when she was just thirteen, he was that man she dreamed she would marry, but never thought she was going to see. Avery stayed silent and never was without a camera in her hands, she wanted memories not tears.

From time to time, she would doodle as well, just funny cartoon characters she made up when she was only four. Pen or a digital camera, that's all she needs to stay happy and content. Her attitude towards life continued to flourish, while her attitude toward people began to dissolve like skin cells. People loved labels, they were like reminds for them; name tags even to tell who was who and what was what. They didn't care who you were they just cared that they could label you. Avery was labeled 'a lonely little horn dog, weird , average bitch'. No one said it, but she knew they were thinking it.

Avery stood at the corner of the room, looking out the window, looking down at the mother bird feeding her young. She sighed happily taking a snap of it. Right in the middle of class, she felt someone tap at her waist and she glanced behind her shifting her body to face the boy. Black invisible pupil eyes mirrored the illusion his expression held. He held a blank stare as he gazed up at her. Her soft creamy light colored skin matched the shade of the pencil he held firmly tapping it ever so often, humming silent tunes that she didn't notice. Her hot orange/red hair symbolized the freedom she had to express her own unique hippie style, she wished that someone would delude her funkshay of happiness. The boy held a calm dull expression as they looked at each other.

Several moments past until a noise that could only be described as a mammals mating call, strached to the surface as she jumped up and down excitedly almost hitting a student upside his head with her materialistic bag, dropping it to the ground beside her as she pushed her partner out her seat to sit down. Avery reached over and grabbed hold of Saven, the now weirded out boy's hands.

"I want you", Avery said breathing out her inhale of excitement. Avery barely paid attention to the majority of the students, but Saven Car was one of those guys who always had his earphones in his ears and watched the clouds go by. Hell the guy attract sex morning girls and he didn't even care. He wasn't hot, sexy, or fine. Chicks digged the bad boy image.

The most wondrous mystery about Saven Car was that he rarely smiled. He never smiles, point blank. This confused Avery , everyone, happy or sad always smile. That's human nature and they attend for humans to do that, but unfortunately Saven Car doesn't.

Saven raised an eyebrow still keeping that cool on, taking his hands back from Avery. His fade out hair combed unevenly the way he usually does it, which meant he didn't give two shits. His piercing in the middle of his nose, probably indicated that he got it around the time when World War 2 was telling everyone to fuck you Hitler. His deep shadowed eyes held a little diamond sparks in them or she was getting a little too excited.

The majority of the class was paying attention to the scene and the rest just wanted to get back to work, but Avery didn't care she had a project forming in her head for a long time and Saven Car seemed to be the perfect person for the job.

"Pardon? Do I know you?", Saven asked still watching her with that same goddamn bland expression, twisting his Asking Alexandra wristband, sighing slightly.

"How silly of me - she shook his hand quickly even though it wasn't offered - I am Avery Clementine I rain from the pool of adventure and I would like for you to be my new quest", Avery said batting her eyelashes , fixing her bonnet.

"That sounds unpleasant", Saven remarked quickly streching his head, still watching her. Finally, a boy who pays attention when a chick is talking to him and not at her boobs. Avery shook her head.

"Ah, but that is how you make the excitement into what looked to be unpleasant not so bad, Saven- she touched his hand again - I want to do an autobiography movie on you, you are a strange fella , but I sorta of am too and if I take things to far we don't have to do the movie anymore and you can move on with your life", Avery said lean in a little close.

Their eyes locked and Avery smiled further making Saven sigh more his expression not changing one bit. Damn, like a freaking mime.

Saven shrugged, moving his chair back, resting his head on the table. They would have been in big trouble, they have homeroom every early morning which meant they were off the hook. Unfortunately, this was going to be the latest topic in school everyday.

"Just don't get too bossy, I get enough of that from my little sister", Saven mumbled under his breath . Avery rose from her seat saying a chorus of mouthed yeses' fist pumping with both hands.

Stopped when people slowly turned away from her. They felt the need to voice their opinions to their friends, but never to her face and Avery wondered why they didn't have any honor? Hell not everyone is a man and has a penis.

"I would take a picture , but I'm afraid I don't want that to last long, now if you excuse me I have to convince a baby chick to kick some rabbit ass".


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