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Melody Graces is a novel worshiping teenager who lives with her Aunt Maggie, Uncle David, and her 9 year old annoying brother Sammy, in the small town of Winterfield.

Lately she starts her days in Winterfield High School along with her next door neighbor Anna, where she makes new friends, and encounters some good and weird teachers. Melody soon gets a crush on handsome soccer star Aron Trevor, but what stands in her way, is Winterfield High's irritating bully Christie Denver and her duo Linda and Stacy. In order to try and gain plans on trying to win Aron's heart over Christie, Melody spends her days in the bookstore, reading Romantic novels for 24 hours, until she gets the influence of writing her own romantic novel.

Melody writes about an uptight High School student named Cole Adams, who struggles through his high school life, to win the heart of the girl of his dreams, by lunging his fears, and propelling his rival in love. Eventually, Melody succeeds in completing her novel, and high hopes began to put her into a beatific feeling, that she will soon feel Aron taking her in his arms.

Melody's excitement puts her into a deep sleep, as she dreams of a night she spends with Cole Adams, where the feeling was mutually unavoidable; but then, her life suddenly turns upside down, as she is introduced to a world never heard of and never seen before, when she finds her own protagonist...sleeping next to her in bed. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 12, 2012    Reads: 183    Comments: 33    Likes: 6   

Hello, my name is Melody Graces, but please call me Melody, I don't like anyone calling me by my full name, I was teased a lot because of that name. Anyway, I'm sure you're all wondering who the hell I am right? *Giggles* Well I'm just as normal as all of you. A valid 17 year old teenager, with hopes and dreams, comes and goes to school, likes to eat junk food, sometimes healthy food, likes to chat forever on a BB; okay let's start over.

I'm a normal teenager just like you, my mom and dad were both business workers, until they got this new job at a far away place, I'd like to tell you where, but sadly I can't remember, this whole thing happened when I was like 8, so I never really heard what they were saying, nor have they even told me where they were going. They took me and my 3-month year old brother Sammy to stay with our Uncle David and Aunt Maggie, and we never saw them afterwards, but they still keep in touch with us through email and phone, so yeah, they're okay.

Later when I was 14, we moved to a small town nearby under the name of Winterfield, it was a tough experience for me to say goodbye to all the friends I made at both school and neighborhood, lucky for Sammy he never had friends, so he took it nicely. The town was soft and quiet in the morning, but at night it gets crazy, you name it, teenage gangs, late night outers, party smashers; honestly it's a jungle out there, I had trouble sleeping in the first two weeks, eventually I was able to get the hang of it, but barely.

Presently, like I said earlier, I'm a 17-year-old teenager, I live peacefully with my Aunt Maggie and Uncle David, and my now 9-year-old brother, who turned out to be quite annoying most of the time. My summer vacation was quite fun, we went to Sydney to spend a hot sunburn at the beach, and I even went surfing, it was so breath taking…of course I accidentally had my knee twisted from the waves, if it hadn't been for that kind life guard, I would've drowned, it was a hard twist, but I'm okay now.

The vacation ended like a breeze, it was sad but what can I say? Vacation never lasts when you want it so badly right? Here I am now, preparing myself for my first day at high school, buying copybooks and materials, books, stuff like that; I kept hearing from everyone in my neighborhood that high school is like a pain in the neck, and I can't usually keep up with something like that, studying is the very thing I hate in my life, unlike novels.

I worship novels, whenever I go near a library or a bookstore, I run like crazy and carry one book after another, and keep reading and reading, until I either get to buy the book I love the most, or I get kicked out by force. Well, that's all from me, I don't want to steal the picture out here or anything; my story begins at what comes next, it's an extraordinary fable you could find interesting if you're a novel lover or a writer yourself, I know, because I fell in love with it like forever. Nice to meet you, and I hope you come to loving my story as I have.


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