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His Eyes Said It All

Novel By: Poison Passion
Young adult

a novel i wrote a few years back when i was bored. it isnt the best, but it's okay. I don't wanna go into detail, so if you're interested enough, go ahead and read. the whole novel will be posted so enjoy!! View table of contents...


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"Ohmigod! There he is!" exclaimed my best friend Adriana. She's referring to the totally hot Carson. He's in our math and social studies class. I sit next to him in both but always end up making a fool out of myself. I laugh at pretty much anything so when my friend Krista and I start saying funny words, I can't control myself. I go red as a tomato and Adrianna says he looks at me as if I asked him to marry me. I get so embarrassed but I just can't help it. I'm really a smart person and always get and A even when my heart starts beating as if I just ran a marathon.

Adrianna and I have been friends since I wet my pants in second grade and she defended me while all the others laughed and teased. I didn't mean to but I got so nervous when the teacher called on me I just let go. That's when the geyser blew. But getting back on track. Despite sitting next to him in two classes, he doesn't notice me unless asking a question. Besides, even if he did, I wouldn't stand a chance. They all go for Adrianna; my last two boyfriends only dated me to get close to her. Of course she didn't date them; she's too good a friend. Anyways, I understand why they did though.

Adrianna has long blond hair that always looks gorgeous yet not like she tried too hard. Of course, to go with the long blond hair, she has the blue eyes and to add to that she is petite; five foot two to be exact. I, Kaily Cressidale, am the total opposite. I have raven black hair that is curly like Marcia Cross's and emerald green eyes. Just for the record, I am six foot one. How I got so tall I'll never know. I tower over both my parents and brother, Cole, who just graduated college.

Adrianna has had too many boyfriends to count from eighth grade to now-we're seniors. I've had a total of three boyfriends in my lifetime. Ricky, in ninth grade, Josh in eleventh grade, and T.J. in kindergarten. I don't think T.J. counts though considering we only lasted until around snack time.

Carson seems great. He gets good grades and still remains completely cool. He dresses normal too. Jeans and a plain white, black, or gray tee shirt. I dress nicely I guess, just not nice enough for him to notice. I wear jeans and an occasional skirt but not often. I complete my look with regular tee shirt. I always wear sneakers because they are so comfortable. My hair pretty much takes care of itself after it dries.

Krista just got here so Adrianna leaves to say hi, leaving me by myself with Carson coming down the hall. I stick my face inside my locker to avoid being embarrassed and he seems disappointed. I think it's because Adrianna left. Or maybe it's because Krista isn't over here yet.

Krista is like Adrianna but not blond and blue eyed. She has naturally brown skin that looks as if it was tanned-it's not!- along with chocolate brown eyes. She even has the perfect height, right between Adrianna and me standing at five foot six and a half.

I pull my head out of my locker cautiously and nearly topple over in surprise. Krista and Adrianna are standing there looking at me like my social life has ended. Though there isn't much to end. I have friends but I don't hang with them as much as I do with Krista and Adrianna. They scowl at me like I just suggested we strip down and go swimming in Alaskan rivers. Krista is the first to speak.

"What's the matter with you?! Carson was headed right for you. I can't believe you did that!" she says overdramatically.

"Yeah!" chimes in Adrianna. "Why do you think I left? You know I wouldn't do that unless… whoa! Assessment!" she cries out and we wheel around to see who she's talking about.

It was Ryan Hudson. He is also one of the few Hopkins High School seniors that look fine no matter what. Assessment is our inside joke. When one of us says assessment, it means to look at a guy's ass. I, being the dorkiest of us all, came up with that in seventh grade. We thought is was hilarious at the time and still do.

"Didn't you just say assessment to Kyle Jeffersin?" Krista questioned.

"So? There are many assessments to be made. I can't only take one. I have to study hard." Adrianna joked.

"Excuse me, but back to what we were talking about. I glimpsed at him while hiding in my locker after you so rudely ran away," I paused giving Adrianna a disapproving look that made her blush and continued, "and he looked disappointed that you ran away." I finished.

"Just wait till math and social studies, then you'll see," Krista said. "And don't worry, I'll make sure you make a bigger fool of yourself then usual," she teased.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," I mumbled and shut my locker to head to math.

Because we are halfway through senior year, our math teacher Miss Logan expects us to come in and do whatever is on the board no questions asked. If we do have questions we have to ask our partners, which doesn't usually happen with me. I guess today is filled with surprises because this time it did. I was working on writing down the quadratic equation when Carson leaned over to me and asked, "Have you sat here long?" I stared at him in disbelief not only because he talked to me but because he didn't remember.

"I've sat here since sophomore year," I said to him coldly before turning back to my work. I glanced over at Krista and saw her gaping at me. I shot her what must have been the scariest glare in the history of glares because she tore her attention back to her paper quicker than my brothers inhale a candy bar.

How rude! I can't believe the nerve he has. What a jerk!! I was thinking to myself. I obviously said the last sentence out loud because the next thing I knew, Krista's hand clamped down over my mouth and all my classmates were staring at me as if I talked back to Miss Logan, who happens to be the bitterest teacher at Hopkins. She hopped out of her seat and gave Krista and me the stare. It meant for Krista to get me out now and for me it meant I was in big trouble.

Krista nodded and led me out of the classroom. Once we were outside and safely out of earshot I collapsed onto a bench and let the tears flow. Krista left to get tissues from the bathroom and I felt someone slide into the seat next to me. It was my best guy friend Aiden. I rested my head on his shoulder and he stroked my cheek. Krista came back a few minutes later and looked shocked. I guess she had never seen Aiden and me so close.

"Well, I can see you're in good hands. I'm gonna go back to class to tell Miss Logan that you won't be back for math class. Bye Aiden," and with that, she left. We sat there a while longer before anyone said anything. By the time I stopped crying Aiden and I had moved so close together I was practically sitting on his lap. He was still stroking my face when he whispered in my ear, "What happened? It looked like you were embarrassed."

I love that he can read me so well. It took me a little while to catch up on what he was saying because I was still trying to figure out why his voice in my ear sent shivers of pleasure throughout my body.

He had never done that before. I told myself that it was because of how close we were sitting. Despite knowing I should get up or at least scoot over a little, I didn't. In fact, I think I scooted even closer. A new batch of tears was starting up again and I looked at him shaking my head.

"It's okay. You don't have to tell me. It'll be all right." His gentle voice was so reassuring it made me cry harder. I buried my head in his chest and cried softly.

A few moments later, I was sitting in Aiden's lap with my arms around his neck, crying into his shoulder. When I moved into his lap he seemed kind of surprised at first but let me stay there because of the state I was in. Miss Logan excused him from his class since Krista told her he was calming me down.

So much for being calm. My whole body was on alert because my arms were around his neck and my head resting lightly on his chest. To top it all off, his hands were softly caressing my waist and his head resting on mine; his breath was moving my hair and it felt so good I snuggled into him. Right while we were moving closer, the bell rang making both of us jump. Our friends- Adrianna, Krista, Kyle, and Blake- were walking out of their classroom, but stopped dead in their tracks when they saw us. We sprung away from each other but it was too late. The school gossip Julia Jenkins spotted us and had raced off to the jock section. Being the ditzy head cheerleader looked like it had its perks.

She got news to travel a lot quicker, partly from using her clone, Melissa McDaniels, and when people heard it was from her, it was instantly believed. So that meant by lunch in two hours, we would be considered a couple. Aiden leaned down and whispered in my ear, "Looks like we'll be a couple soon." Just before he walked away.

I laughed to myself, then, realizing what he had said, immediately stopped. I couldn't figure out if he meant gossip-wise or real-relationship-wise. I'm not sure which I wanted. I got a hold of myself and told myself that of course I didn't want any relationship with Aiden besides a friendship. I headed for my friends, who by now had narrowed down to Adrianna and Krista. They still looked somewhat bewildered, but changed their expressions as soon as I reached them.

"Wow!" Krista burst out. "I knew you two have been friends since forever, but I didn't know it was like that!"

"Yeah, when did that happen and where was I?" Adrianna said suspiciously.

"Nothing happened," I told them. "I came out with Krista and Aiden was here so she left and Aiden was my shoulder to cry on." I didn't want them bugging me over nothing. And if it was something, I really didn't want them bugging me about it.

"I don't know…" Adrianna said coyly. "You two looked mighty cozy together. I mean, come on! Kaily, you were in his fricken' lap and were hugging each other like there was no tomorrow, what do you expect us to think?" she was getting kind of angry now. I took a deep breath and then said, "Look, it's over with. Let's just get to English so my day will be over quicker. They agreed and I couldn't have been more relieved.


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