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Past Lives & Secrets

Novel By: PrettyPolkaDots
Young adult

**COMPLETED** Helena was seemingly abandoned by her parents when she was just six years old. At seventeen, she finally feels like her life is how it should be. She lives in a foster house with Marilyn, who is the closest thing she could want to a mother. She has the perfect boyfriend, Will and is completely content in her own little world.

Out of no where, the Mysterious Cooper Luntzton shows up and starts saying confusing things.

From then on, nothing is the same.
She moves out of her foster house, changes schools and boyfriends and discovers what really happened to her parents...
She learns new things about her past life and plenty of new secrets... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 6, 2009    Reads: 1,989    Comments: 6    Likes: 6   

Past Lives & Secrets
Past Lives & Secrets

"Quick, Quick, Mum made Pancakes Helena" Sarah shook me awake
"Urgh" I grunted pushing myself up before letting myself drop back onto the bed
"Steve is already up" she warned me, tugging on my arm, dragging me halfway out of bed.

Her warning finally sunk into me.

Steve plus pancakes equal none for anyone else.

"Alright! I'm up." I yelled as I pushed myself up once again and crawled off the bed. I gliminced a look in the mirror as I passed, my dark brown hair stuck up every, which way and my usual side fringe stood straight up. I grimaced as I combed my fingers through my hair, which was still sticky from all the hairspray Sarah had put in my hair during makeovers last night.
I padded down to the kitchen in just my pyjamas, no time for decent when Steve was near the pancakes. I heard Tommy giggling as I entered the room, Nate was pulling faces at him. I slumped into my seat opposite the twins and I mumbled out a 'good morning'.
Sarah sat next to me; Steve was at the head of the table, inhaling the pancakes.
I lent over to Sarah.
"How long do you reckon 'till he chokes on one?" I whispered, she looked over at him as he took an entire pancake in his mouth, she giggled and turned back,
"Give him about three minutes" she whispered back, we both grabbed some and I sat back and picked at mine while watching Steve, waiting.

As if on cue, about four minutes later his face went bright red as his eyes went impossibly wide. He grunted out a cough and a piece of the former pancake went flying across the room and landed against the wall before sliding down, leaving a trail of maple syrup and spit.
Tommy and Nate looked at Steve with curiosity, as Sarah and I doubled over laughing.
"You know you're meant to chew your food right?" I asked him, before another fit of giggles.

He gave me a wide, messy grin, before going back to eating.
The kid was a machine;
I never understood how Steve was so skinny.
He was about six foot two, Sixteen and had black-brown hair and pale skin, he was an absolute rake.
When he lifted up his shirt, you could almost see every individual rib, and yet he ate
like a hippo.

I didn't get it.

I looked over at the twins, Nate & Tommy, they were comparing each others half
chewed food. They looked exactly the same, except Nate was dirty blonde and Tommy
had gorgeous chestnut hair, they had the exact same piercing blue eyes, button noses
and slight olive skin that made them look like they belonged on the beech and both had
the same cheeky grin.

They were defiantly going to be heartbreakers when they grew up, but seeing as they were eight, they still had a while.

"Steven, leave some for the others. Tommy, Nate swallow your food and stop showing each other. Sarah what have I told you about reading at the tale, and you Helena"
Marilyn looked at me
"Would you please eat something, you're all skin and bones" she told me while piling pancakes on my plate.For all intents and purposes Marilyn was my mother, foster mother to be exact.
She was a rather large woman with fierce red hair.
Her parents lived in Ireland, where she was originally from. I had lived with her since I was nine years old and grown to love her like a mother or, at the very least, a favorite aunty. Sarah was her biological daughter and had been born under unusual circumstances. Apparently when she was sixteen, Marilyn had met this boy, Travis and they started dating. About a year and half later, she fell pregnant to him, he bolted when he found out and her parents kicked her out.
She decided to start anew in Australia soon after and when she was about seven - eight months pregnant, she bought her plane ticket and boarded.

About seven hours into the flight, Labor had started.
By some stroke of fate, there happened to be two doctors on the flight so Sarah was born just before touch down meaning she was unofficially Australian and unofficially Irish.

Sarah was two years younger then me, Fifteen, meaning she followed me incessantly around whenever I did anything. It stopped being cute after a while and was just plain annoying, but now I was that used it, she was more or less my shadow.

If my shadow had flaming red hair that is.

Marilyn swore off men and instead surrounded herself with children. Taking in kids from troubled pasts, or kids whose parents had been killed or, like me for instance, if you're parents just disappeared all together.
When I was six my parents went to work one day and never returned. The neighbours found me on the doorstep, crying and rang the police.

I was soon sent to live in my first foster home.

A young couple name Dave and Kimmy and they had more interest in the monthly check then actually feeding or bathing me. They put up a good show for the child service women but about a year after being put with them, a surprise visit from child services had me being put into the first of two group homes.
I liked the place but one day they just up and moved me to Marilyn's,
I have stayed here for the last nine years.


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