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chloe forgotten goddess

Novel By: princess onika auguste
Young adult

this is about a young goddess life. this is sort of a remake of the fairytale sleepng beauty. well sort of View table of contents...


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chapter one

a very long time ago in the age of gods, goddess, fairies, goblins, unicorns, and mystical things, there was once a forgotten goddess name chole. chole was put to sleep by an evil god and was buried in an enchanted forest in a crystal and diamond coffin guared by a dragon and three socerierress in the day and a vampire in the night

chloe was a goddessed of mixed heritage her mother was the celtic goddes s Bridget -the Goddess of fertility, feminine creativity, martial arts and healing and Ngai theHigh God, Creator and Giver of All Things an east african god.. chloe looked like her father and had his dark complexion and she had her mother's intelligence and creativity. chole was the goddess of music, war, healing, love, poetry, law and of the forests.

the god who put her to sleep for all eternity was the egyptian god seth god of chaoes. seth wanted chloe as his wife and queen but she shunned his affections. she was warned by her parents and the other gods of the world

seth so angry with her that he made a poision that could kill an immortal so she could die but mystic a celtic sorcerrcess tricked seth into making a sleeping potion.

in the forests of eire before her sleep

a river fairy agua comes across chole

" good day my goddess, how are you today?

i'm find agua i trying to hide from that aweful eygyptian god seth, he's dreadful

why don't you talk to your father mistress. said the fairy

i don't want daddy to be bothered besides i can handle seth.

well all right goddesss but let me show my river

agua i have seen your river many times

but no my goddess it has new fish, they are beautiful

when chloe looks at the river she sees strange and color ful fish.

they are beautiful agua she tells the fairy and then all sudden a dark cloud appears and it's seth god of evil and chaos.

seth was very black, tall and he's eyes were the darkiest brown ever that it really made him ulgy

chloe my dear i love you, come back to egypt with me

no seth i will not be part of your darkness and evil

i love you chloe

but i don't love you seth

great god seth my mistress does not want to go to egypt said the water fairy

seth became upsetwith the fairy you useless creature of this earth and he turns her into and ant and kills her

chloe so horrify decides to escape but seth catches up with her

i'm not marrying you seth especially after you kill agua

ok then my love i'm sorry he said

you are

yes i'm to show i'm sorry he makes the cup with poision now sleeping portion appear. drink this

and chloe drinks and falls

and seth laughs evily and wickly and disapears then mystic the socress shows and places her in a coffin and enchants the forest. mystic and two other soceriess winter and sky with the help of the vampire vlad guards the goddess until the day she wakes


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