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Soundtrack of a Teenager's Story

Novel By: princesspunkxx
Young adult

Hey, my name is Haley Lilith Norden. To some, highschool could be a breeze and to some it can be a big stubborn boulder. For me, highschool was going great at first, all my dreams coming true. Then, believe it or not, I hit the road of fame and soon after that, my life came crashing down. I started losing everyone I loved and unfortunate events started occuring. I was desperate for an escape. One thing for sure, I know it will take much more than hope... View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 19, 2007    Reads: 594    Comments: 11    Likes: 4   

Track 01

The sunset was beautiful as the light summer�breeze blew past us. A mixture of red, purple, pink, and orange colors filled the sky. Only half of the sun was already sinking into the horizon. I turned and looked into Seth's eyes. It was magical, the way his eyes were same color as the sparkling, clear blue ocean. He gently caressed my face, sending shivers down my spine. I smiled, and his face started leaning closer and closer to mine. We were about to kiss when he whispered "Run away with me," into my ear. Before I could answer, he started breathing into my ear softly, which made me feel like I was going to melt. AAAHH! I screamed in my head. "Seth I'd run away with you even if-"


��������Aw man, I was dreaming about Seth again. I swung my arm around and�slammed the snooze button on my alarm clock. I moaned angrily and sat up in bed. Stupid alarm clock, I hated the way it always interrupted my dreams and fantasies about Seth. And I wished I didn't have to wake up to a �Monday morning�so I could've at least gotten more sleep. Hey, since it was a�Monday, that meant I�would see Seth!

������� If you hadn't guessed already, yes, I was practically�in love with this guy named Seth from school. He wasn't popular or a major ladies man or anything like that. He was just a normal guy with friends and a really, really hot body with a really, really cute face. Not only that, Seth is a rocker and plays guitar. Wait, before you jump to conclusions, he's not one of those emo or goth people. No eyeliner, no black nail polish, no slits, no tight, tight jeans, no ear spacers or anything like that. But he still has the long, straightened hair thing going on which made me drool.

������ I brushed my teeth and walked over to my closet. What should I wear today?�I asked myself.�Last weekend, I was supposed to go to the mall with Mary-Ann but as usual, my plans�were ruined because of my parents. Mary-Ann Fletcher is one of my closest and best friends, practically my sister. We've known each other since 2nd grade and now in high school and we still�fit together like�peanut butter and jelly. We make up lots of inside jokes, nicknames, even secret languages! I know we sound like babies, but no one understood me like Mary-Ann did. Everyone calls her Anna, but believe me, I have about 100 pet names that I call her. Her shoulder length, straight dark red hair and dark green matched so beautifully, it always made me jealous.

�������Well, our plans were ruined since my mom and dad had to go to a dinner party. Anna and I had to babysit my sister Jenny, even though she was 11 years old.�It was kind of fun though because since we figured it would be a boring night, we made popcorn and watched an entire season of 'That 70s Show', laughing our heads off. No surprise, Anna was drooling over Ashton Kutcher, which made me want to gag.

�������� I grabbed my black jeans and pulled on a Green Day t-shirt. What, couldn't I look a little rocker-ish for my lover-to-be? I dug under a pile of clothes and found the blackbelt with triangular studs that�I borrowed from Rylan.�A perfect way to finish off my outfit. By the way, Rylan Bambrick�is my�other best friend that I've known since we were babies, literally. �He lives next door from my house, and our�families are very close. Rylan too is like a brother to me and we always have each other's back. He has long, shaggy light brown hair, almost blonde, with pair of mystical grey eyes. He's a tall guy, about 6 feet.

Yes,�Anna, Ry-Ry, and I�are�the best of friends�and remained that way.�

������� I brushed my hair my into a plain old pony tail. I would have�flat-ironed my hair and�taken the time to make it�look presentable, but what is a girl supposed to do when her hair has the texture of a tumble weed? Wake up 4 in the morning to straighten it? I'd rather sleep, thank you very much. I grabbed a package of pop tarts and headed out the door.

������� I walked over to Rylan's front lawn and saw him�sitting in�his car,�warming it up for the ride to school. Ever since he got his license, he always drove me to school, since we went to the same school anyway. I knew how to drive too, but my parents would never buy me a car and Rylan was the one who offered the favor, causing me to accept with pity.�I walked straight to his black Honda Accord, opened the door and sat down in the front passanger seat.

������� "Good morning, hot fudge brownie," Rylan said jokingly. He sometimes called me that because I have dark brown hair. "Good morning honey flavored shit,"I said smiling.

�������� "Thanks," he said sarcastically�as he backed up the car out of the drive way. I'm so�thankful�Rylan and Anna take my jokes as a joke, for the reason that it bugged me when people took my jokes offensively.

���������� "Should I bother remind you that our social studies report was due today?" he asked. Oh no, shit! I always forgot when�assignments were due�for school. He�probably knew I forgot. "Crap! And you sooo did that on purpose!" I said to him. "What?" he asked, pretending not to know what I was talking about. "You knew I would forget so you didn't remind me?" I explained, accusingly but not harshly. He giggled.

��������� "Why would I do something like that, Haley?" He asked sarcastically and smiling. "Cause�you're a butthead," I said, punching him lightly at his shoulder. He turned on music, and we sang like little kindergarten kids the whole way to school.


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