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The Diaries of a Dreamer(pilot)

Novel By: RaisinGirl
Young adult

Portia Lovewell is a young aspiring musician in a band called Razor Burn, with quite a background, and many, many talents...she lives in London....here is her story of her rise to fame....written in journal like form....
(this is just an experiment-don't know if I will continue writing) View table of contents...



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Chapter 1: Welcome to the World of Portia Lovewell

Hello, all, my name is Portia Lovewell. I am half-spanish and half-english, andI just turned 19 years old last week, and I have only been living on my own for about a year. Well ever since I turned 18. I reside inSouth London, England, and I share a loft with four other people, who have been like family to me. They are my best friends, as well as my bandmates. There is Sara Bella, who is 18 years, and Janis; she is 21, also Jeremy Ian, who just turned 20, as well as Marcus, who is also 19 years old. We formed a band about 7 months ago, and we go by the name RazorBurn...I know, it sounds a little edgy, but we are not a metal band at all. I guess you could say we play progressive alternative/industrial Rock music.

I am going to back up just a bit, and tell you all about myself. Growing up was not easy, I can tell you that much. My parents died in a terrible plane crash when I was only three years old. They had decided to take a second honeymoon trip to Cancun, Mexico in late July of 1992, and they left me within the care of my aunt Sheila, who was 42 years old at the time. Unfortunately, Sheila, after she took me under her wing, as my legal guardian, after my parents' terrible fate, also died two years later of a brain aneurism. So, I was forced to grow up in several foster homes throughout my young life, because besides Sheila, I had not one other family member who could be located within all of Great Britain. I was an only child anyway, and finding family was just not going to happen, so the easy thing to do was to throw me into one home to the next. The first family I moved in with, at the age of five, was very wealthy. They already had three children, and one day about a year later, they just decided to get rid of me. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but it was a false positive, and a lie. They probably just paid one of the psychiatrists to diagnose me so they would have a reason to send me away. So I spent some time in a treatment facility, and obviously showed no signs of danger to myself or others, so I was moved on to another family. They were very young-newlyweds with no children, and they just adored me...I was treated like their little princess. I developed a complex for a while, and I would go around wearing a tiara, myfavourite colour was pink with purple, and I was spoiled rotten. Then one day my foster father walked in on his wife cheating on him with her lover, and the fuse was lit. They divorced, and so I was back in the orphanage, for a short while, once again, up for adoption. I had my charm, and I knew how to turn on the charm when it was needed. A happy middle-aged couple came in one day, at this time I was seven years old, and they fell in love with me right away. So they adopted me, and I was taken to a beautiful mansion where I spent the rest of my preteen and teen years growing up. I taught myself to play the guitar and the piano, since I was home-schooled, and I had a passion for music and arts. I spent most of my time sitting outside in the garden by the fountain pond, playing my guitar and writing poetry, which became lyrics. I discovered that I could actually sing really well too...my voice graced me with it's appearance one autumn afternoon, while sitting by the fountain, when I was about thirteen. I have been singing ever since. At the age of 15, I decided to learn to play the cello....another hidden talent that presented itself as well. As for my foster parents, Dave and Candice, who were now in their late fifties, to me they were the best parents in the world. Finally, some peace and happiness and security. They were really good people. Dave was a stockbroker, and Candice was a clothing designer. She taught me how to make my own clothes. I preferred to look for vintage and bohemian pieces though downtown. Even though I was given a generous allowance, I didn't like to blow it all away. Instead I started putting it away in savings in my secret box I kept hiddn beneath my bed...it accumulated quite a bit by the time I turned 18. And now, that I had turned 18, it was time for me to move out on my own. Dave and Candice didn't force me out and they told me I could still live with them, unless I wanted to move out. I decided I wanted to get out and move to the city and see what talents I could put to use.

So back to the here and now. I immediately answered an add in a cafe, as I was walking the streets of South London, and that's when I met Sara Bella...we connected right away. She was looking for onemore roomate, and was delighted when I told her I played music and sang. She hugged me, andwelcomed me into "the family", practically dragging me up to the apartment/loft just up the street. That's when I met Jeremy Ian, Marcus, and Janis. Janis was a drummer, Jeremy Ian played rhythm guitar, and Marcus was a bass player. Sara Bella was a singer, and played a bit of the tambourine. They were looking for someone else to front, and another guitarist. WhenI was introduced to the others, they were thrilled when I told them I played guitar, the cello, the piano, and my voice rocked them. I moved into the loft right away.

Janis complimented me on my hair, which was at the time short, shagged, and platinum blond. But Janis was also a hairstylist professional, so she insisted on adding some streaks of color to my hair. When she was done with me, I now had copper/caramel highlights throughout my hair, and everyone really thought that it looked awesome. Sara Bella andI practiced our vocal skills together, and she said she would rather be a background vocalist than front, so I wasput into that place. Our first night all together, we jammed out like there was no tomorrow, and we knew this was going to work!


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