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The Janeson Feud

Novel By: Raquelita15
Young adult

Two sisters, one older and one younger. Sixteen year old, Ana-Malay and Eighteen year old, Valentina Janeson. Have been dealing with a hatred for one another from the time they both started creating social lifes. All Ana-Malay seems to do is torture and misuses the trust that Valentina once gave to her. Will this sister feud turn into a court case and a bloody battle? Or will they come and ease with one another and find the peace that they once had. View table of contents...



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My younger sixteen year old sister Ana-Malay always gets every single guy she walks by. It could be her beauty; she has the long blonde hair, big sized breasts, and the thick thighs and on top of that she also wears those short little bar dresses, not to mention those big stilettos. She gets all the good grades and has that high self esteem, that popular girl like attitude that always made her seem like she knew it all and had it all, and I…

I get absolutely nothing. I have absolutely nothing. I have that brown hair that everyone has; I don't have that super model figure, and the whole study and get perfect grades thing, is so not me. She is always getting what is rightfully mine; she even stole my father's attention once she started developing those large breasts of hers. More importantly to me, she has the boy I have always wanted; Anthony Drulido, he is the very boy I have been crushing on for years. It took me months to build up the confidence to talk to him, with the help of my sister of course.

He even liked me, or so he said…but one small little chat from my sister while I was gone on a trip with my small group of friends, and she had him snatched right away from me and into her hands. He hasn't even smiled at me since let alone text me back; he is too tied up in my little sister. I plan to get him back, how, I do not know yet. But trust me I will, even if it's the last thing I do. He liked me first, and so I gained first grabs she had no right to steal him from me like that especially since she knew how much I liked him. She is younger than me for heaven sakes. Let's just say, she isn't my favorite person.


I lay here on my bed, the silky dark purple sheets that smelled like the vanilla scented fabric softener, the new fluffy black pillows I got yesterday from our auntie Beth, the light shined through the window which caused my crystal ornament to light up my room with rainbow like shines. I just liked staying here for awhile, I didn't really feel like going down and eating breakfast and I certainly didn't feel like going to school today. I just twirled my long brown hair, and wished for a different life.

"Hey sister, get up." Ana-Malay rudely said to me as she swung my door wide open, making it hit against the wall. If she made a dent in it, I would be pissed. She had this look upon her face like she knew she was torturing me, she loved it too.

"Get out." I scowled as I rolled my eyes.

She laughed, "Make me twarp."

I quickly rose up from my bed, and gave her an evil stare, "why are you so mean to me you brat?"

"Isn't it obvious?" she chuckled, as she slid her hands slowly down her black tight knee length dress in a seductive like manner "You're just my sister. I don't have to be nice to you anymore. Now that I know how to take care of myself, and parents love me. You're just as useless as an old baby toy stuffed up in the garage." She laughed.

"You know when you're really going to be useless?" I growled

She gave me a look, "I'm waiting."

"When you're dead inside your grave and nobody will come visit you." I was beyond mad, furious actually. Way to start off my day.

"No Valentina, that is what your grave is going to be like…cold, and dark. Only nerdy boys will actually come and visit your dead rotting body, as it sits in the bottom of this cold dark earth." She giggled, and then made a serious face, "now get up. We're leaving in an hour to go to school." And then she walked away from my room, not even bothering to close the door that she had opened to begin with.

I don't see how she can be well liked; she is the devil in that poor little girl's body. I was living the life of the movie Mean Girls. I had no intention of Ana coming into my room again, so I fought off my temper tantrum that I felt running through my veins, it was a fiery passion like feeling to punch her in the face.


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