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Unthinkable Love

Novel By: Raquelita15
Young adult

Two teenagers from two totally seperate areas of the social world come binded together through a small school project. Little do these teens know that they are about to go through the unexpected feeling of love. Soon come struggles of survival for both teenagers. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 31, 2011    Reads: 47    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   


As I walked to my first class "Biology" everyone gawked at me. I was different from all of them, they wore ripped up blue jeans, plain shirts and Vans shoes while I wore tight black skinny jeans, converse, band shirts and pocket chains. They were talking crap about me, I didn't want to hear about it so I plugged my earphones in and blastedBlack Veil Bridesand placed my black hood on my head, I stared at the ground. I finally reached the class door. Here it goes I thought to myself, and I pushed myself in there. Everyone's face turned into disgust and shock except for one girl. She seemed to be very curious about me. I headed to an empty seat in the front of the class and I felt her soft blue eyes on my back as I walked. Once I sat down I looked back at her, she smiled at me her smile was so damn perfect I felt my heart stop. When was I ever going to be that happy ever again? I thought to myself, I had to force myself to look away from her which was very hard to do. But the part that I hated was that looking into her faceā€¦.I realized I was happy for that minute and I haven't been happy in three years. So I decided to look at her one more time, but she was no longer looking at me, she was listening in to her friends conversation with no expression upon her face, but her friends weren't paying any attention to her which seemed to crush me. The teacher came in and everyone shut their mouths.

" Good Morning everyone, today we will----Wait Christopher please take that hood off your head and take those earphones out of your ears" the teach instructed me.

I quickly did what he said to do so that way the attention would be off of me and put on someone else.

'Thank you." The teacher said to me "Now, Deborah? Would you be honored to come up here and read us your Biology research essay?"

"Sure!" she flipped her hair like she thought she was some freaking goddess or something, I could tell that diva loved getting her attention when she rose up from her chair, she made her body move like she wanted to be a supermodel.

"I did my research on "The everlasting Quantum wave" she informed us all

"Okay? Go on." The teacher said. As the diva spoke I took another look over at her friend, she was looking at the ground and it looked like she was deep in thought, I'd give my whole life to make her think of me, but she probably wasn't thinking of me I'm already known as the "Loner" anyway and because she looks to be one of the popular people, she was way out of my league. When I looked back up to Miss. Diva she was done talking.

"Cassandra Please read your research up here."The teacher told someone, Cassandra? I looked around and realized it was the angel I've been staring at, she rolled her eyes and got up, as she walked to the front of the class her black long curly hair moved side to side and as she passed I noticed her shoes. They were Converse like mine. I felt so lucky even though a million other people probably have the same ones.


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