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Unthinkable Love

Novel By: Raquelita15
Young adult

Two teenagers from two totally seperate areas of the social world come binded together through a small school project. Little do these teens know that they are about to go through the unexpected feeling of love. Soon come struggles of survival for both teenagers. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 31, 2011    Reads: 43    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   


Great! This is complete torture! Not only do I have to say it to all the class, everyone is staring at me especially the new kid.

"I'm going to do it on the dangers of infections through physical relationships." I informed

"Why on that? You don't even have a boyfriend C" one of my classmates blurted out

"I can do it on whatever the hell I want." I told my classmate and I continued with my research speech. After I got finished everyone clapped.

"That was nicely delivered Cassandra" the teacher smiled6

"Thanks Mr. Dawson" I said shyly as I walked back towards my seat. Class got out shortly after my part.

"Oh my god you totally rocked up there!" Jessie squealed

"No I didn't, I was a complete screwball" I blushed

"Well the new kid, Christopher I think his name is, seemed to enjoy it" Deborah laughed10

"What?' I chuckled

"Oh come on. Don't tell me you didn't notice the way he kept on staring at you." Deborah said

"Uh no, I didn't realize" I lied

"I wouldn't suggest you like him though." Deborah informed me

"Why? What if I wanted to?" I asked just to see what she would say

"Cassandra just look at him, I mean he is wearing nail polish, black nail polish plus eyeliner. It's like G.A.Y. visited him or whatever" she continued

"Don't judge people by the cover Deborah remember what you thought about Jason? You first judge him as an evil harsh person." I reminded her

"Well Jason looked part normal, but this guy he just doesn't. He looks depressed and painfully shy. The only thing hot about him is his dark blue eyes." Deborah said

"You guys I'd love to sit and chat, but I think it's time to head onto the next class.' Jessie said. I looked around the class was basically empty. The only people left in there was, the teacher, the T.A. Brad and the new kid plus us. Deborah took the lead like usual to walk out Jessie was second and of course I was last, I passed Christopher and he got up and followed us out. He was so close I could feel his breath on the back of my neck I felt my body shake. I split up with Deborah and Jessie because our class schedules were different from now until cheerleading practice. Christopher was still following me, I kept hoping that he'd go a different way but I was only one door away from my literature class and he was still behind me. He stopped when I did and I sighed as I opened the door. Oh this is great I thought to myself there were only three seats left open in the class. I decided to sit next to the door and Christopher sat next to the one right by me. Of course I thought. I took a glance down to the floor and I noticed Christopher's hands underneath his desk, his hands had scars on them and the scars went past the sleeve of the jacket he was wearing. He cuts himself? I asked in my head. If that was the case I know the pain he is feeling or somewhat know it, cause I used to do the same thing, wait no I take that back I still do that same thing occasionally that's part of the reason I don't allow myself to have another boyfriend in my life. I decided to look up at his face, and he was staring at me with a curious expression. I hoped he didn't see me looking at his hands all this time, he probably did though.


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