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Unthinkable Love

By: Raquelita15

Chapter 1, Two teenagers from two totally seperate areas of the social world come binded together through a small school project. Little do these teens know that they are about to go through the unexpected feeling of love. Soon come struggles of survival for both teenagers.


Right when we walked in the school all eyes were on us, basically Deborah Luann; the tall, blonde, sun kissed beauty, A.K.A. “Head cheer leader”. She was dating football player quarter back Jason Cooper, A hot, tall, nice guy. Deborah’s best friend Jessie Armstrong was American too, with long Brunette hair, green eyes, flawless skin. She wasn’t the tallest cheerleader out there but her attitude tells people don’t judge her on size. She is dating a rich Sophomore Jake Law and he is Jason’s best friend, then you have me. Full blooded Latina, long black wavy hair with red highlights, dark blue eyes, and with no boyfriend. I’m a chicka who takes her relationship life slow I’ve only had one boyfriend named Lucas Hill back in middle school.

‘Cassandra, you have got to get a boyfriend soon” Deborah told me

“I will, eventually.” I replied

‘When, when you’re fifty?” Jessie joked
“Ha! Who knows?” I laughed

“She’ll have a boyfriend by then, right?” Deborah asked

Yah, probably” I hoped

“Ha! Probably” Jessie scoffed.

The school bell rang before I could reply to her comment

“Let’s go girls” Deborah chuckled. The other students backed away and made space for us when they saw us coming. They weren’t as afraid of me as they were of Jessie and Deborah because they knew I had a kind soul and heart, but Deborah and Jessie were basically cold and harsh to everyone except for me and their boyfriends. In Biology our seats were vacant because everyone knew those seats were ours. As we waited for the teacher, gossip was in the air. About a new boy named “Christopher Ramirez”.

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