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Love is Found in Strange Places: book 2

Novel By: Rat
Young adult

Tags: Love, Jake, Maria, Family

Maria and Jake are back! this time Maria goes to see her mom and she runs into some old acattenses adn there is something that you will all love that will happen. i know this is a bad summary but i cant think on what to say. so read it and find out for your self:] View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 9, 2009    Reads: 228    Comments: 6    Likes: 2   

Chapter One:
I felt a light kiss on my cheek. I instantly reached for the arm around my waist. I felt a light breath go over my face.
"I won't go any where." He whispered.
I opened my eyes to see Jake looking at me.
"Sleep well?" He kissed me lightly on the lips.
"Yeah, you?" I returned the kiss.
"As long as I know you are here," he kissed me again. "I sleep wonderful."
I let a giggle escape my lips.
"Did Kyo wake up at all?"
"No he slept threw the whole night without a ster."
"Do you think the ear drops helped a little, then?"
He nodded.
"Well we better get ready." He got up off the bed.
I went to my closet and started putting clothes in a backpack. Once I was done I walked to Kyo's room and put some of his clothes in my bag.
"Ready to go?" I heard Jake ask.
"Yeah, what time is it?" I picked up the sleeping Kyo.
"It's 12:30 in the morning." He took the bag from my hand. "There is breakfast in the dinning room for you and me. I have a bottle for Kyo out there, too."
"Did you make the breakfast?"
"Yes I did." He smiled happily.
I walked out of the room with a smile on my face.
"What no thank you?" He came up beside me.
"I have to try it first in order for you to get a thank you." I told him.
"You have to try it first, huh?" he raised an eyebrow.
"Yep." I giggled.
"Well I will be waiting." He pecked me on the cheek.
I sat down in front of the plate of eggs, bacon, and pancakes. I took in a deep breath.
"Smells good." I smiled.
"That's good." He took Kyo from me and put him in his high-chair.
I picked up my fork and knife. I stabbed a piece of egg and popped it in my mouth.
This is really good.
"So how is it?"
"Oh, it's just horrible." I put a piece of pancake in my mouth.
"Well then I guess I will just throw it away." He reached for my plate.
"Don't touch it."
"Ok, ok." He backed away holding his hands up in defense.
He then sat back down. When I was finished I saw that Jake was eating his breakfast.
"So I take it you liked it?" He looked at me.
"It was really good, thank you." I smiled.
"Yes I got a thank you." He took his plate and mine.
"Here Kyo." I picked him up and gave him his bottle.
I watched as he drank every last drop.
"You must have been really hungry." I put the empty bottle on the table.
"He drank the whole thing already!?"
I nodded.
"Well good thing I have extras in the cooler." He told me.
"We should get going." I stood up and started walking to the front door.
He fallowed behind me. Once I got all of my and Kyo's coat, hat, boots, and mittens on Jake had pulled the car up to the front. I walked out to the car.
"Do you have a car seat?'
"Yeah dad bough one when he went into town." He opened up the back door for me.
I secured Kyo into the car seat.
"Here giver him this," Jake handed me a serge filled with some cloudy goo "it's so he will sleep."
I bent down and pushed the goop into Kyo's mouth. it didn't take long for it to kick in.
"Let's go." I shut the car door and got into the passenger's seat.
We made it onto the high way in a couple of minutes.
"You won't run away once we get to your house will you?" He looked at me.
"Me!? Run away and leave you?!" I felt a little hurt.
He didn't answer.
I couldn't think of what else to say.
He actually thinks I would heave him?!
We sat there in silence. I started drift off to sleep by the time I woke up it was dark out. I looked at the clock on the dashboard and it read 9:30 P.M.
Wow I slept for along time!
I turned my head to look out the window.
"I'm sorry."
"For what?" I kept staring out the window.
"Please look at me." Jake begged.
I didn't move. He let out a sigh.
'I should have not said that you'd run away," he put one of his hands on mine "I should have know that you wouldn't because you've already had a lot of chances."
I could hear the sorrow in his voice. I turned towards him. He looked at me for a quick second and then back at the road.
"I'm glad you forgive me." He squeezed my hand.
"Yeah, whatever." I mumbled.
There was a long pause.
"So how long till we get there?"
"Well technically you never said where you lived you just told me how long it would take." He in formed me.
"Oh, sorry about that," I felt myself blush "I live in Duluth, Michigan."
"Ok, then we will be there in five to eight hours give or take a few minuets."
"How did you know what way to go if you didn't know where I lived?"
He didn't answer.
He's not going to tell me.
I let out a sight and then turned to look at Kyo. He was still asleep.
That stuff that I gave him must work for a long time.
I turned back to the front and just stared out the window. I watched all the pit stops blur as we went past them.
"Mia will you sit with me?"
"Mia remember you said you would sit with me."
"I'm the ruler of Gold Fish!"
"Would you mind?"
I felt my body tamable at hearing the voices that I will never get to hear again.
I'm sorry.
I closed my eyes so the tears that where threatening to over flow wouldn't come out, but that was a bad idea because I started to see there faces. I tried to open my eyes, but it felt like there was a brick on them. I saw Cole and Tom smiling at me as I got on the camper. Gary helping me pack for the trip. Us playing cards. I felt the tears slid out from under my eyelids.
"Maria are you ok?" I heard a nerves Jake.
I whipped away the tears and then opened my eyes.
"I'm fine." I put on a fake smile.
He didn't believe me because he asked,
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing." I told him.
"Maria please tell me."
"Jake I really don't want to talk about it!" I snapped.
"Ok, but you know that if you ever have something you want to talk about I'm here for you."
"I know. Maybe…maybe I will tell you about it another time." I whispered.


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