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Now I Can See

Novel By: Rat
Young adult

Emily a high School sudent who thinks she has found the love of her life but things come back to haunt her with her old boyfriend and possibly a new one. tthis stoy of love and betrail is sure to catch your atention.

Pleas send comments on what you think I'd really apperciate it thanks.
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Submitted:Apr 6, 2008    Reads: 528    Comments: 8    Likes: 2   

I woke up to complete darkness.
"Do you need some help?" My mom asked sitting next to me.
"No, I think I can do it." I grabbed my guiding stick and felt my way around the room.
I heard my mom walk out my door. Some of the things I like about being blind are that you have very good sense of smell and hearing. I went to the chair I had my clothes sitting on and went to the bathroom to get dressed.
Scratch, scratch
"I'm coming." I told my dog Brook.
I opened up my bathroom door and Brook put her nose to my leg. So I knew where she was.
"Hi, girl, how are you?" I asked her.
"Ruff." Is what Brook said.
"That's good." I said while patting her head.
Brook came down stairs with me. When we reached the bottom of the stairs I went to the kitchen and I met my mom who helped me find the table.
"I some times wish that my mom would let me do things by myself." I thought.
"Here, is your breakfast honey. It's at Twelve O'clock." My mom told me with pity in her voice.
I ate my breakfast till it was time to go to school.
"Well, I guess it's time to go to school." My mom said.
I got up from the table and started for the door. When I got outside Brook licked me good bye.
"Don't worry I will be back after school." I told her while patting her head.
I went into the car and waited for my mom.
"Ready to go?" My mom patted my leg.
"Yes, mom." I said annoyed.
My mom has always wanted me to go to an all blind school, but I like being different from other people and I didn't want to leave my friends.
When we got to the school my friends came up to the car to meet me.
"Hey, Em." I heard Eva say next to me.
"Em, how are you doing?" Matthew said.
"Hi, Eva and Matt. Oh, Matt I'm doing fine." I told them while I got out of the car. "Bye, mom." I said before she left.
My mom honked her horn in response.
We walked to the school doors and went in side.
"So, Em did you hear about the new kid?" Eva asked while holding Matt's hand.
"No, I haven't!" I said while I shook my head.
"Oh, well all I know is that his name is Andrew." Matt said to me.
"Well I hope I see him some time to day." Right when I said that I felt both of there eyes on me. "Guys, I mean I hope I meet him. Can't you just take a blind joke?" I laughed.
"Sorry, Em we aren't used to the blind jokes." They both had sorrow in there voices.
"It's okay guys." I tried to pat them on the shoulders, but I hit there head instead. "Sorry."
"It's okay we know you didn't mean it." They both patted my head.
"Hey, don't mess up my hair." I scolded.
They just laughed.
"Well, I will see you guys at lunch." I told them when we where at my class room.
It's nice having friends who walk you to your first hour and also it helps that even though I'm blind I know this school in side out.
Ding, ding, ding
I took my seat.
"Good morning class we have a new student today. Will you please stand up and tell the class who you are." Mr. Ban asked.
"Hi, my name is Andrew Tomas." The new kid said.
"Alright, it's nice to meet you Andrew." Mr. Ban had a smile in his voice. "Emily, do you mind if Andrew moves up to the front by you?"
"I don't mind." I told him.
I heard Andrew sit in the seat next to me.
"Hi, my name is Andrew and you are?" He said.
"Hi, my name is Emily, but my friends call me Em." I told him while looking away.
"Why don't you look at me?" He whispered.
I didn't realize the time went by so fast because the bell rang before I could answer the question and I was happy I didn't have to answer it. I waited till everyone was out the door before I got up.
"So, that's why you didn't look at me." I herd a voice say.
"Yes, this is why I didn't look at you." I snapped and walked off.
The rest of my classes before lunch, I really didn't pay attention to. I just kept thinking that I hurt Andrew's feelings.
"Hey, Em why are you in such a hurry?" I heard Matt yell.
I turned into the direction I heard his voice come from. I felt a tap on my right shoulder. I let out a little yelp. I then heard Matt brake into laughter.
"That wasn't funny." I yelled and stormed off.
"Oh, come-on Em you now I didn't mean to scare you." He tried to hold in a laugh.
I stopped walking so he could catch up. When he reached me he gave me a hug and said.
"I'm really sorry, Em." I could sense he had sorrow in his eyes.
"I know you are…you just sacred me that's all." I looked up at him.
We walked to lunch and met Eva out at the lunch table.
"So are you ready to go get lunch?" Eva asked me.
"Yeah, lets go." I started to go up to the line.
We waited in the lunch line and I got the main lunch. We then went back to the table and ate our lunch. When we where all done we talked on how are day was going. I told them that I met the new kid and I think I hurt his feelings.
"Well, he shouldn't have said it that way to you." Eva said with confidence.
"Well, I still think I hurt his feelings." I told her truthfully.
"You know what I think? You should just give him the cold shoulder from now on." Matt smirked.
"But, that's not very nice." I wined.
They both laughed at the tone of my voice.
"It's not funny; I think I will tell him I'm sorry." I got up and left the table.
I walked to my locker and put my books into to it. I then went to the nurse's office and said,
"Can, I come lay down I'm not feeling to well?"
"Oh, sure you can honey, just go to the right and the bed will be in front of you." The nurse said.
I walked over to the bed and laid down. Then I heard Andrew's voice.
"Nurse, my friend isn't feeling to well." Andrew told the nurse.
"Okay, well my bed is being used right now so just have him sit on the chair next to my desk." The nurse said.
"So, you are the one using the bed." I heard Andrew laugh.
"Yes, I'm and I also want to say I'm sorry for the way I acted this morning." I played with the crackly paper.
"Well, in order for me to accept your apology you have to go on a date with me." I could tell he was smiling.
"Fine." I growled.
"I will see you at ten tonight." I heard him starting to walk out the door.
When school was over I got a ride home from Eva. I also told her that I had a date today.
"Well, who is it?" She asked cereous.
"Well…well it's the new kid." I put on a smile.
"What?" She yelled.
"He said in order for him to except my apology I had to go on a date with him." I played with my seatbelt.
"Well, since it is Friday you call me when ever you want to dump his ass." She smirked.
"Okay, I promise if I want to go home I will call you." I smiled at her.
I got out of her car when she told me we where at my house. I said good bye to her and she honked her horn when she pulled out of the drive-way.
"Ruff, ruff!" I heard Brook barking from the other side of the door.
I opened the door and Brook licked my hand.
"Hi, girl! How was your day?" I patted her on the head.
She licked my hand in response to my question.
I walked to the kitchen and felt for a bottle of water.
Knock, knock
I walked to the door with Brook at my side. All of a sudden Brook let out a low growl.
"What's the mater Brook?" I patted her head to comfort her.
I opened the door to hear,
"Hello, beautiful." A male voice said.
"Who, are you?" My voice was shaking.
"Oh, come-on you honestly don't remember your boyfriend, Josh?" He had a smirk.


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