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Summer Lovin'

Novel By: Rat
Young adult

Shawn is a teenage boy and his bother Trevor saves this girl named Jadyn and soon Shawn is finding himself falling for this one girl but his parents have a difrent plan for Shawn find out if Shawn and Jayden will work out in the interesting novel. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 26, 2008    Reads: 746    Comments: 20    Likes: 6   

"Shawn wake-up."Someone was shaking me.
"I'm up what do you want?" I asked tiredly.
"Mom and dad want to go hunting."My brother Trevor told me.
"But, I'm not hungry."I pulled the covers back over my head.
"Fine but, if you go to school tomorrow and blow are covers…..then I will personally love to kill you."Trevor threatened.
"Fine I will take that risk and make sure it's a slow and painful death so that way I can beat you up once in a while." I punched him off of my bed.
"Oww." Was all Trevor said before walking out my room.
I went back to sleep and the next thing I knew I was dreaming what I rarely do.
There was a girl running away from a thug in a dark alley and yelling for someone to help her. Then out of know where Trevor comes up behind the thug and bites him.The girl let out a scream and fainted.
I woke-up to fined Trevor setting on my chair by my desk.
"What are you doing back so soon?" I asked getting annoyed.
"I did something that mom and dad would disagree with." He didn't look me in the eyes.
"What did you do?"I yelled even though I all ready know the answer.
"I brought a human to the house." He put his head in his hands.
"Where is she?" I asked calmly.
"She's in my room." He started to get up.
I got up and followed him to his room.I opened up the door.The girl lying on the bed was so beautiful and smelt so good.I walked to the bed and just looked at her.
"Someone help me please."The girl whispered.
Her eyes shot open just then.She screamed when she saw me standing over her.
"Where am I?Who….who are you?" She started to get up to run.
"My name is Shawn and this is my brother Trevor.He saved your life and you are at our house," I said in a hypnotizing voice."Now my darling my I ask who you are?"
"My….My name is Jadyn." She started to shake.
I put my hand on her cheek and she fainted again.
"What did you do?" Trevor hissed.
"I just touched her!" I said shocked on what happened.
We left the room to find our parents standing down stairs by the door.
"Where did you run off to Trevor?"My parents asked.
"I…I was done hunting so I came back home." He was shaking.
"And why did you decide to stay home Shawn?" My parents turned there attention to me.
"Like I told Trevor I wasn't hungry." I gave them an evil glare.
"Why do I smell human on you then." My dad asked me.
"Because it rubbed off of Trevor." I told them.
I then run up the stairs so they couldn't ask me any more questions.I then found myself outside of Trevor's room.I opened the door to find that the girl was getting ready to jump off of the balcony.
"This girl is tougher then I thought." I said under my breath.
She turned around to see me standing by the open door.She then started walking backwards.She only had and inch left on the rail.She backed up one more step and fell.I quickly ran after her and jumped off of the balcony.I passed her quickly and landed on my feet.I ran to catch her.She landed in my arms with a thump.
"Why did you do that?" I asked shocked.
No answer.
She wasn't breathing.


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