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What is it like to know that you might die?

Novel By: Rat
Young adult

This is a story about a girl named Rose. She is a wonderful sweet girl of seventeen. One day she goes to the park with her little cousin and brakes her ankle and from that day her whole life changes. Read the story if you want to find out more. (ok guys Im just seeing how many people read this and if I dont get a lot Im not going to continue it so for those of you who read it I thank you)

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Chapter One:

"Rose, Aaron and Lisa are coming over today." My mom said from the kitchen.

"Why?" I walked in and sat down at the table.

"Because I have to help Lisa with her taxes and she couldn't find a babysitter for Aaron."

"Let me guess I have to play with him?" I sighed.

She nodded.

I then heard a car door shut.

"There here." My mom walked to the front door.

I fallowed her.

Ding, dong

"Now remember be nice." She whispered and then opened the door. "Hi Lisa it is nice to see you."

"Rose, I brought my water gun." Aaron shot me with water.

Great now I get to change clothes.

I walked over to Aaron.

"Well let me go get mine and we can have a water fight outside." I told him.

"Ok, I will see you outside then." He rushed out the door.

I looked up at my mom to see her giving me a disapproving look. I just smiled and then walked into the garage.

"Now where is my water gun?" I scanned the selves.

I saw it on the very top shelf. I went on my tippy toes and grabbed it off of the shelf. Then I opened the garage door and walked outside. A splash of water hit my back.

"Got you!"

"Yes you did, but I'm going to get you soon." I mumbled.

I then turned on the hose and filled up my water gun.

"Aaron you better run." I pointed my gun at him and pulled the trigger.

He let out a squeak as ice cold water hit his back. I then started to run towards him. He let out a laugh and then ran away.

"Aaron, don't go in the street!" I yelled.

He stopped and turned back around and ran into our yard again. I didn't notice that he was running in circles around me till I get hit in the face with water.

"Ok, I think that is enough." I wiped the water off of my face.

"No I want to play more." He stomped his foot.

"Let's get changed and then we can go to the park." I looked at him.

"Alright," he ran into the house "mom I need my new cloths!"

I shook my head and then walk in as well. I walked down the hallway to my room and then shut the door. Once I heard my door click I walked over to my closet and grabbed out a pair of jeans and a sweat shirt. Then I put my wet clothes in the tub in the bathroom.

"Ready to go to the park?" I asked as I walked into the living room.

He nodded and then jumped off the couch. I took his hand and we started to walk to the park. We walked down the path and then Aaron let go of my hand and ran over to the big red slide. He started to climb the hill and I fallowed after him. I made it to the top and then Aaron slid down.

"Bet you can't catch me!" He yelled from the bottom.

I shook my head and then went down the slid. I looked around the park trying to see where he went and then I saw him up by a different slid. I ran up the steps after him. I was just about to touch his arm when he went down the slid. He stuck his tug out at me. I turned back around and started to go down the stairs again almost falling as I did so. He ran under the playground equipment with me right behind him. Some other kids ran up to Aaron and asked if they could play too. He turned to me and I nodded my head. They all scattered once I said yes. I chased after Aaron still and then I went after a different person. I got her in a mater of seconds and then I went after another kid. He dodged every tag I tried on him. I then gave up on him and went after Aaron again. He was up on the yellow curly slid. I ran back up the steps and he went down again. When I turned around to go back down, my foot went the wrong way. I grabbed onto the rail to study myself. I put my right foot down and pain shot threw my body.

"Aaron it's time to go." My voice broke.

I then walked over to a bench. Aaron didn't come.

"Aaron it's time to go."

"I don't want to." He whined.

"Let's go." I waved him over.

He walked over to me and when he got closer he saw that something was wrong but didn't say anything.

"Miss are you alright?" A lady walked up to me.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I felt really embarrassed.

She walked away and then I took Aaron's hand and we started to walk back to my house -all five blocks-, with every step pain went threw my body. By the time I got back to my house I was in tears. I walked over to the couch and sat down.

"Mom, Rose got hurt." Aaron walked into the laundry room.

My mom came out and looked at me.

"What did you do?"

"I stepped wrong and hurt my ankle."

Lisa then came out and looked at it. I saw that it was bruised and swollen.

"I think it is broken or at least a sprain." She looked at me.

I nodded knowing as much already.

"Rose why didn't you ask someone if they had a cell phone you could borrow?" My mom put ice on my ankle.

"Because I was embarrassed." I told her.

She let out a sigh.

"We are going to the E.R. as soon as I'm done helping Lisa." She then walked back into the laundry room.

I let my head go back and then I closed my eyes.

Why me? I can't wait to hear what dad is going to say about this.

I then heard the front door open.

"I'm home!" I heard my dad yell.

"Hey." I said from the couch.

He walked over to me and eyed my leg.

"What happened?" He sighed.

"Well let's see I was walking out on the street and a car hit me." I chuckled.


"Alright, I was at the park with Aaron and I stepped the wrong way."

"Mark, we are taking her to the E.R when I'm done with Lisa." My mom told him.

My dad walked over to me and put a hand on my shoulder.

"You have to be more careful, you get hurt too much." He looked at me.

"I know but I can't help it that I'm clumsy."

"You know now you can't go to state." He told me.

"Dang it! Why did this have to happen now!? The team was going to get Second in the relay." I hit my head with my hand.

"I know but there is always next year for swimming."

I nodded and let out an angry sigh. He then walked into where my mom and Lisa where just finishing up.

"Thank you for helping me Elaine," Lisa took Aaron's hand "Rose I hope you get better."

I held up my hand in a thumbs-up and smiled.

"Bye Rose." Aaron waved.

"Bye Aaron." I waved back.

They left and then it was time for the fun trip to the E.R. I sat in the back with my foot up. My mom stopped outside of the door and my dad opened the door for me. He held out the crutches and I took them and situated myself then I hopped into the waiting room.

"Rose Adder." A nurse called my name.

"Here." I got up.

She led me to a room and motioned for me to sit down on the table. I did and then she started to take my temp and blood-presser. Every thing was good and then the doctor walked in.

"What are you in here for?" He asked.

"I hurt my ankle." I rolled my eyes.

"Let me see."

I put my leg out and he grabbed it and examined the bruising.

"I'm going to have you get an X-Ray." He looked up at me.

I nodded and then he left the room. After I got the X-Ray he came back into the room with an air cast.

"I didn't see any damage."

I gave him a look that said 'you're kidding me'. He then put the air cast on and sent me on my way. We drove home in silence and then I went to bed because I had school the next day.


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