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Tales of a Heterosexual

Novel By: Rave
Young adult

Homosexuals, bisexuals, transvestites and hermaphrodites are discriminated against everywhere, especially in high school. They are bullied and teased and harassed by the “normal” ones, the heterosexuals.

But what if you went to a school where everyone there was a homosexual, bisexual, transvestite or hermaphrodite? And you were no longer the “normal” person?

Demichel Keré, a snobby rich boy and his best friend, Anelise Turbet, are as “straight as straight can be.” They also find themselves transferred out of their private high-class school after pulling a prank on the principal. (Who said rich kids are well-behaved?) With no other alternatives, these two are dropped into Shimmering Lake Academy, the school for gays. View table of contents...


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Demichel Keré slid out of his sleek black Ferrari, sliding his designer sunglasses down over his eyes to block the sun. Pulling into the space next to him was a top-of-the-line silver Lamborghini with blue and purple pinstripes: Anelise Turbet. On his other side, Gregori Fitch smoothly glided his white Porsche in, Claude Debussy blaring softly from behind tinted windows.
Anelise opened the car door, Nikolai Kapustin (Anelise's latest foreign obsession) halting its intriguing piano melody. The blue lights flashed as she locked it, securing the keys back in her perfectly organized metallic silver Prada. She smoothed down her already smooth blonde-highlighted hair, then flipped it back over her shoulder, the light brown strands seeming to settle perfectly into place. "Where's Marguerite?" she said in an impatient tone.
"Not coming," Gregori stated as he, too, exited his vehicle. "She came down with mono. Poor girl." He straightened his tan colored vest.
"Serves her right, if you ask me. Always hanging around near the fags," Demichel sneered. "God, all of them must have herpes." He glared in the direction of the small, tightly compressed group that seemed to be trying to blend into the trees.
"Ah, yes. The freaks that walk the halls of Contuar de Luc Academy!" Anelise declared dramatically, beginning to walk towards the entrance. The boy laughed haughtily. They were the glories of the school and therefore thought themselves the kings and queens of Contuar de Luc Academy, the best private school in the country.
Anelise was head cheerleader, top of her class, president of just about every club from newspaper to prom committee, and had been the star in every sport at the school. In addition to all that, she always got the leading lady role in every school play.
Gregori was nearly the top of his class, right under Demichel and, despite his tall, lean figure, was the star of the football team…and the baseball…and soccer…and basketball. He helped with the after school charity program, raising money to help different causes: cancer, homeless, the hungry. He was a potential valedictorian.
And then there was Demichel. His father owned the school. He played every sport, was in every club, excelled in every subject, never failed to miss a day of school and even helped out in Gregori's charity program. He was truly the star of the school.
A girl, rushing to get to the trees, knocked into Anelise's arm, spilling her fat-free French vanilla latte all over Demichel's arm.
"Oh! I'm so sorry!" the girl squeaked. She had pretty chocolate skin, her black silky hair curling out from her headband. She avoided Demichel's gaze as he glared at her.
"Watch where you're going, fag!" he snarled. He had already seen the gay pride pin on her backpack. She gasped and raised her trembling hand to cover the pin. She spun around and hurried over to the group of people beneath the trees. Another pretty girl stepped up to her and took her hands as she started to babble. The second girl hugged her tightly and smiled at her, wiping her tears away.
"Ugh. Makes me sick to watch that!" Gregori growled, helping dab at the coffee on Demichel's arm. None, luckily, had gotten on his shirt or vest. Still, it had burned liked hell.
"Same here," Anelise said, glaring at the girl. She lived for her lattes and now it was all over the ground!
"C'mon. Let's not be late," Demichel said. The warning bell rang, sounding more like a Japanese gong than the jarring clang of a school bell. They hurried across the bright green grass to the third building to check in for homeroom.

What are we doing for our prank on Dr. Crisle? said the note that landed on Demichel's desk. He looked to his left and saw Anelise.
I have an idea. I think we're going to go very childish. Egg his car, spray paint the windows, maybe slash his tires? he wrote back.
I've got a better idea. Talk to me after class!
Demichel couldn't wait for Ms. Little to finish her lecture.

"Okay, darling, so what's this fabulous idea of yours?" Gregori asked immediately as they sat down at lunch.
"Ew, don't say darling. You sound like one of those…things," Anelise said, fluttering her hands in the air as if the homosexuals were disgusting bugs on the table. She tore open her moist towelette packet, cleansing her hands before beginning to cut into her T-bone steak and baked potato with glazed baby carrots on the side. "Well, I was thinking…" she leaned in close, her green eyes excited. "You know how the only reason those faggots go here is because Dr. Crisle allowed them in?" They nodded. "Well, I say we defile the statue of Contuar de Luc in front of the courtyard!"
The boys looked puzzled at first and Anelise rolled her eyes. "Here's my idea. We put false eyelashes, lipstick, a wig, a bra, and panties on it. We can even stuff the bra, make it look like it actually has boobs. But the twist will be…" she leaned even closer, the evil gleam in her eye starting to show, "we'll put a strap-on over top of the panties."
"Well…how is this a prank?" Demichel said, nibbling on a croissant. He placed it back on his plate of lobster and green beans almondine. He reached for his wineglass of sparkling grape juice and took a sip.
"Because," she said, exasperated, "it will look like a transvestite!" The boys looked at one another and then back at Anelise, awed.
"You're a genius!" Demichel exclaimed.
"I know," Anelise said simply. Gregori laughed and took a bite out of his ham and cheese sandwich. Demichel looked at him.
"How can you eat that?" he said, looking disgusted as he cracked open his lobster.
"It's good. Want some?"
"No, I do not want any! That's so gross. You have all this delicious food around you and you're eating American cheese and ham that's probably not even ham." Demichel took a forkful of lobster and dipped it in the metal cup of melted seasoned butter before eating it. "This is real food."
"Lay off, okay, Mr. High and Mighty?" Gregori pulled a Twinkie and a bottle of Dr. Pepper from his lunch bag. Anelise gasped and snatched the Twinkie off the table. "Hey!" Gregori yelped. "Give that back!"
"Are you crazy? Do you know how many calories this thing has? How much saturated and trans fat?" She stood up and tossed it in the trashcan.
"Anelise! That's my lunch!" Gregori whined.
"No, it's junk. I won't have you pumped full of grease and fat and die of a heart attack before 25!" Anelise snapped and sat back down. She took a vicious bite out of her steak, perfectly straight white teeth clicking.
Gregori shrugged and pulled a Devil Dog out of his bag, taking a nice big bite of it, just to rub it in Anelise's face. "Ha. You're just jealous because you can't eat this stuff, Ms. Size Two." He opened his Dr. Pepper and took a big swig.
"Am not!" Anelise continued to eat her steak, glaring at Gregori.
"Um…excuse me?" They turned to see a young man standing at the end of their table. "W-would you please sign this petition?"
"What's it for?" Demichel asked warily. He was getting an odd feeling from the freakishly handsome guy. He looked uncomfortable.
"It…it's for homosexuals to be allowed to take a date of the same sex to the prom…b-because right now we aren't allowed." He seemed to be shrinking under Demichel's glare.
"No, I won't sign your fucking petition!"
"B-but, we only need two more signatures and we'll be able to!" he said frantically.
"Here's what I say to your petition." Demichel snatched up Gregori's soda and poured it on the piece of paper next to him. The ink from the signatures ran and the paper crumbled into a wad of soaking wet useless trash.
"My soda!" Gregori complained.
"Let's go, guys. We shouldn't have to hang around these type of people," Demichel sneered. Anelise stood, shoving past the gay guy to go outside.
"I…I just needed two more…" he said softly. He picked up the dripping paper, all the signatures a black smear on the paper. Gregori looked at him as he started to cry. "What's wrong with you people?" he cried. "All I needed was for you to sign your names on one piece of paper so that me and my friends could be happy!" He threw the wet ball of paper at Gregori and ran. Some more of them jumped up and ran out after him to comfort him.
Gregori unfolded the piece of paper and looked at the signatures, now black smudges, a mere shadow of the man's hard work and pride and determination.
Gregori felt like a monster.

A/N: I'm sorry if this novel goes a little slowly. I am actually still in the middle of writing it and I often get writer's block. Please, please, pretty please be patient with me! And be a little gentle on critism. This is my first novel...


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