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- My attempt at writing one of those teen romance novels, tell me how it goes :) -
Kate, a friendly, clumsy girl, finds herself drawn to a weird guy with a sad, dark past. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 2, 2010    Reads: 99    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

You've made a paper plane before. You know how it feels when you see it soaring through the air, cutting past everything. It's a sense of accomplishment; you've created a masterpiece, even though it only lasts a few seconds. And then it flies right out the window and you never see it again, never give it a second thought.

It's 6:30, and the alarm clock lets out a horrific scream. I groan and throw my hand out blindly, trying to find the clock to shut it up. A few minutes later I grudgingly pull myself out of bed, trip over a shoe, tumble into the bathroom, where I brush my teeth and my hair.

I wonder over to the kitchen, and in a half-awake trance I somehow make myself two slices of toast that I eat on my way out the door. My mother's just woken up, and asks me if I can make my own dinner tonight and not kill myself in the process (I'm very clumsy, see). She's working late today. I reply that I'm very capable in the kitchen and I yes, I would be happy to do it.

School's on the other side of town- one of the only decent ones in the area, and it takes me near an hour to reach it via a series of buses. As always, I'm at school a bit early, and as I sit down in my physics class, the rest of the students pile into the classroom- the day's begun. Some of them grin at me, and I grin back. We're all good friends.

"Early again, Kate?" says Robert, a short boy who sits a few seats behind me.

"I'm more organised than some," I joke.

I turned to stare out the window at a tree thinking about what a great day today will be- physics, visual arts and geography (my favourite subjects) all before lunch, when two of my friends Jane and Anna slide into the seats next to me.

"Hey, monster! How was your weekend?" asks Anna.

Jane, the quiet one, begins getting out her books and pencils.

"Ah… the usual, you know? Homework, television, work, eat. Yourself? And you Jane?"

"Fine. I forgot to do the math, so I hope Mr. Jeers got the flu bug that's going round," says Anna.

"Yeah, it was good. And Anna, I think I left my iPod in your bag the other day- have you got it?"

Just then, the physics teacher, Ms Connell walked into the room. "Okay kids, I know half of you don't get chapter 8, so I'm doing remedial classes after school Wednesday in the library."

The day passed quickly, and at lunch time I sat down to a hearty meal of tuna sandwich. Anna and Jane and a bunch of other girls crowded together on two tables and we talked while we ate. Soon, the girls started talking about boys, which didn't really interest me, so I zoned out a bit and looked around the cafeteria.

It was filling up fast, and as I looked around, I couldn't help but think how lucky I was to go to such a friendly school, where everyone knew almost everyone else and most people were friends. But, of course, there were the exceptions. A bunch of horrible girls coated in spray tan and their airhead basket-baller boyfriends filed in. I was quite glad they had nothing to do with me or my friends.

Looking around, everything was as per usual. Then I noticed him.

He was wearing a grey t-shirt with a picture of a tape dispenser on it, and a pair of well-worn cargo pants. Very normal, if not a bit out of place. He was reading a book and sipping on a can of grape soda, and the remains of a sandwich and apple lay close by. He looked tall and was sort of gangly. Shabby, dark brown hair and green eyes full of curiosity, life and excitement, even though he appeared rather haggard.

I leaned over to get a closer look at what he was reading. Catcher in the Rye. Good book- wrote a review for it in English back in middle school. He seemed like an interesting person, not the sort you'd usually find at a small school and was probably new because I'd never seen him before. I hadn't noticed he'd looked up and was staring right at me. Blushing, I turned around quickly and knocked over Anna's bottle, and water ran everywhere.

"AH! Geez, Kate! Someone have paper towel?!" Anna yelled. The others burst out laughing, and Jane got out a packet of tissues and began to dab up the mess.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry!" I exclaimed, and I ran for the bathroom to get paper towels, stumbling over the bench. Smooth.


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