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Super Slacker vs. The Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse!

Novel By: RiotSkullkid
Young adult

Leon Trevino is the world's laziest slacker, but that's all going to change when the world falls into a zombie apocalypse with not one, not two, but 3 different types of zombies making up 9/10ths of the worlds population!

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Submitted:Nov 16, 2011    Reads: 37    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

Leon's alarm clock blasted his dark room with a drone of electronic noise. He swung blindly in the dark, successfully knocking the alram clock off of the nightstand and stopping the noise. He groaned face down into his pillow. "Don't even feel like going into school today..." he whined as he sat upright in his bead. Rubbing his eye with his left hand, he reached for the lamp with his right and turned it on, wincing at the sudden flash of light that his eyes were unprepared for. Leon looked down at his fallen clock to check the time. It was 7:53, almost 2 hours after breakfast time at school. "Geez, thats just a better reason not to..." Leon grumbled. He ran his hands through his curly brown afro and got out of bed.

A chill shot through Leon's body as he tried to stretch. The cold november winds had somehow managed to make their way past his window. As he stood in the middle of his room, Leon made a mental list of all the reasons he should and shouldn't go to school. Well, I could go hang out with Bastian, but we aren't actually friends in the first place.Besides him, i dont really talk to anybody else at school, He concluded. The negatives were heavily outweighing the positives at this point. Any good reasons to go? Well, its not here........I guess I'm gonna go. Leon sighed and walked into his closet to get dressed.

As he was walking down the stairs, Leon sighed. He instantly remembered that he would have to pass through the living room to get to the front door, where his dreaded stepmother would be without a doubt. Just as he predicted, Helen was sitting on the couch in her pajamas watching the TV.Next to her, Leon's little sister Amber was curled up next to her. "I'm heading to school." "Okay." Helen's voice was emotionless as her eyes were fixed on the TV screen. That was a perfect example of why he disliked his step mother. Leon didn't exactly hate her. He simple didn't like how apathetic she was, even though he was the same way. Leon simply sighed and walked out the door, beginning the long, and last, journey to school.

As Leon approached the front gate, he could see a silhouette standing behind the iron bars with a clipboard in hand. Of course it would be Mr. Bradly, ready to abuse his powers as administrator and make any student's life more of a living hell than highschool already was. "Hello there, Mr. Mor-Afro! Late again today? That's another detention, with your grand total bringing you up to......a whopping 14!" Mr. Bradley said merrily. Leon really disliked the "clever" nickname Mr. Bradley had for him, "creatively" mixing his birth country along with his hairstyle. "Just put it on my tab, Mr. Bradley" Leon sighed as he walked past the administrator and into the school building.

Before he could reach for the door handle to his class, Leon was suprised to see the door opening towards him, and before he could react, it collided with his face. Leon stumbled back, holding his nose and grumbling. A short blonde girl peeped her head from behind the door and stared at him. "Oh! Im sorry! I didnt know you were right there!" the girl apologized frantically, but Leon couldnt tell if she was being sarcastic or not. "It's fine...." Leon wiped his face with the end of his shirt and walked into the classroom. Everyone stared at him as he walkd to his seat. Just like every other day. Leon took his seat near the window next to Sebastian, who had his head down on his desk. He's probably high again or something Leon thought as he looked around the class.

It was a scene ripped directly out of a Hollywood movie. The Jocks, the Nerds, the Preps, the Band Geeks, All of the high school stereotypes were in his class. And just like a high school movie, Leon was a Weirdo, the bottom of the caste system. Nobody bothered to talk to him, or even notice him. Hell, the lesbian couple that always make out in the back of the classroom get more attention than him. The only person that actually talks to him is Bastian, and thats only because hes usually high. Yeah...I probably should have stayed home today.... Leon sighed and put his head on his desk and fell asleep.

The dismissal bell rang throughout the school and students flooded into the hallway. Leon casually walked to his bus. He wasnt too particular about getting home. All he wanted to do was sleep until the next day came. While he was walking, another person accidently bumped into him. "Oh, Im sorry" Leon quickly apologized. "My Bad" The person replied back. The guy was wearing a graphic tee that said "Zombies hate fast food" with an image of a human being chased by a zombie. Leon chuckled to himself. "Nice shirt dude." "Thanks" the random guy said quickly and disappeared into the crowd. Heh.....Funny shirt.... Leon thought as he made his way to the bus.

The bus dropped him off in front of his house, and Leon walked slowly to his front door. He didn't want to go straight home because he knew the pain of predictability would only make him depressed, but then again there was no where else to go, so he had to deal with it. Helen is going to be on the couch, Amber is still at school, Dad is on his way home from work..... Leon opened the front door, hoping that he was wrong. Suprisingly, Leon found his father sitting on the couch with Helen nowhere to be found. "Hey son! How was school?"

"Oh, Hey dad. Whats up? How come you're here so early? And where's Helen?"

"The Boss let me out early. I don't know why, but hey, im not complaining. Helen went out to look for a job. She'll be back soon." Leons dad said. The Television was unusually loud, reporting on some kind of shadowy cult.

"Really? Wow. Well Im going to go take a nap." Leon sighed and walked upstairs. His dad waved him off and continued to watch T.V.

Well thats odd..... Leon sighed and dropped his backpack in the middle of the floor. He jumped onto his bed and stretched. Whatever. Its none of my problem right now, anyway.... He thought as he started to fall asleep.

Leon was awakened with a blood-curdling scream outside his window. His heart was racing. "Oh shit! what the hell was that?" He said alarmed. More screams and groans were sounding off outside his window. A loud banging was coming from his door. "Shit?" Leon jumped up and looked out his window. People were wandering around in the middle of the street. Some of them were dragging their legs behind them. "Nooooooo Freakin' way......" Leon gasped as hebacked away from the window. The door started to come off the hinges and whatever was banging it started to scream. "Seriously?......" Leon's expression changed from fear to disapproval. The door busted down, and there stood Helen, missing her pupils and blood dripping down from a large gash in her neck. "Zombies......" Leon said in a deadpan tone.The newly zombified Helen rushed toward Leon as he sighed and looked around.


5:23 PM


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