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Seventeen Years of Brittany Brigdes life was mayhem. She's bullied and abused plus Brittany is an orphan. Music is her key to escape. But will a next door neighbor change what life throws at her? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 5, 2012    Reads: 57    Comments: 5    Likes: 0   

Hey boo! Ok so this is my first book ever. so comments would be great. i'm looking forward to criticism cause i don't usually edit or proofread or else i'll end out not posting anything. i also had character pics posted on my wall. Oh! enyoy the chappie!

I trudged home anguish convulsing my entire body. My messenger bag slung over my shoulder I quietly make my way home with tears blurring my vision. Evergreen High school. I sighed inwardly. School was based on humiliation, bullies, and betrayal but New York City was town jammed with it. It was a lifestyle never a hobby. I never really bothered me that I was an orphan until I started getting bullied. I had runaway when my parents died in a car crash, but now when I think about it I should have never runaway to Ria. Ria. THE SICK BASTARD! My face boiled with rage. Her husband Fred just as cruel and abusive as herself. I felt nauseated just by the presence of them.

Why me I thought for the millionth time today. I ran my hand through my curly hair in frustration. I knew my voice was dedicated to expressing my feelings so I sang Respect by Aretha Franklin.


Find out what it means to me


Take care, TCB

Oh(Sock it to me(x3)

A little respect

Whoa babe (just a little respect)

Just a little bit

The notes carry out an attitude I would never unleash myself from when I sing but as I round the corner to Bronx all the freedom from the pit of my stomach sinks. Ria and Fred my foster parents would finally get their mutantious claws on me. The thought vanishes though when I see my next door neighbor Sean Moore waiting for me outside out apartment. He jogs up to me as I reach my apartment complex.

"Hey, B."

"Yea, Sean?"

My heart lifts. Sean is the only person I've told my problems to yet he doesn't push it because his load is just as heavy as mine.

"What happened to your eye?"

Apparently in my school if you accidently bump into the star basketball player Kent you bond to get a black eye cause he hates my guts. Unwanted tears threaten to spill over and I silently curse myself for being the weakest unwanted creature in the world.Sean doesn't ask questions he leads me by my arm up to his apartment. He's eighteen and he lives by himself because his parents are divorced. He was also an alcoholic. His parents basically despised him. He opens the door and he leads me to sit down on his couch.

"What do you want to watch,B?" He whispers softly.

"Adventure Time." I smirk at my request.

I can tell he's grinning ear to ear.

"Your such a kid,B." He chuckles.

" At least I don't watch Elmo anymore."

"Hey Elmo's got swag." He says seriously while I burst out in laughter.

I already knew he thinks I watch retarded shows but we leave it at that. I cold always be myself near Sean. As we watch the marathon I laugh at the stupid stuff Jake does and I root on Finn in his quirky adventures. Sean makes me two bacon sandwiches which I devour hungrily. It's about almost midnight and Sean is hugging me while I doze off.

"Thanks Sean for the food."

"No prob, B" I laugh at his Bugs Bunny voice.

"I don't know what I'll do without you." I murmur.

I feel his face heat up. Before I fall asleep, he whispers..

"I love you, B."

I panic inside as I burst with butterflies but sleep engulfs me like death. A few minutes into sleep the door to Sean's apartment bursts open and Fred growls menacing like..

"You little slut..." and I'm sucked into the the claws of a monster.


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