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A Boy's Little Brother is Hypnotized and Kidnapped

By: RomanceLover2016

Chapter 1, Lucas Hanson is a 13-year-old boy, he has short brown hair, hazel eyes, he\'s in the boy scouts, he loves to play basketball, he has a 5-year-old little brother named Brandon Hanson, they live in a house a couple of miles from a big lake far from the town of Arcadia, with their mother Elizabeth Hanson, and their father Peter Hanson, Until something happened to Lucas and Brandon, while their parent\'s are away. The Fallowing Chapter Might Have Some Scarey and Sexual Content that might not be good for small children.


Lucas and Brandon Hanson's parents, Elizabeth and Peter Hanson is going out for the night, leaving Lucas in charge of looking after his little brother, Brandon Hanson is up-stairs in his bedroom, sleeping, while Lucas is sitting on the couch in the living room, watching TV and reading a book about a man that lived in a cave deep in the woods across from the lake, and he would one day come out of the cave deep in the woods, go across the lake in a big rowboat, and would take someone back with him.

Chapter 1.

Brandon Hanson was laying in his bed, when he heard some noise outside of his bedroom window, he got up out of his bed, he started walking toward his bedroom window, he was wearing his blue pajama's, he opened his curtain, He saw a man outside his window looking at him, Brandon started screaming, he ran out of his bedroom, down the hallway, down the stairs, he saw his big brother, Lucas still sitting in the couch in the living room, reading a book.

"Lucas, I saw a man outside my window", Brandon said as he went up to Lucas, and was trying to catch his breath.

"Brandon, I don't believe you, now go back to bed, you little runt", Lucas replied.

"But Lucas, I Really Did see it", Brandon said.

"Brandon, I wish someone would take you away", Lucas snarled.

Suddenly the two boys heard a big rowboat rowing outside of their house, they heard someone walking toward the front door of their house, The two boys started breathing hard, Until the doorknob started to rattle, suddenly someone kicked the front door, and The Man that lives in the cave deep in the woods far from the lake, He stood in the foyer of the living room.

"What Are You Doing Here?, What Do You Want?".

The Man that lives in the Cave deep in the woods far from the lake, Didn't answer Lucas, he looked at the two boys, He looked at Brandon, and stared at him, until Brandon became hypnotized.

"Come To Me, Little One, Come To Me", The Man that lives in the cave deep in the woods far from the lake said until a hypnotized Brandon slowly walked toward the man.

"Brandon, what are you doing, don't listen to him", Lucas said until he realized that he couldn't move

"Come To Me, Little One, Come To Me, Come", The Man that lives in the cave deep in the woods far from the lake said until a hypnotized Brandon got closer to him.

The Man that lived in the cave deep in the woods far from the lake, grabbed a hypnotized Brandon.

"Let My Little Brother Go", Lucas said.

"No, I'm Taking him with me", The man replied.

The Man left taking a Hypnotized Brandon with him, Lucas started rushing after them, he ran all the way to the lake that was about half a mile from their house, he saw the man carrying Brandon in his arms, and taking him inside the cave, and disaapeared. Lucas didn't know what to do next, He thought of calling the police, but he thought that the police wouldn't believe him, He thought about calling his parents, but he also thought that they won't believe him either, Lucas wonder what the man is going to do to his little brother, Brandon.

Meanwhile Back In The Cave deep in the woods far from the lake, The man laid a hypnotized, deep sleep Brandon down on top of a bed, and left him there, until a beautiful woman came in the room, she sat down on the bed, beside Brandon, the beautiful woman started caressing Brandon's cheek, she started caressing his nose, she slowly unbuttoned his pajamas, started moving her hand on his stomache, Until Brandon started to whimper.

"Shhhh, just relax, little one, just relax", the woman whispered.

She continued caressing Brandon's stomache.

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