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Sarah: An American Girl/

Novel By: RomanceLover2016
Young adult

Sarah Anderson is a beautiful 17-year-old girl, She has blonde hair, blue eyes, She attends Canton High School, She's captain of her Cheerleading Squad, girl's basketball, volletball, and rugby teams, She's hopeing to attend collage on Rugby Scholership, She lives in a suburban house in a shaded tree-line neighborhood in a town called Canton, with her mother Hannah Anderson, her father Peter Anderson, her 5-year-old sister Elizabeth Anderson, and her 8-year-old Autistic Brother Matthew Anderson, On That Day Sarah is about to meet a new girl named Dianna Larson, She's about Sarah's Age, She (dianna) has dark brown hair, hazel eyes, She's going to live in a house across from Sarah's house, with her Mother Karen Larson, and her step-father Carl Larson, her 6-year-old sister Laura Larson, and her 9-year-old brother Christopher Larson. View table of contents...


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Sarah decided to tell her parents about what She had seen and witnessed.

Chapter 2.

That Evening, Sarah was having dinner, she was thinking about telling her parents about what she had seen and witnessed, she decided to keep to herself, after dinner they went to bed, The next morning, Sarah came out of her house, she looked across the house, she saw her new best friend Dianna coming out of the house, Sarah went over toward her, she could tell that Dianna was up-set.

"Dianna, is something wrong?", Sarah asked.

"Something else happened last night", Dianna answered as they were walking to Canton High School.

"Oh, what happened?", Sarah asked.

"I've told my mother what had happened", Dianna answered.

"Did she believe you?", Sarah asked.

"No, she didn't", Dianna answered.

"Oh, then what happened?", Sarah asked.

"then when i was laying in my bed, my step-father, Carl came in my room", Dianna answered as she stopped in mid-sentence.

"he did something to you, didn't he?", Sarah asked.

"Yes, he did, he threw himself on me", Dianna answered.

"Oh No", Sarah said.

"He started kissing all over me, after he was done, he told me not to tell anyone", Dianna said.

"Dianna, i think we should tell someone, and i think we should tell the school counsler about it", Sarah said.

"Ok", Dianna answered.

Sarah and Dianna went off to school, about an hour later, they both went to the school counsler's office, and Dianna told her every single word, after Dianna had finished telling the school counsler about what had happened, she picked-up the telephone and called the department of social services, about an hour later, Sarah and Dianna were walking from high school, Dianna was feeling nervos about what her step-father is going to do to her,

"Dianna, do you want me to go with you to your house?", Sarah asked.

"No, I can handle it", Dianna answered.

"Ok", Sarah said.

about an hour later, the two girls made it to Dianna's house, Dianna saw her step-father Carl looking out of the window,

"Are you going to be ok?", Sarah asked.

"I'm sure", Dianna answered.

Dianna slowly walked away from Sarah, as she walk up the front porch steps, on the front porch, went inside the house, Sarah stood on the sidewalk in front of Dianna's house, she didn't even move from the front porch, she wondered what was going on inside the house, until she saw Dianna's little sister Laura and Christopher running out of the front door of the house, as if they were running from something or someone,

"Laura, what's wrong?, where's Dianna?", Sarah asked.

"Daddy's mad, he put out a gun and pointed at Dianna, he was angry", Laura answered.

Sarah was shocked about what Dianna's little sister had told her, that she took them by the hand, went across the street to her house, Sarah told her parents what Dianna's little sister had told her,


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