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Skate Club

By: Rosalina

Chapter 1, Book 1: No Girls Bailey is a tomboy she is one of the best girl skate borders in her year level, bailey is told about a secrete skate club, but...... There is NO GIRLS ALLOWED

Chapter 1

“Bailey Girrifus, Bailey, Bailey Girrifus!” Her teacher ms. Kasablankas called out “BAILEY GIRRIFUS!”

Bailey woke up

“What? Did I fall asleep?” bailey said

“Yes...” Ms. Kasablankas said confused

“Well at least something positive came from this” Bailey said loud so the class could here her

“And what’s that bailey” Ms. Kasablankas said

“You need to teach things that don’t make people fall asleep in class.” Bailey said

The class laughed loudly

“Detention, Girrifus” Ms. Kasablankas said

The bell rang

They all left.

Please note that this is my first writting so it may not be good but please comment and tell me wat ya think so far
xoxo Rosalina

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