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I Get The Last Turn

Novel By: Rosiejb
Young adult

(Finished) Ella was a normal 18 year old girl, she was in her last year of high school. One day when she is walking in the forest with her dog she stumbles on a piece of clothing that is covered in blood, she wants to tell the police, but someone is stopping her and as time goes on she falls in to depression and unsure why she is living on this earth, seems a game of cat and mouse has started but who will get the last turn, when life and death is in the balance and what happens if she ever finds out who is doing this to her. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 14, 2012    Reads: 525    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

(A/N) so here everyone well i came up with this last year because i had to shoot an opening scene fora film and this is what we came up with, well this is in a little more detail and well i was trying to write an essay about the beginning bit but well i just get going further than what we had short and so i thought i would write a story about it, some of it will be a little hard hitting, but most of it will be fine and so it is PG13 and i will warn you at the start if it is more than that, i knid of plan to have a lot of fighting, sex and well blood and death so i am saying this now, well hope you enjoy it.




Unknown P.O.V

Blood dripping from my hands as I walked away from the body, I had just thrown in the lake. The girl in the lake was twenty two; I knew that because she told me, I couldn't care less she was bloody annoying. I remember looking into her face as I plunged the knife into the skin and ripped her heart out, she was just another person, another rich spoilt brat. Who would live off her parent's money and have everything she ever wanted, I tucked her shirt and shoes under my jacket as I pulled themcloser to me. I dug my hands into my pocket, to hide my bloody hands, and I walked into the forest. You may ask why I have her clothes; she is the second person I have ever killed, and from the way I was brought up, I know that if she is found, then they would be able to trace it back to me, and so the clothes have to go, although at this very moment I do not have enough time to burn them, so I will find a place to hide them.

My eyes wander around the floor, and I stop every few seconds to see if there is a good place, to hide these clothes. I pulled them out from my jacket and walked with them in my hands; I pause and see a clump of leaves in front of a big tree; I walked towards it and kneel down, and my hands become very frantic as I bury the clothes, before I am done I hear a dog barking, in the distance, I stand up and run off and stand behind the tree. I peer through the trees and see a girl; she has hazel hair, I would say maybe eighteen or something, she is wearing a light jumper and colourless shirt, and is being pulled along by a dog, and the dog is chestnut, sort of a warm brown and as patches of white all over it. My eyes follow the girl as she walks through the trees, I held my breath when she comes from the tree to where the girl's clothes are buried, I know that I cannot kill her, partly because I do not think I can cover up two murders, also there is no way I could get her and her dog. She walks past the pile, and feels relief cross me, but her dog pulls her back and starts digging at the clothes. The girl bends down and pulls out the shirt; she holds it up to the light and sheer panic comes across her face; she looks around, and I quickly go back behind the tree. I then look through the leaves as she puts the shirt under her arm. She starts to walk the way she came back, and I begin to follow, going from tree to tree; she seems to speed up as she gets to the opening of the forest.

I follow her to a house; she begins to shake by the time we have reached it, her feet turn towards the house, and she runs into the house. I hear the bang and look at it, I then said in my head, so this is where are little adventures begins.


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