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Jack posts a message on Jess's facebook page that changes everything... In the end she thinks has to move schools...
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Goody two shoes. Whoever got the idea that good people wear two shoes. I only had one on, and I was good! Wait, one shoe. Damn. I thought, remembering why I had started thinking about the saying "goody two shoes" in the first place. I ran back inside. Wham! I slipped on my sock and lay on my back, staring at the dirty white ceiling as I tried to ignore the increasing pain in my backside. Finally, I managed to get up. I grabbed my other shoe and fumbled to put it on. I was going to miss the bus! Damn.

As I ran to the bus stop, I realised I had forgotten to pack lunch. Double damn. Too bad, I would have to buy lunch. As I reached to the bus stop, I tripped on my undone shoe lace, grazing my hands and knees on the rough concrete. I tried to get up, but my legs weren't working. I couldn't hail the bus as I watched it speed past. I dragged myself over to the bus stop seat and pulled myself up onto the seat as a car stopped in front of the bus stop. A girl about my age got out, looking worried, as her mother hurried around the car, holding a tissue and some Band-Aids. Oh dear, embarrassment and humiliation.

"Hey, are you all right, dear?" Asked the mother.

"Mum! She's fine, gosh!"

"Yeah, I'm cool," I said, taking the tissue and as I felt my face grown hot. I dabbed my burning hands and knees with the tissues, looking at the girl, who was rolling her eyes at her mum.

"Are you sure, Darling?"

"Yes, I'm sure," I assured her, "I'm just having a bad morning." I studdied the girl. She looked to be about 15, so she might be in my year. She had the same uniform as me, except hers was worn and old, unlike my glowing white new one.

"Hey, are you that new kid that was supposed to be coming today? The music one?" Asked the girl, comprehension flooding into her face.

"Yes, I suppose so," I said wearily.

"Would you like a lift?" asked her mother.
"Oh," I said, "Yes please. I missed the bus."
"Ok, hop in the back with Penelope."
"Mum! It's Penny! Gosh!"
"Sorry, Darling," Said her mum, walking around the car and getting into the drivers seat. I tried to get up, but couldn't use one of my legs still. Penny grabbed my bag and put her arm around me to keep me upright as I awkwardly hopped to the car.

This was definitely not a great state to arrive at a brand new school in. Smooth first day, Jess, smooth first day.


I had lived in the same town my entire 14 and a half years of existence. An entire life of the same places, the same house, the same friends, the same school, the same old lovely life. I hadn't wanted to move, but I got offered a scholarship at a private school which was no where near my house because of my music. I played violin and one day I had gotten a call from a man asking for Jessica Melder. When I had answered, it was some guy telling me that he had heard about my concert at Greenway Chapel and was offering me a once in a lifetime chance to go to his private school on scholarship. It was the most famous school in the country. There was no way I was going to refuse. Abbotsleigh Girls High it was called. Posh name, posh people, posh uniform, posh everything. I hadn't wanted to move. But how could I resist. But I have to admit, my first day wasn't quite living up to my expectations. That was until I saw the school, that it. It was huge. Five storey buildings, with magnificent gardens and grass all around. There was a forest behind the school, which reminded me of the forbidden forest in Harry Potter. I fell in love.

Penny looked at me and grinned. My thoughts were obviously etched on my face plain for the world to see. My look of absolute amazement. I shut my mouth and tried to get out of the car. My right leg still wouldn't function properly.

"We'll have to get you to sick bay," She said, noticing my silent struggle to get out of the car, "Here." She lent me a hand and I managed to get out. She handed me my bag and I put it on my back, leaning against the car.

"I was...ah...supposed to go to the principals office when I arrived," I said, trying to stand up straight on one leg with a heavy bag on my back. Not going to work. I thought.

"OK," said Penny, "I'll come." As I hopped into school, leaning one Penny, I thought for the first time how I was supposed to make a good first impression. I had basically memorised the wiki page on what to do when starting at a new school. The first thing it said was to keep your head up and make a good first impression. Like that was going to happen. Well, at least I'd already made a friend. I hoped.

When we reached the chaos of the main school and the locker area, I changed my mind about the type of kinds here. They were all girls. Of course dummy. It's an all girls school.

"Hey, Penny! Miss said that I could show the new girl around!" Said a hurt voice.

"Piss off! Finders keepers!" Said Penny, blowing a raspberry, "And anyway, can't you see she's hurt? I've got to get her to sick bay then she's all yours." I was hurt by these words. I was not some kind of object for people to claim. I was human, just like the rest of them. When at last I thought that something today was going well, I was wrong. Penny just wanted to get rid of me. And she only helped me to win over some other bitch. This was honestly turning out to be the worst day of my life. OK, that's a cliché line and I honestly say that all the time. So what, maybe it's not the worst day of my life. But it's sure somewhere near the top of the list.

A/N: If you're reading this, I just wanted to say that I might not continue this story. And if I do, I might add to this chapter... Tell me what you think... Oh, and I stole the name Abbotsleigh from an all girls private school in Sydney. It's not the kind of school that would give you a scholarship if you played at Greenway Chapel, which is also a real place and I have actually played there in real life! Yay!



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