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This Grecian House

By: Sam the Luminous

Chapter 1, Months before her 18th birthday, Iris\' mother passed away forcing her to move in with the father that she never met. Not exactly arriving to a warm welcoming, Iris meets everyone including her father\'s \"co-workers\" who are surprisingly and outrageously attractive. Will Iris connect with her father at all, if ever? And will she finally find someone that can fill the void in her heart?

Chapter One   

 “Here!” a loud voice said from my bedroom door. Aunt Linda threw down a large suitcase. “Now that your mother is dead, you can leave. God knows you’re not my responsibility.”

     I threw her the dirtiest glare that I could manage before she walked out. I grabbed the suitcase and began to hastily pack my things. For the longest time, I was looking for an excuse to leave that evil bitch and now that I had one I wasn’t going to pass it up.

     “Good!” my best friend, Jenna, said over the phone. “She’s wicked. I told you to move in with me a long time ago, and did you listen?”

     “Noooo…” I droned. “But I’m thinking of finding my own place or something. I don’t know. I’ll figure it out.”

     “You know, if you had a boyfriend, you could shack up with him. But no. You don’t have one, do you? You never listen.”

     I smiled. I could just imagine the look on her face. “I never do, do I? Okay, I gotta go. I have to pack my shit.”

     “Love you, bitch!” she shouted. I hung up.

     Although I hated Aunt Linda, I knew that I was going to miss this place at least a little. I mean, I grew up here. It was also the place that I last remember my mom in.

     When I opened my drawers, my eyes widened. There was no way in hell that all of my clothes would fit in that suitcase. Hell, they wouldn’t fit in two of them! I started pulling shirts from my top drawer. My three Mumford and Sons shirts were definitely going with me. And, oh! Mom’s favorite shirt! I didn’t realize that I still had that in there. I tugged it out of the drawer and, as I unfolded it, something fell out of it. An envelope. It smelled like my mom.

     I cut the envelope opened to reveal a letter, a letter that my mother wrote for me just days before her death.


 My beautiful baby girl. By the time you find this letter, I will be gone. I know that we cannot rely on your Aunt Linda to take care of you. But there is someone who can: your father. Although you’ve never met him and I hardly talked about him, he knows about you and has agreed to take you in. At least, until your 18th birthday. If you wish to stay longer, that is up to you. But for now, I’m sure your father can provide you with an exceptional family and house to live in.

Now, my dear, I say goodbye. Remember that I love you, I always will. I hope that you never forget me or the things I’ve taught you. I will live you for the rest of eternity.

                                                                                      Your Mother


     My eyes welled up with tears as I read the letter in my mother’s voice. On the back side of the paper, there was an address. There was an actual family out there that I could call mine. I didn’t realize until now that I needed someone, anyone to hold onto. Whether it was my father or a boyfriend, like Jenna always insisted. Whatever it was, I knew something was missing and something told me that I was going to find it at my dad’s.



*Author’s note*: Heeeey! So this is my first time ever sharing my work with anyone that wasn’t a teacher. So please, my dears, be gentle. :) I’m excited for this story so far and I hope y’all are, as well. Please give me feedback. (Was it awkward? Too fast/slow? Hard to follow?) Thank you all, my dears.


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