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The Feminine Charm and Other Useless Traits

Novel By: SaneLunatic
Young adult

Mistaken for the all-singing, all-dancing-'other girl' Melissa Thornton, Sonny is kidnapped and taken to work as an assassin for a group of ruthless young men. When they find out she's not exactly... what they expected, it's either join them...or die.
Not knowing what else to do with this obviously not-all-there girl, they keep her as their cook. But when bimbo Melissa accidently gets herself killed, Sonny has to step in.
Intimidating, cruel and seductively ruthless are not words in Sonny's vocabulary. How will she be able to survive in a world of drugs, sex and violence? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 19, 2009    Reads: 278    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

Chapter 1
It was dark.
No light source from anywhere.
Just blackness.
A big empty void.
Having established this, Sonny focused her attention on her surroundings. Not that she could see much, it being a black empty void and all.
Shewiggled her toes. Yep, they were fine. Next her legs, then her arms.Sonny allowed herself a small smile after realizing she hadn't been harmed seriously.
She placed her hands on her legs. A small squeal of shock escaped her lips. Her legs were bare. Slowly she moved her hands upwards, sighing in relief at the reassuring cotton of her pants. She continued, discovering her torso to be covered in a large t-shirt that when she stood would just rest above her knees.
Her hair, a deep chocolate brown (Sonny couldn't be sure, but that's the colour it was before she had woken up in the empty void) was tied up in a high ponytail, her fringe mussed up and resting over her eyebrows.
She blinked, just to be sure her eyes were open, but this only succeeded in showering the black sheet in tiny red and green dots.
After doing all of this,she realised she had nothing else to do. A moment of thought and shestarted to think of all he possible reasons someone would kidnap her (if that was indeed the reason that had lead her to this awful predicament).
Her family weren't particularly rich or well known, and Sonny certainly had no money of her own. Neither she nor any person she was acquainted with had any deadly enemies who would go as far as kidnapping for revenge; at least, none that she could think of. In fact,she was quiet as well like person with her fellow school students and teachers alike.
She was getting frustrated. All this thinking was giving her a headache. As was her habit in times like these, she started to tap her fingernails on the floor.
It was only then that she noticed it was made out of some sort of squishy material.
Curiosity overruling her fear of the never-ending darkness caused Sonny to stand and run her palms along the wall. That too, was made of the same material. She followed it along until she came to a corner.
It didn't take long until she got back to where she presumed she had started. She calculated the room was approximately the same size as your average cell.
Sighing, she slumped down the wall. She had been locked in a padded cell for no particular reason and possibly been left there to die.
Life is great, she thought dryly.
A door at the opposite side of the cell had been opened, light streaming through it. Momentarily blinded, this gave the person time to slide a tray across the floor and get out before Sonny could catch a glimpse of her captor. The door slammed with a renounced 'bang'.
Sonny cursed at her bad luck.
Sighing, she felt her way over to the tray. Slowly she ran her hands over the assortment of objects that had been placed there. It put her senses to the test as she tried to work out what each object was.
Her slim fingers came into contact with a smooth round plastic cylinder shape.
"Thank God," Sonny muttered. She grabbed the cup, bringing it up to her lips she slugged the liquid down in seconds.
Her thirst satisfied and feeling slightly better than she had, Sonny replaced the cup, and continued her exploration of the tray. Her fingers brushed against the crumbling surface of what she guessed was a biscuit.
Sonny picked it up and bit down tentatively. Her sensitive taste buds tingled at the tangy lemon zest. Sonny hadn't taken one bite when she started to feel woozy.
Her eyes drooped and someone seemed to be attempting to drill through her skull with a spoon. Staggering to her feet, she placed a trembling hand out behind her to rest on the wall. Another hand was placed on her forehead.
A door opened somewhere and a fading light streaked with black swept across Sonny's vision. The black outline came closer. Sonny muttered incoherent words, before she slipped down onto the floor; falling into a dreamless slumber.


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