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World's Apart

Novel By: SaneLunatic
Young adult

Hannah is the new girl that no one can figure out.
Mia is the popular, friendly cheerleader that everyone loves.
The two girls go by, completely unaware of each other. That is until everyone sees the scars and bruises that streak Hannah's body, and it doesn't take long for the rumours to start.
Mia knows there is something hiding underneath the timid, quiet exterior of Hannah. Something dark and sinister.
And she's determined to get to the bottom of it...No matter what. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 8, 2009    Reads: 202    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   

Chapter 1
Hannah walked slowly up the stairs. The quivering tray she held was laden with drinks and sweets. Her tongue stuck between her teeth in concentration Hannah balanced the tray in one hand, knocking on a large white door with the other.
"Come in." A voice called lazily from the other side. Hannah rested her knee on the door; balancing the tray on it she slowly turned the knob. The door swung open and she nearly lost her balance, managing to catch the tray just in time.
"Put it over there." Seth said, waving his hand over to a table.
Ignoring the stare of Seth's best friend, Johnny, she placed the tray on the marble topped table. She straightened out and turned to go. But someone caught her wrist before she had gotten out of the door.
"Hey, why don't you stay awhile?" Johnny smirked, his green eyes twinkling mischievously.
Hannah stared up at him, her eyes widening. She tried to pull out of his grip, but she was no match for his tall frame. Her back hit a wall and she realised Johnny had managed to corner her without her realising it.
"L-leave me alone." She stammered, her hands shook in Johnny's strong grip.
"Let her be, Johnny." Seth called lazily, not even glancing in their direction, his eyes fixated on the video game he was playing. "She's just a kid."
Johnny's smirk grew and he pressed himself flush with Hannah's body. Hannah flinched, closing her eyes as he ran the back of his hand down her cheek.
"Aw, come on Seth. It would be a shame to let her go to waste." His lips moved against Hannah's neck, causing her skin to tingle in the most unnerving way.
"Johnny." Seth warned, his bright blue eyes narrowing at them. Johnny smiled against Hannah's collar, but moved away from her.
Hannah's knees wobbled, but she grabbed the table to stop her from toppling over. She controlled her heaving chest and made for the door again. She was so caught up in getting out of that room she didn't notice Johnny's outstretched leg.
Hannah's foot caught on his trainer and she fell hard onto a nearby table. Her outstretched hands grabbed the closest thing, which happened to be the table. The vase resting on the table wobbled precariously, before falling to the ground and smashing.
Hannah stared in horror at it. Johnny and Seth burst out laughing. In the midst of all this neither of them heard the door open, or see the enraged face of Seth's father, Daniel.
He glared down at Hannah. He clenched and unclenched his jaw irritably.
"You stupid girl,' he growled.
"I-I'm sorry!" Hannah cried desperately. "I tripped, it wasn't my fault."
The two boys watched with bored interest as Daniel grabbed Hannah by her long brown hair. He yanked it up, causing Hannah to stumble to her feet. He raised his hand and slapped her across the face with enough force that Hannah flew into the opposite wall.
She moaned, clutching her head. Daniel stormed over to her, kicking her harshly in her ribs.
"Stupid. Clumsy. Bitch." He yelled with each kick. Hannah coughed, tears streamed down her cheeks.
Eventually Daniel seemed to get bored of this. He turned on his heel and strode out of the room, muttering to himself.
"It's your turn, Johnny." Seth broke the silence.
The two boys turned their attention to their game. Tuning out the small whimpering of the girl curled up in the corner.
What had she done to deserve this? Hannah thought to herself.
"You know who else is really fit?" Tanya said. All eyes turned to the red haired girl. "Seth Atkinson" She said.
"Oh my gosh, I know!" Sally gushed.
"He's ultra sweet as well!"
"Yeah, me and Mia saw him helping this girl pick up her books."
"Only so he could see down her top!" Mia laughed. She fended herself of as pillows were hurled in her direction.
"Just because you have found the perfect lad, Mia, doesn't mean we can't dream!" Tanya giggled.
"Ooohh, David." Sally made a bad imitation of Mia.
"Oh yeah, right! I do not sound like that!" Mia scoffed. "Anyway, David is perfect."
Tanya rolled her eyes, "here she goes again." She mouthed to the others.
Mia threw a pillow at her.
"Pillow fight!" Someone shouted, and soon pillows were flying everywhere.
Mia smiled to herself. What had she done to deserve such good friends?
Two lives, two girls. Soon Mia will learn that not everyone gets what they wish for.


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