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Being a damphir, sucks. Especially if you're Dallas Thorne. These creatures are born once every thousand years, making her a somewhat of a celebrety in the vampire and werewolf community.

The queen, in attempts of making the bond between both supernatural creatures stronger, orders Dallas to do the one thing she would rather die before.

Marry Alec Harper. A werewolf. And the last person on earth that Dallas would ever consider marrying.

With her sassy disposition and stubborn atitude, blending into this new community at Nyte Academy is harder than it first appears. View table of contents...



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"Welcome to Nyte Academy. I can assure you, that this is a great honour to have you attend our prestigious school. Everyone is looking forward to have the opportunity to teach the revered Damphir, not to mention a member of the Thorne House. I believe I taught your great grandfather; a brilliant man, he was. Bless his soul."

"My father reminds me every day." I rolled my eyes and pointedly glanced over at my father to add empathises to my longing of not wanting to be here. He laughed sheepishly and bowed nobly to Head Mistress Ava.

"Please, the pleasure is all ours. Dallas has been looking forward to attending this academy for quite awhile." I picked up on the undertone of added pressure he was trying to put on me. I curved my lips into a forced smile and tried my best to be excited. Unfortunately, I'd been dreading this for several weeks now.

"I've read all the broachers and studied very hard, I've even looked into the vast history of the academy - oh, listen to me. I've let all the excitement rush to my head." I added sarcastically in my British accent, Ava believed my lies and her eyes brightened in awe, my father simply nodded his head in my direction; he's quiet way to remind me to remember some of my manners. Though I knew he hardly meant it. After all, my sarcastic trait was hereditary from his genes.

Ava clapped her hands together, the sound echoed in the vast, empty hall. "Well I shant keep you waiting anxiously any longer; how about a quick tour before your dinner arrangements? If you would just follow me please, William, Dallas."

I adjusted my smile to appear as anxious as Ava imagined I was and followed silently behind her, my father flanked her right side and endeavoured into some polite conversation which I hardly paid attention too.

"The weather seems quite nice around these parts."

I kept myself occupied by studying the interior structure of the gothic castle. From a humans perspective, on the outside, this appeared to be a grand private school for extremely talented children; the truth about its true occupants would terrify them. Nyte Academy was a school for the supernatural, narrowed down to Werewolves and Vampires. Each student varied in age from fifty years to well over five hundred years - I was now their youngest student yet, and I was not pleased about it.

My name is Dallas Thorne, and I'm the revered Damphir; half human, half vampire and incredibly rare. Only one is born every thousand years, other than that, not a lot else is known about them because there have been so few. William forced me to attend this academy for one reason, and his name is Alec Harper... I already hate his guts.

As a Damphir, the Queen took great interest in me as a little girl and was so generous to adopt me as her Goddaughter. Although pointlessly, Vampire's don't believe in any God, no matter his or her country of origin. However, Queen Alexandra and my dear father, believed that a tighter reliance with the Were's was necessary, and what better way to do so than an arranged marriage. I prayed hopelessly to no God that it was all a horrible nightmare and that I would wake up any moment to my home in England and be cheery in my annoyingly typical life that I shared every day with average humans. Despite my desperate efforts, here I stood in the dark hollow halls of Nyte Academy hating every single fibre of my father.

The interior of the school was very modern; survallience cameras, computers, electric lights and other various objects and decorations that made me believe that the school kept up with the times simply to help their elder students educated with the changes in society. Surprisingly, the academy was very bright, strangers would think otherwise from the old structure of the building; if it wasn't for my biased opinion, the place almost looked... welcoming.

I'd never been around any vampire's, other than my father - and on the extremely rare occasion, the queen - werewolves were another story; I'd never seen one in my life. My education on the supernatural creatures of the world was bare; I only knew a few non consequential facts. This gave my father greater reasoning to send me here, I was entirely satisfied with my quiet life, away from all the difficult and confusing politics of the supernatural world. Human's had always kept their distance from me, making my life slightly lonely, yet, because of my vampiric genes, they always held a little bit of interest in me.

I was unprepared for the years ahead of me here at Nyte Academy, especially when I was being forced onto a guy I had never met before - didn't want to meet - in my life.


My dad's quizzical tone drew my attention away from my thoughts and I glanced at him. Both he and Ava had stopped their slow stroll, turned to me, and the pair studied me with great interest. I never liked being stared at, though I suppose I had to get used to it. Word would have already spread about my arrival here at the school. I quickly looked out the closest window, the sun was only beginning to rise and I felt tired from staying up all night; not to mention the jet lag. "Yes?"

Ava laughed in a polite, easy sort of tone, clearly amused at my behaviour. "Has Dallas ever run on a night time table?" She asked my father as if I wasn't standing right there.

"She's always run on a human sleep pattern, attending human schools does that to a vampire." My father answered - I groaned under my breath. Just another thing I would have to change about my life style.

Ava smiled sweetly; it was already bugging me how cheery she was. "Well, that will easily be fixed." She turned to face me and gestured to the double doors just a few feet ahead. "This is where you will be having your meal with Mr. Harper and where your father and I will leave you. You're only a few minutes early, but it will give you time to relax."

A corner of my full lips pulled up into a half smile, my attempt at trying to be polite and to keep my sarcasm at bay. I turned to look at my father, who gave me the exact same smile. We had always been a lot alike and I dreaded parting from him.

Ava bowed respectfully and said her farewells and left back from the way we came, I paid no notice. Dad walked to me and drew me into his broad arms, his hand brushed my long brown hair and his lips brushed my forehead as he pulled away. He drew a sharp breath in and quickly glanced away, but not before I caught sight of the tears brimming his eyes. The only other time I had seen him cry was when we got news of my mother's death.

"I know it's useless to say, but try not to get into trouble." He said, still refusing to look at me.

I laughed, yet the undertone of sadness could still be heard. "You're right... it is useless." I crossed my arms over my chest, ignored the feeling of the soft fabric from the thigh length dress my father had forced onto me.

He finally turned to me, brushed my bare arms. "I'll see you on the holidays." I could tell it was painful for him to leave me because it was painful for me.

"Don't expect a Christmas card." I tried to joke to ease the tension.

His smile broadened. "And don't leap out of that dress the moment I turn my back. I haven't seen you wear a dress since you were five." He mused, probably remembering the fond memories.

I sighed, not ashamed to hide my hate for the stupid peice of clothing that he had given me especially for this dinner meeting. "I promise." Silence fell between us, trying to drag out the time we had left. "I love you, Dad." I whispered, unable to think of anything else. It nowhere near summed up my feelings for him, but it would have to do for now.

He returned the sentiment and briskly walked off. My heart ached in his wake and I faced the doors and drew in a large breath.


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