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Forever, Mine

Novel By: Sarz Sixx
Young adult

her name is scarlet and she is a werewolf and her father made an arangement for her to marry someone that showed up on her doorstep she didnt now him. her and her brother josh are very close but now he's married will he still care?

will she marry him, maybe fall in love along the way or will she run like she always has from the world? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 23, 2011    Reads: 147    Comments: 7    Likes: 1   

Chapter 1
It was late maybe about ten or eleven at night. The moon was shining bright this late and I was headed home after partying, I was nearly at my building, when i could see a dark figure that was standing in the doorway. I couldn't make out any features except he had his hands in his coat pockets. I thought to myself do I run, do I walk away and don't look back and yet I didn't do any of them I kept walking to the building. I walked right up to him as I got closer I could make out his features honey brown hair that just reaches his shoulders, his eyes were piercing blue, and he looked like he hadn't shaved for 2 weeks he was hot.
"Excuse me" I said low but he didn't move as even flinch.
"Are you going to move or am I going to have to push my way through" I said starting to get frustrated.
"No need I'm just waiting for someone" he said in a calmed tone.
"Well will you let me in I would like to lie down after the night I've just had". I was already starting to get a hangover.
"I'll let you in if you can tell me where to find the person I'm waiting for" he asked.
I was starting to think this guy can't be serious he was asking for my help at this time of night.
"Sure what's their name" I asked just wanting to have a shower and sleep.
He took out a piece of paper from his pocket it looked like it had been wet recently because it was all wrinkled, then he handed me the paper. I took it hoping I can tell him who he was looking for and he would be on his way, I looked at and he must have realized I new the person because I was stunned at what I read.
"What do you want with this girl" I asked my voice cracking.
"I need to take her home you see she is my bride to be" he answered his voice still calm.
"Well I'm sorry but I don't know this girl and even if I did I'm sure she doesn't want to come home" I answered calmly as the lie rolled off my tongue.
I tried pushing past him but he is strong i kicked him in the shin he moved to the side i took my opportunity and ran past him, not looking back since i heard footsteps. I was going to take the elevator since i would have to run up 4 flights of stairs, so i didn't waste any time i ran up the first flight of stairs i thought to myself how did he find me i have left a trace, what have i done to be found and to find out he is my husband to be what has my father done. I should of been paying attention to where i was running i tripped on a step and fell down them knocking over my husband to be.
I felt one of my ribs crack and i hit my head hard on the concrete i heard someone yell scarlet I haven't used that name in years maybe it was that guy that was chasing me, but now he was hovering over me.
"Don't move you may have broken a few ribs" he said
But I didn't care I had to get away from him he knows my past, when he went to call an ambulance I sat up hold my stomach I held the railing and I stood up and as I did the elevator open lucky it was right next to the stairs I walked slowly even though it still hurt I was in and he was coming back I pushed the button the doors closed and I was safe. For now.


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