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Taking one step forward

Novel By: sayhello
Young adult

Diamond Orlea is headed to her mother's hometown. She doesn't remember a thing about the place and is desperately trying to stay unnoticeable. When Diamond meets David and later on remembers him things take a romantic twist. But every time David takes one step forward she takes two steps back. After all the heart breaks Diamond isn't sure taking one step forward is a good idea.

David Rider used to be Diamond's best friend. He had a little crush on her. Right when he mustered the guts to tell her, she slips through his fingers. Now that she's back he doesn't like the new her at all. But he is utterly determined to make her take one step forward before summer is over. One step forward won't kill her or will it?

/Contains;Warning A little swearing(accidental),good times, laughs and cries, up and downs a little sexual sprinklings but most importantly a good story./ View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 24, 2012    Reads: 32    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

'Mooooom' I whine. Hi, my name is Diamond Orlea. I am 16 years old and I am currently trying to stop my mom from embarrassing me any further.

'Sweetheart I think this would be good be for you.' She passes over a pamphlet to me over the dining table where Iwasenjoying my breakfast of Captain Crunch. I look over the pamphlet. It saysCome to this once in a lifetime trip to the island of Cupido.Cupido in Latin means Desire. I keep trying to point this out but she won't listen.

'Mom I said I am not going and that is final.' I walk up to deposit my plate into the sink. I here my mom sigh in frustration. Ever since I skipped a grade my mom has been going on and on about me attending college. But honestly, I don't understand how Jamaica will help. But all the same i hate to see my mom frustrated. Ever since my dad left us for his personal trainer, Ashley, things have been hard for her. So I decide to make a decision that will change my life.

'Okay mom how about this, instead of going to Jamaica I will go to your hometown Springfield?' I hear her gasp. She really doesn't believe me. Ever since I could talk mom has wanted me to go to Springfield where I grew up 6 years ago. Of course I didn't want to leave my friends behind so I made the vow to say no, till now.

My mom looks at me suspiciously, not ready to believe me. But when she sees I'm serious the joy that fills her hazel eyes is just so hard to described. And I felt so proud that I'm the one that put it there.

'Seriously Diamond?!' I nod. She jumps from her seat and begins to hop around and clap her hands like a little school girl. 'O my gosh! I'll have to call grandma oh and get you new clothes. O my gosh Diamond!' she continues. She stops jumping around and looks at me intently. Her gaze bores so deep into me I begin to shift from feet to feet uncomfortably.

'Thank you' she says. I just nod and hurry up stairs to see what my best friend Crissy is up to.

I log onto Facebook and soon after see Crissy's username.

CrystalClear88: Hey Crissy wat up?

CrissCrossApples23: Hey bumblebee. Nothing Much just painting my nails stalking my latest crush. You know the usual

Crissy isabsolutelyboy crazy. She has a new crush every three days. And stalking someone on Facebook or any website for that matter is her specialty. She can find anything on the internet on an individual. I meananything.

CrystalClear88: Who is the guy now. Is it Lamar Green or Jules Carrier. I bet it's Shane Wells.

CrissCrossApples23: Nope Nope Nope. It's Michael McDean. Isn't he soooooo crushworthy. Remember yesterday during assembly well i didn't tell you but he totally winked at me. He winked at me! I just found his Facebook page and it has all these amazing pictures of him working out. His biceps are huge. So wat r u up to.

CrystalClear88: Well in a few days i am going to Springfield. Can you believe it after all these years of saying no i went on my own decision.

CrissCrossApples23: You r goin to Springyfield on your own decision! Your 'rent must have been pretty happy.

CrystalClear88: She was u should hav seen her face. It was filled to the hairline of joy. i haven't seen her so happy in months Crissy.

CrissCrossApples23: Well i feel ecstatic for you (vocabulary word you owe me 10 cents) Make sure to send me pics of any cute boys at all ;). I gtg DiDi. so I'll Ttyl

What is she doing now, I think as I get off my computer. I decide to start packing since summer break will be here soon and I am pretty sure as soon as it starts I'm going to Grandma's. I sigh loudly. It's not that I don't like my grandma it's just that I haven't been there in six years and I don't remember a thing about that place. Every time I try to remember I go blank. And honestly if I can't remember my childhood I think there's a reason why.

I grab my car keys from my desk and swap my sweats for a white tank and blue shorts. I put on my sneakers and head out the door. As I hop into my car I can't but wonder what I'm getting myself into.

I pump up my radio and cruise along the streets not knowing where I am going. I reach a stoplight and slightly dance in my car. I turn to my left and see my dad.Where is he goingI think. When the light turns green I slowly follow him. And gosh do I completely regret it.


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