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Taking one step forward

Novel By: sayhello
Young adult

Diamond Orlea is headed to her mother's hometown. She doesn't remember a thing about the place and is desperately trying to stay unnoticeable. When Diamond meets David and later on remembers him things take a romantic twist. But every time David takes one step forward she takes two steps back. After all the heart breaks Diamond isn't sure taking one step forward is a good idea.

David Rider used to be Diamond's best friend. He had a little crush on her. Right when he mustered the guts to tell her, she slips through his fingers. Now that she's back he doesn't like the new her at all. But he is utterly determined to make her take one step forward before summer is over. One step forward won't kill her or will it?

/Contains;Warning A little swearing(accidental),good times, laughs and cries, up and downs a little sexual sprinklings but most importantly a good story./ View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 5, 2012    Reads: 9    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Beep. Beep. Beep. Is what i wake up to. I slowly open my eyes. I look around to see where i am. By the white walls and IV drip next to me i think it's safe to say i am in a hospital. How did i get here,I wonder. I turn my head to the right to see my mother. She's sitting in a chair with heavy dark heavy bags under her eyes. Doesn't seem like she's gotten any sleep since the time i was admitted in here. Whenever that was. The last thing i remember is a man with a mask in his face pointing a gun at me. I decide to sit up and walk about. Horrible decision. As soon as i lean forward i scream. Am sure somewhere in New York a glass shattered. My mom quickly bolts upright and rushes to my side.

"What's wrong honey?" she asks.

"My shoulder" i whisper back. "Mom what happened to me?" i ask as i lay back down, the pain slowly fading

" You got shot"


"Mom am gonna be okay, okay?" I am at the airport trying to board my flight but my mom keeps delaying me.

"Just call me if you need anything" she begins to tear up and i quickly turn to board my flight. I can't bear to see anyone cry. Not even if they deserve it.

I pull my carry-on bag with me and i can hear the thumps as it rolls behind me. If you have ever been on the plane you know where the plane and the boarding shaft meet are never fully together. So other is this little gap in between. That gap scares me. Every time i approach it i jump over. I believe that if i stay to long on the boarding shaft am gonna to fall and die. Scary thought right?

But anyway I jump over and locate my seat.B1 B2, C3, AHA D4.I get cozy and buckle my seat belt. The seat isn't really comfy but I'll have to do.

Since it's taking the plane forever to load up I take a cat nap. Am jolted awake by a dashing young man sitting next to me. About 6 feet tall and seventeen. oh and for the record am sixteen) Black smooth hair, piercing green eyes, pink luscious lips. Whoa this guy is the whole package-am assuming if he isn't cocky.

"Hey" he says.


"So where are you heading to?" I ask

"SPRINGFIELD. Heard its beautiful this season. What about you?" he turns to look at me and my breath catches. Like his eyes aren't even green. They're blue mixed with green and brown and gold. I seen something like that before,I think. But that's riduclous i haven't met him before.

It takes me a minute to respond "Oh um I'm going to the same place"

"Cool, so what up with your shoulder" he gestures his hand to where i got shot. I still have a sling and cast over it but it comes off in 2 days.

"Oh um i kinda got shot in a way by my father." i say shrugging even though it hurts. Not the shoulder my heart.

'What the- Your father shot you!?" he looks so concerned and pissed i can't help but chuckle.

"Can we not talk abut it?"

"Sure" he says. He plugs up his IPod and listens to music (DUH!) I resign to gazing out the window. Since the plane hasn't taken off yet all am looking at is bags being lifted on to the airplane. I resort to reading the magazine in the pouch of the seat in front of me. While am checking out the menu list someone annoyingly taps me on the shoulder.

"Yes' i say irritably.

"Um....sorry to disturb but do you have an iPod i can listen to. Mine just kinda out of battery," Says the gorgeous angel sitting next to me (same guy people keep up with me). He waves his green iPod in front of face as proof. I sigh and rummage through my purse, which is pretty hard with one hand by the way, looking for my iPod.

"Do you need help.' He gestures to me and then pointedly looks at my arm. 'cause you know i can always just read.'

Instead of answering I ask "What your name?" He seems a little bit confused what this has to do with anything. "It's David. David Rider."

"Well David Rider am Diamond Orlea. And i would like to know more about you." As David told me more about himself I couldn't help but feel I already know this and as I watched him that I've seen that face somewhere. But where?

:A/N: Sorry it's so short it was longer but after some editing it got shorter. I just realized that, that happens to human beings to.We are all we can be but after a while with the wrong people ot things we get edited and we get lesser. Oh and the saying whether the glass is half full or empty makes no sense. It's half empty when it was full and someone or something drank out of it. It's half full when the contents were being poured into it. DUH!


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