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My Silent Scream

Novel By: Scarletbloom
Young adult

Casey is just a normal girl experiencing her life as a high school freshmen. Facing many challenges and perhaps even a new love, Casey is ready to play the game of "Life" and find her true self. But what is this reoccurring nightmare that keeps her up at night? And who is the little girl in it?
It's a mask. A mask I've created to protect myself from getting hurt. It's a lie. A lie I tell myself in order to not be scared. It's my life. A life I cannot run away from. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 28, 2011    Reads: 14    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Chapter 3: My Life's Equation

Diary entry 3 :

Think of the hardest, most impossible equation to solve. That is my life's equation. My equation is:

LOVE x FUTURE / DREAMS + PAIN x HAPPINESS + GOALS = MY LIFE. Seems simple, right? Thing is, before I solve the main equation, I have to solve the Love equation and the Future equation and so on! Good thing math is my favorite subject, right?


As my math teacher, Mr. Lopez, walked into the classroom I sat down in my seat already tired and depressed in just second period.

"Good news, today we'll work on equations!" Mr. Lopez informed us. Oh goody! Practice! I thought as I smiled and rolled my eyes. I quietly laughed to myself as everyone snickered and began to complain.

"Oh come on now, it's not so bad. The more you practice the easier it'll be!" Mr. Lopez stopped at my desk and tapped his finger of its corner. "Casey!" He said after checking my "Bellringer". "Why don't you go up to the board and show everyone how you did number three." He commanded as he handed me the dry erase marker. I felt heat spring to my cheeks as I began to feel shy. I took the marker and went up to the board. I read the problem again: |3x-4|-5>7. Well that was easy! I finished the problem and returned to my seat.

"Very good, Casey!" Mr. Lopez praised me. I took a minute to calm myself while Mr. Lopez continued with the lesson.

"You're so smart!" Nathan whispered to me. "I'm still stuck on number one!" I glanced down at the worksheet with ten questions, already answered.

I shifted around in my seat to face him and to catch a glimpse of his shinning green eyes. His smile enhanced his already perfect features. I smiled, and turned around as I felt myself blush, letting some hair cover my face. I peeked a look at my math partner, Nathan Cristello, from under the curtain of my hair. Yup, I absolutely love math.


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